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FS/Trade Huge AOS Slaves to Darkness / Warriors of Chaos Army


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Fully painted, based and finished by myself.


2 Chaos Hellcannons- Fully Painted

2 blocks of Chaos Warriors (1 Nurgle and 1 Khorne)- Fully Painted

Valkia the Bloody- Fully Painted

Nurgle Champion- Fully Painted

Nurgle Sorcerer- Fully Painted

Custom Unit Fillers / Objective markers - Fully Painted

WarShrine of Chaos - Fully Painted

Vortex Mutilith Beast - Fully painted

3 Khorne Skullcrushers - Juggers painted just need the riders finished. 

1 Skulltaker - Unpainted


Looking to trade for 40k Tau or cash / paypal. 






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I have a NIB unopened Sunshark Bomber, NIB but opened Hammerhead, NIB unopened crisis team, NIB uonopened riptide, NIP unopened Cadre Fireblade and a variety of painted other stuff (4 Hammerheads in a green and brown camo pattern (painted by someone else, pretty well painted in my opinion), 27 fire warriors in 3 color patterns, dubious quality painted by me, and the book of course. Somewhere. If there is the seed of a deal there I would be interested. I can text pictures of the painted stuff if you want. No worries either way




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