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AoS doubles event on April 30th

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Wanted to put this out there:)


Tyler at the GW store at Eastport is running a small 3 round doubles event for AoS at the store there on 4-30-2016.Its just a small event,,well because he only has the 2 tables,heh.So hes hosting 4 teams,,,3 now that I signed up my son and I as one of them:)


He has some custom battleplans made up for this(that he wont let me see before hand,arrg!) and will just be using a basic comp of something along the lines of a 10 warscroll pool,then each battleplan will have players drawing from 5-8 scrolls to play with.There may be some restrictions on hero and monster slots as well,,hes still working through that.


Sounds like a real casual fun time so if you are interested,grab a partner and contact the shop there.You can also PM him through the stores FB page or just show up there to sigh up.


Now this being the last Saturday of April will remove me from showing up at GG`s game night.But for those that want to make that,the table(s) will still be reserved for use.I will probably notify them to pull the reservation if no one shows by 6:00 though.

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Did he decide on a comp to use?

Simple comp,similar to what they do at Warhammer World(GW HQ)


10 Warscrolls of anything you want.This may be more clarified as the event draws near but for now,yes you could bring one warscroll of 50 Vulkite Berserkers if you like,then 9 other warscrolls.


He mentioned then having each battleplan allow the players to use anywere from 5-8 warsrolls of the ones they brought.


Ive played games with just scroll count and they worked out just fine,,though in those games neither one of us was using any over the top stuff like multiple large monsters or scrolls with 50+ models.

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The event is 10 Warscrolls with a max wound cap per scroll at 30. So what armies are going to be there? I think my son and I are bringing Seraphon & Stormcast Eternals/Extremis!

Did you guys get on the list?,Tyler told me it was full when I was in the shop Saturday but he didnt have the names with him at that time.

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