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Spring 40K Old School League: Mission 1 - Claim the Bounty


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Mission 1 - Claim the Bounty


Deployment Zone:




Place D3+2 Objective Markers on the table, use the rule for Placing Objective Markers (pg. 134)

Nominate one enemy Independent Character to have a Dead or Alive Bounty.



After killing a character with a bounty, you can choose "Dead" or "Alive". "Dead" will eliminate the enemy model, and guarantee the award of 1 bonus point. "Alive" will keep the model on the table, and serve as a prisoner. Prisoners join the controlling unit immediately if taken in close combat. If a Bounty is claimed through shooting, any unit can claim the prisoner through base-to-base contact. If your enemy reaches base-to-base contact first, the prisoner becomes a freed prisoner. Only Infantry unit types can control prisoners, can only move 6", can never run, and can embark in a vehicle (provided there is room.) 


If you have control of the prisoner at the end of the game, you will earn 2 bonus points. Prisoners can be freed by killing the controlling unit. Freed prisoner will operate as normal with 1 wound left. Prisoners can be recaptured or killed by reclaiming the bounty.


Primary Objective: Control Objective Markers - 3 points each

Secondary Objective: Slay the Warlord, First Blood, Linebreaker (1 point each)


Deployment: Standard Deployment (pg. 132)

Game Length: Variable game length (pg. 133)

Game Special Rules: Night Fighting (pg. 135), Reserves (pg. 135)


League Bonus Points: Claim the bounty: Dead - 1 point, Alive - 2 points

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