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Bellingham Warhamsters 2/2


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I'm up for 9th Age, X-Wing or maybe Armada? I think I can only do 300 points of Armada with what I currently have, but if anyone would be up for that I'd be down.



Hell yeah.  If you want to borrow another star destroyer to fill out a 400 list, I've got a couple, plus TIEs from the starter.

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Probably not.  But help Sherbert first.  I'll put together a 300 point list for just in case, and I'll take Miles up on his Scooby Doo.


Alternately, I do have the Warlands book and can help Sherbert while you throw Scrappy Doo into a wood chipper or however that game is played, I dunno.

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I'm not that interested in the Scooby Doo game, but I would play someone else at Armada if you want to hop in and help Sherbert. Any interest in Armada Miles?


You should give it a shot, it's a really great skirmish wargame.  And it doesn't have to be Scooby Doo, I just painted up a Scooby Doo cast to demo the game because Scooby Doo as a wargame is hilarious to me.  If you want to wait til after the Warlands tournament I'll demo it using Star Wars.


I do have a slight interest in Armada though.  I dunno, 7TV plays very fast and a game usually takes about an hour and half, we can probably do both.  I'll bring my models down and we'll play it by ear.

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