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My Spring OSL League army list and challenge thread


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Using my limited collection of Space Wolves for this league.I pretty much havent played 40k since last years OFCC and im not very good at the game anyway,so please excuse me if my list looks super weak.I fully understand if it doesnt look challenging and I get no takers lol.Its just the models that I have and I dont plan to be making any 40k purchases any time soon.


SW 2k list


Harald Deathwolf-General

3-TWC Pack leader w/WC/SS/MB--Wolf w/TH/SS--Wolf w/CS/SS/MB


Bjorn the Fell-Handed w/Pod




Blood Claws x11 Pack Leader w/2xWC/MB 1 Blood Claw has a PF

Transport is a Stormwolf w/2TLMM


Grey Hunters x6 Pack leader w/SB/MB Others have PG and all have additional CC weapon

Transport Razorback w/Blade/LC/TL PC


TWC--PL w/MB/SS/WC - Wolf w/MB/CS/SS - Wolf w/TH/SS


Wolf Guard Terminators- Leader w/SB/PF - Terminator w/SB/CF - Terminator w/TH/SS


Arjac Rockfist


Wulfen-Pack Leader w/2x FC/Launcher-2x Wulfen w/2xFC/Launcher-2 Wulfen w/TH/SS


For the 1500 point list I removed Bjorn and put in a Ven Dred with Fenrisan Axe and BS,removed the Stormwolf and put the Blood Claws into a Pod,Removed Murderfang and replaced the Grey hunters Razorback with a Rhino.Made a few minor gear changes on the Terminators as well.


Locations I can play include WoW,GG and Red Castle.Evenings I can play usually are Sunday through Tues,I can sometimes do Weds and Saturdays.Thursdays are very hard for me to get out and on some occasions,with fair warning I can do Friday evenings.


With the Spring time here now and 3 of my kids in 3 different schools,ive got quite a bit going on so I dont indend on trying to get many achievement points but I do want to put my name out there for others to help those that are playing in that direction.Getting a game in here or there will help me keep some interest in the game as well:)



So if anyone wants a league game with me,either send me a PM or post here in this thread.List your point totals to play(im only doing the 2 levels listed though) and a time and place to play and ill meet up with ya:)

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