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WTT: Chaos Marine Bits for Chaos Marine Terminators


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Hi, looking for Chaos Marine shoulder pads UNPAINTED as well as Berzerker shoulder pads.

I need approx 50 Chaos marine shoulders, no preferences, and apprx 30 Berzerker shoulders.


Also need Berzerker chainswords and axes, approx 20 chainswords and 10 axes total.

Lastly, I need 10 possessed Chaos Marines. Prefer unpainted, but primed is ok. No horror show paint jobs please.


I have an 1850 tournament in about 3 weeks and need these bits asap.


I am willing to trade up to 10 Chaos Marine Terminators with various weapons, including Reaper Autocannon heavy weapons, most are very lightly base coated in mechrite red, a couple are painted and need trophy racks glued back on.


I value the chaos marine shoulders at about $5 per 10 and $5 per 24 for the Berzerkers based on Ebay finished listings.

I value the chainswords and axes at $3 for 5 of each.



20 Chaiswords [About $12]

10 Chain Axes [About $6]

50 Chaos Marine Shoulders [about $25]

30 Berzerker Shoulders [about $6]

10 Possessed Chaos Marines [About $30 used]


                                                    $79 total


post-1219-0-59192500-1449310547_thumb.jpg post-1219-0-28212100-1449310558_thumb.jpg post-1219-0-60228800-1449310661_thumb.jpg post-1219-0-92055200-1449310947_thumb.jpg


I am offering 2 squads of Terminators in trade for all of my list and yor time to come to me. Anyone interested?


I live in NE PDX near 181st and Halsey at the Extended stay Hotel for the moment, and hope you can come to me as I am homebound due to injuries and multilple surgeries.


I am sorry I cannot make it to game night or any of the game stores at the moment.





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