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H: High Elves, Ret, CoC W: Cygnar, $$$


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High Elves 

1 x Alarielle The Radiant --- NiB 
1 x Alith Anar --- NiB 
1 x Eltharion on Stormwing --- Well painted and based 
1 x Handmaiden of the Everqueen --- NiB 
1 x Lion Chariot --- Built 
1 x Prince on horse 
1 x Prince/Noble 
1 x Teclis 
1 x Tyrion --- (both mounted and unmounted versions) 
10 x Dragon Princes --- 5 NiB 
15 x Ellyrian Reavers --- 5x painted 
15 x Phoenix Guard --- No shields, Dark elf heads 
2 x Dragon --- With riders, 1 NOS 
2 x Loremaster of Hoeth --- NiB 
2.5 x Prince on griffon --- Missing wing from one 
20 x Sisters of Avelorn/Shadow Warriors --- 2x 10 NiB 
25 x Seaguard --- IoB models ( i think) 
3 x Bolt Throwers --- One unsure of crew 
3 x Mage --- 1 IoB model, others may be older Teclis version 
3 x Tironic Chariot --- Metal, chariot built, horses not attached, not sure of riders 
40 x Silver helms --- 70 horses, unknown rider count, about 60% of riders are metal 
50 x Archers --- 40 plastic, 10 metal 
50 x White Lions --- All NoS 
62 x Swordmasters --- Captains, Banners, Musicians, 50% metal, 50% newest model 
67 x Spearmen --- Some missing shields, some painted 
8th edition book. I think I have the 7th edition book as well. 

Sell it all for $350. Trade value is MSRP ($1200 ish) to MSRP, will trade in favor for Cygnar. Interested in all Warmahordes though. 

Retribution of Scyrah 

Banshee painted 
Griffin painted 
Houseguard halbs + painted 
Arcanist x2 - 1 painted 
Phoenix/hydra kit NiB 
Houseguard riflemen NiB 
Houseguard thane NiB 
Issyria sibyl NiB 

W: $115 shipped, Cygnar 

Convergence of Cyriss 

Most of the stuff is primed silver unless noted. 

Prime Axiom 
Forge master syntherion Unbuilt bare plastic 
Mitigator Unbuilt bare plastic 
Optifex Directive Bare metal/ built 
Algorithm Dispersion Optifex Bare metal/unbuilt 
Attunement Servitor Unit 
CoC Token Set 

W: $185 shipped, Cygnar 

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