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vent post/random b****ing


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In February I was in a car accident when a semi truck decided it wanted to turn left from the far right lane. Totaled car and because my dumb ass braced broke my leg. Wasn't healing right so got pins put in.


Few weeks later when I have finally started to heal and become some what mobile I go to friends to try Frostgrave (side note awesome game) on way home stupid twit doing about 50 while on her cell plowed into the back of us while stopped at a red light. So now my body just feels amazing! Girls insurance paid for car to be fixed but won't respond back about broken property or seeing a chiropractor, luckily I can go to VA for pain meds.


Now to top the cake wife and I have been looking at buying a house when I can paint commissions I bring in about $5000 a month (I haven't been able to paint effectivly since first accident) so still making $4100ish a month. The banks will only count $1531 of it and the 12 lenders I have talked to have denied us in minutes because of it... b****ing over needed to vent....

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Ya it has sucked... I am currently living in Fresno. If you have the $ to invest you could buy a house down here for $150-170,000 and probably sell it for 2-4× as much in the next few years. They are building a speed rail between here and LA which will cause our housing market to boom.

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