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So what's the deal with Nurgle


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I'm in the mood to paint a Glotkin.  I was thinking that it would make a nice Nurgle Knight, and a Morbidex Twiceborn would make a nice Great Unclean One.  Plus there is that sexy new demon decurion out.  Now, having never played Nurgle before, I went to the rules.  And I'm confused.


Nothing the Nurgle army seems to have any AP.  Plague bearers are AP -, the plague drones are AP -, the beasts are AP -, and on and on.  Exactly how does Nurgle kill anything?  Or is this why I never seem to see Nurgle armies anymore?

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Hey Agent,


As a primarily Nurgle player, I do agree with what's been said before. Your punch in your list and a lot of your raw killing power in melee comes from your Greater Daemon MC's, Daemon Princes, and your Etherblade wielding Heralds. On the other hand Nurgle is really, really good at wearing down the unit that they are up against over multiple rounds of combat. Nurgle is not like Khorne or Slaanesh where they can charge in and wipe a non-vehicle unit out in one round of combat. Nurgle is in for the long haul and is great for tarpitting more expensive units. This is especially the case when you have a blob of 15-20 Plaguebearers with a Herald with the FNP locus. This makes for a surprisingly hard hitting yet durable unit. And Westrider makes a good point that Nurgle has some of the best anti-tank lesser daemons with the Plaguesword (auto-glance on 6s). With a 10man squad having 20 auto-glancing hits on the charge there's a decent chance they'll wreck even a land raider in one round of combat. The other aspect of Nurgle's killing power comes from some pretty sweet psychic abilities thanks to the new Nurgle Plague Discipline. With the Primaris being an AP 3 poison 4+ flamer there's a lot of dmg potential with correct positioning. Furthermore, there is Plague Wind with its Large Blast Poison 4+ AP 2 goodness and with the nova Hemorrhage that can be ridiculous. So between the MC's and psychic, never fear that Nurgle still has some teeth. Hope this helps and happy wargaming.  

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