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112 various Orks, including boyz, Bosses, Mechs and Nobz.


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 Tigard, Oregon
 WTT: Large lot of Ork foot sloggers.

 80 boyz
 9 Nobz
 2 Warbosses
 2 Runtherds
 13 Mech boyz with kustom mega blastas and rokkit launchas
 6 Burnas

 Looking to trade for something different.
 [No Dark Eldar or Imperial Guard offers please]

 Not interested in 30k, thanks.

 Would prefer a working CAD in exchange [Required HQ, 2 Troops, etc.], something I could field and play immediately. 1850 points or better please?

 Most of these models are either unpainted, or barely painted with base colors, no horror shows in this lot [would appreciate the same in return].

Feel free to message me with questions; posts not helpful to my requests or unrelated to my post will be ignored.



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