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Clarification on the AoS "Points" rumor

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Its being clarified now that the "Point" system that was mentioned during the Trade convention seminar is actually a point system for ranking players.


MC1gamer`s youtube here is a good explanation--https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npfPrzcDTf8


Im pretty stoked that they are not really going the "official points" route as the AoS community has great ones already and really,I dont see how they could make a better one.


Also its awesome that they will be doing these campaign cycles in stores.Hopefully theres an online element as well.


If this is in the pipeline and GG is looking for someone to run this I will be puting my name in for it,even though I hate being in charge of stuff(cant goof off nearly as much lol).

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This sounds great. I hate the idea of an official points system! I like the open more fluid system the game has now. As far as leagues or campaigns go I would be willing to run it. I've been doing them since the early 90s.

Cool!,,if they ask me about since ive been reserving the Saturdays ill refer them to you:)

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Sure everyone volunteers now. But no one for OFCC. Lol

Yeah,for sure,hehe..Though something like this is designed to bring in new gamers to the shops,,we is OFCC is for the club itself and not so much a public promotion of the game.


If we can get more players though store run events then we can talk(or haze,lol) them into joining OFCC:)

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