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+++ Transmitting Message

+++ Source - Battlebarge "Honorable Sacrifice" - Midnight's Spectres 3rd Grand Company Flagship

+++ Source Ident tag - Lord Commander Nikolini, Supreme Commander 1648th Imperial Army

+++ Thought for the day "Welcome the apocalypse"


As per request from the Lord Inquisitor IDENT TAG ATTACHED, all elements of the 1648th are preparing for warp translation to Missourious Galaxy to commence requested planetary assault commencing August 26, 2016 and continuing the following day. We will plan to arrive the prior evening cycle to begin deployment.


We undertstand this to be an authorized omega - 6 level assault utilizing all available forces, including war engines, and are awaiting authorization from Graia to deploy their forces, including Ordinatus classified weaponry, under joint command.


We also understand additional information will be forthcoming utilizing priority cipher XT4.


As requested, this message is being broadcasted on open channels to inform other forces of proposed attack and to request assitance from any and all available military resources.


The Emperor Protects


+++end message




They just announced siegeworld as Aug 26-27th....is anyone else going and or participating in one of the other locations?

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