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Tri Cites Teams


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I'm just doing this to help keep track of who may are may not be going as we try to make more teams this year then DMB, and dominate this event.


Feel free to make corrections and notes to make this the best info to date.


Glow in The Dark
Captain - Carl "Von" Walther

   David P.

   Eric B.



The Emperor's Neck Beards Pro

Captain - Aaron B

   Sean M.

   Michael G



The Emperor's Neck Beards Alpha

Captain - Tycho A.

   Donovan L.

   John ("Michael's Brother)

   Chris D.


The Last Chancers and Unaffiliated

Trent LeC.

Kris L.

John D.

Tim M.

Tyler :P 
Andrew D.

Steve K. 

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