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35pt Steamroller 1/23 and White Elephant

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This year is coming to a close and so that means it's time to start thinking about 2016! On January 23rd ill be running a 35pt 2 list Steamroller event at Guardian Games in the upstairs of Critical Sip. This means only players who are 21+ can sign up, but I am working the details of getting some play space in the main area for those who are not over 21.

This even will also tie in our White Elephant exchange that keeps getting put off! The rules are such! Buy a model or unit of $25 or less, paint up the models and wrap them. Before the event, we will be piling the gifts together and everyone participating will get their chance to either select an unopened gift, or steal one that has been opened. This continues until all the gifts have been selected! If your gift is stolen, then you must pick another unopened gift from the pile to open, then things continue as normal.

In addition to gift giving, players in the event will be able to alter their lists to include the model(s) received during the exchange. These models are considered Friendly Faction models and can be used in both lists if desired. Warcasters and Warlocks will take on the appropriate form depending on your Faction. If you are playing a Hordes faction and get a Warcaster, they become a Friendly Faction Warlock for the event.

Entry Fee-$10 please bring cash as I will be handling the fees
Time- registration at 10am, White Elephant will take place before the first round, roughly 11am. Lunch break will depend on number of players. 42 minute Death Clock
Prize Support-will be based on attendance and given as store credit

Sign ups!- Please do so in comments below. NOTE- you do not have to participate in the White Elephant in order to play in the event and vice versa. Please indicate which event you are signing up for in your comment below. Good luck and hope to see you all there!


Sign up below or at: http://forums.cogcollective.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1422

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