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Winter/Spring time raiding aces @ GG


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So people have been tossing around the idea of doing an escalation league, and I've heard a lot of talks about maybe doing more in the Mid War department.  I know we currently have the Overlord Firestorm campaign going on right now, but I thought it would be fun to do a Raiding Aces campaign as kind of an intro league at GG.  Since each Raiding aces force and garrison force are sub 1000 pt lists it could be a great way to introduce newer players to the game.  I figure that the Overlord campaign will run clear into february/march but we could start some time after that.  I'm posting here simply to gauge interest.




It's designed as an escalation campaign where your first battle is 500 pts, second is 700 pts, and last is 900 pts.




Rules: http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/RaidingAces/Raiding-Aces.pdf

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As a new player,escalation formats always interest me and this one being in a desert setting,I can see that making terrain rules a bit more simplified and thus another good thing for those learning the system.


I have my Open Fire set built and have been reading the main rulebook a bit but have yet to try the game.After looking through the rules that came with Open Fire,and the main rulebook I purchased,im actually a bit more confused by the more simplified rules of the starter set and am not seeing a very good continuity with the main game.This is mainly why I would feel more comfortable learning the game in an escalation setting:)

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Your comparison is correct. Open Fire! is designed to be a starter, introducing new players to the slimmest of core rules, with special rules and variants trimmed away.

Also, most of the national rules and special flavor is missing, by design.


It does not work for an experienced player to try to use OF as a simpler version of FoW.  You are used to a lot of special "tools", and therefore, going back to a primitive tool set probably won't work.

Open Fire! -> Full FoW rules: Yes

Full FoW rules -> OF: No.

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Im 100% in on any escalation league starting after February 7th.  This is perfect for me.  Does a league like this allow all nationalities, or is it limited to the North African conflict?  I have Finns and Soviets.


Battlefront has some raiding support for Finns, just not a Raiding Aces campaign that includes them:


Finnish ErP4 long-range patrols


Battlefront briefing:


Finnish Raiding Forces, 1942-1944, Approved Briefing



Search results



Internet research (quick and preliminary):

Finnish Special Detachments and later Er.P 4 (Separate Battalion 4)



Web article (archived)


Kaukopartiojoukot 1939 - 1944



Discussion of WWII Special Forces:


The best "specialforces" of ww2.


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Note: Apparently, the Raiding Aces Campaign Pack is no longer available via the online store:
Raiding Aces Raiders Campaign Pack (FW303A)
Instead, everything is a downloadable PDF, but no carrying case, and the PDF map is obviously NOT laminated.

Battlefront articles on Raiding Aces:

This seems to be the Raiding Aces "Hub" page:
Raiding Missions: Missing in Action & Chart the Unknown


Download links are also here:

Raiding Aces: A Raiding Escalation Campaign in the Sahara, 1941-43

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I hope you did not blame that one on me. ;-)


No I did not, I took the blame for that one, and I regret nothing ;)


Im 100% in on any escalation league starting after February 7th.  This is perfect for me.  Does a league like this allow all nationalities, or is it limited to the North African conflict?  I have Finns and Soviets.


Unfortunately this particular event is themed North Africa, so Italians, Brits (commonwealth), Germany, France (both vichy and free), and US combatants.  The good news is a box of infantry and maybe a couple of guns is all you really need for the garrison force (the US force is restricted to infantry only so you could get away with one to two boxes of infantry and play the whole event)

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It is possible that the tournament periods will line up same as last year. If so, then you could plan your raiders, EW and MW- lists to use common platoons.

So your raiders could share stuff with your EW / spring tournament list. Maybe guns or infantry or both (maybe armored cars), could be re-use in mid-war list (Enfilade!)?

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