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H: Japanese Terrain, GW Terrain, Samurai Army, Bits Hoard, GW Cases W: KDM, $


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Hello! I am in redmond, and am making a trip down to Portland on the 26th if you want to meet me then~







Japanese 28mm Terrain 100$


There is an Infinity model in one of the pics with the shrine even


The two bags are two more unassembled buildings of the same model as what they are adjacent to.


Walls of varying heights and composition


Door sections


Shrine and garden


Bamboo Thickets


Torii Arches


Stone Lanterns



GW Terrain 90$ - SOLD


Garden of Morr


2 Fences and Barricades


Performer Troupe


Bring out your dead


wrecked/abandoned cart






3 Magnetized GW Forests



Samurai Army 150$


Huge metal army of


Perry Miniatures 


AEG Clan War



Bits Hoard 30$ - SOLD


This is a massive collection of Games Workshop bits. this lot has NOT been cherry picked, there are entire models and loads of excellent models pieces. 



GW Cases 10$ each - SOLD


modified to hold more models as shown in samurai army storage pic






Kingdom Death, $


Thanks for checking this out!


H: Japanese Terrain, GW Terrain, Samurai Army, Bits Hoard, GW Cases W: KDM, $

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