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Ordo Game Night @ WOW 3/29


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Looks like ill be making it Tuesday,Ill bring 1500 and 2k.


Hoping to make 5:00 but may not be till 6:00...


Torg,if you see this and plan to make it,bring those Eldar Guardians with ya:)



I'll try to drop in… I am busy for this week and next  - but I should be able to at least drop those guys off :)


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I'll be there this Tuesday as well, with 1500 and 1750/1850 lists. It will be my first game night here; what time do most people arrive?

Someone usually opens up in the 4-5pm range with most people arriving after 5. I find scheduling games here in this thread the best way to make sure you have an opponent.

Welcome to the club!

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Behold and bear witness to the glory of Old School!


Last night we saw some games of 40k and some Blood Bowl in the club.


We had some evil robits fighting some really hairy, pissed off dog lovers.



Some disease ridden boogie-men from the warp had a knock-down, punch-out fight with some tyranids.

The other third table had a Cult of Kurt Russell verse an emo vampire brigade.



In the other room, there was some more of that crazy footieball game.




And to wrap it all up, here is a group shot of Pinchy and some Plague Bearers paling around for a quick photo.



Great night guys! Hope to see more of these fun games happening next Tuesday!

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