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Large fully painted and mostly converted 40k Ork army, 'ard toofs


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Hey guys, I am trying to downsize my stuff and since I dont play 40k any more I thought I would start there. This is a large 40 ork army. The army is completely painted and almost every model is converted in some way. The theme of the army is that each ork boy has 1 metal toof, hence the name 'ard toofs. This army was mostly built in 5th edition so the models are either 4th or 5th edition. 


I only want to sell the army together, I will not break it up. I am asking for $700 or the best offer.


I live in Bellingham so if you can come get it or we can work out shipping. Since there is so much, shipping will probably we a bit hefty. I will also be going to OFCC this year so I could bring it down with me and hand it off.


Here is what is in the army.


3 warbosses

                All 3 have powerklawz

                Two are in mega armor

                Each warboss comes with a squig.

1 big mek and 2 mekboys

                Big mek has powerclaw and shock attack gun

                Mek boyz have force field generators

13 nobs including 1 paindoc, 6 powerclaws, 3 uge chappas.

15 lootas

16 burnas

3 big shootas

6 rockit launchas

14 stormboys including a nob with powerclaw

38 boyz

48 boyz with extra armor

3 trucks with rocket launchas

6 killa kanz with rocket launchas

Battle wagon with kannon, big shoota, deff rolla

1 looted leman russ with big shoota side sponsons and lascannon

1 looted leman russ with big shoota side sponsons and big shoota

1 looted exterminator with side sponson big shootas and big shoota

1 leman russ vanquisher with side sponson big shootas and lascannon

1 looted hellhound with big shoota


3 orky objective markers and 2 standard objective markers.


I maybe have used this army more than any other army so Im looking for a good home for it. 


here are some pictures of the army. the pictures are in order of the list.










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Hey guys, I wanted to bump this since I will be attending OFCC this year and could bring the army with me to hand it off if someone in interested and who will also be at OFCC. Let me know as I would like to find the army a home so someone could start to enjoy and use it. 

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