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H: Heroclix, LCGs, Relic Knights, Doom board game, WM

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Hey all,


Here's a batch of stuff I'm looking to clear out.


All conditions noted and pics are available upon request.


Buyer pays first and is responsible for shipping costs unless local to PDX OR, then I'm available most times to meet.


Trading we are each responsible for our own shipping. Lower Ref sends first.


Thanks for looking!!!


Massive lot of Netrunner LCG


It's 3 core sets and every pack and deluxe expansion up into the San San cycle - missing only The Universe of Tomorrow Pack from San San. Some of the packs are currently oop.


Cards are all mostly near mint - some never played! - and have been stored in a smoke free home.


$200 or trade from list below




Massive lot of HeroClix


All but the old style have their cards, and have been stored in a smoke free home. Many have never even been played!


There's far too many to list, so I'll let some pics do the talking. Pics of the whole collection on request (too big of a pain to upload to the bucket and then link here from my phone)


There's some decent money/rare/promo pieces, like the green and red lanterns with their respective rings/projections and TONS of figs for each color ranging from common to super rare to promo, the Pheonix Force complete, the Book of Skulls resource with all hammers and a TON of figs!


$150 or trade from list below




Warmachine Convergence of Cyriss


It's all complete, unbroken, stored in a smoke free home.


All of the models have been base coated silver.


Pics available on request.


Convergence of Cyriss


Forge master syntherion

Forge master syntherion Unbuilt bare plastic




Mitigator Unbuilt bare plastic




Prime Axiom

Optifex Directive Bare metal/ built

Algorithm Dispersion Optifex Bare metal/unbuilt

Attunement Servitor Unit

CoC Token Set


$200 or trade from list below




Relic Knights


All come with cards and condition is noted.

Stored in a smoke free home.


Darkspace Calamity HB RB


Cerci Speed Circuit :


Pacer - opened new in box

Betty - assembled no paint

Rin Farrah - Unassembled, has color printed cards, appears to be from the Suicide Queen and Rin Farrah box.


Battle box faction starter :

All cards and bases present

- Marie Claude : assembled and modded to be Reaching for her gun in her holster

- Royal Wrecker : unassembled

- Pit crew x2 : girl with wrench on shoulder assembled complete, girl leaning on wrench missing head (front of hair present)

- Esmee : Unassembled

- Mini rulebook missing

- All reference/tracker/esper deck present

- Token set present and complete


Hells belles minion squad

- complete, some paint, partially assembled

- no cards


Suicide Queen special edition

- partially assembled/some paint

- Rollo present assembled/some paint

- no cards


Pack of 42 picture sleeves - woman in orange suit with eyepatch and little pirate guy


Noh faction :


Render - in box partially assembled no paint has cards, missing cable from back of gun


Mamaro To - in box assembled no paint has card


Marikan To and Lakmi - in box assembled no paint has cards


Kyojin Berserkers - new in box Unassembled has cards


Noah battle box :

- complete except missing one 50mm base


$100 or trade from list below




Warhammer Conquest LCG


3 core sets and all packs up to the Tyranids.


Everything is near mint stored in a smoke free home.


One of the dials has wear from being played, but all tokens etc are included.


$200 or trade from list below




Doom the game



Missing two of the dog-like creatures


Some minor wear on cards from gameplay


$100 or equivalent retail in trade





Tail Feathers

(Ridiculously high priority!!)


Fire team zero


Timeline:Star Wars

(From the UK)




Pocket battles

(Any set)


Star Wars risk

(Meh about this one - maybe a filler?)


Legendary :





Betrayal at house on the hill

(High priority)


Small world + expansions



Mice and Mystics expansions

(Super high priority)


D&D big box or skirmish games (except Ravenloft)


Arkham Horror expansions (except Dark Pharaoh and Black Goat)


King of Tokyo expansions


Mansion of Madness expansions


Doom the boardgame expansion


Champions of Midgard


Shadows of brimstone :

Swamps of Death

Caverns of Cynder expansion


Roll for it


Sushi go


Roll for the Galaxy


Student bodies


Friday : a solo adventure


Wiz war




Star Wars epic duels



Tsuro of the sea


Dungeon Petz


The big book of madness


Machi koro


Epic Tiny Defenders or Galaxies


Forbidden Desert


Super Dungeon Explore Expansions

(Priority but check with me to see what I need)


Samurai spirit

(High priority)


Any other boardgames make an offer!!!

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