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50 Point Warmachine/Hordes Masters at Red Castle Games 3/5

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March 5th 2016, Red Castle Games will host a 50 point Masters event. 

Preregistration will start at 10:00, first game begins at 11:00 AM. 

The entry fee will be $10 plus a five dollar Red castle cash token. I am waiting to hear if they will allow a $20 purchase buy in as well. All entry fees will go into prize support. I expect the tournament spots to cap at 32, though there is a possibility of 24. 

As part of the Masters 2015 format, two lists are required. If we play only three rounds, I will remove Divide and Conquer. Once we get enough players for 4 rounds however, D&C 1 will go into effect. 

Standard Tiebreakers will be used (Strength of Schedule, then Control points), but in the event that even 1 person drops then I will switch to a Top Table variant with Control Point scoring being used to determine 3rd place. In the event that an additional tiebreaker is needed for 3rd place, Assassination scoring will be used. 

Please sign up below or at: http://forums.cogcollective.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1426
If you have any question, send a PM or post below, thanks.
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