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SDK is no more

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Just found out on FB that the people behind the SDK pool system have decided to no longer update the system.


It stated that due to the continued added synergy effects amongst battalions and models,it was becoming too difficult for the app to take those effects into account.


They will leave up the main page with a link to the raw data so players could still use it if they like.



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Indeed it was a nice points system but it should also be pointed out that SDK was also widely accepted due to its appearance of being more complex with its wide veriety of point values much more along the line of what past editions of the game had for units.This helped alot,making the game appear more apealing to those trying to transition to AoS.


But does AoS really need an intricate points system?.Ive been playing since release,ive done all the point systems,have played games using just straight equal wound counts,even equal warscroll count..hell ive just plopped down what we both had and went for it.In all this,the one thing that I can say for sure is that the game isint nearly as out of balance as many claim it to be.This is mainly due to the power levels differences between the top end elite units and the most minimal is just not as huge a difference as other games.Now certainly the "Nagash vs 10 Goblins" argument would certainly prove my theory wrong but thats also the very extreem example and couple that with the distinct possibility that even 10 inspired goblins can indeed keep Nagash locked in combat for more than one turn still doesnt prove absolute imbalance.


Basically,I dont think AoS needs anything more than what the event comps are doing for balance,and pick up games can be done quite easily with either wounds or even just warscroll count,match up hero for hero and monster for monster..or whatever the players think is a good fight.This is certainly more difficult to do with confidence for new players,but the more experienced one gets with the game the easier and more fluid it becomes.Actually just setting a warscroll count then choosing a Battleplan at random at game time can make things very interesting as the Battleplans can be quite varied and one would be hard pressed to cover all the possible scenarios effectively when limited to just 10 or so warscrolls.


For a point system to use,I have switched to Azyr and know that it will remain supported for some time.Auticus is very receptive to players oppinions and regularly makes adjustments.Plus its a rather "mild" comp and still works very well with the "Bring what you want" type of play.

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Hmmm with Azyr. comp I can take 3 units of 5 executioners with full command each for 9 pts or 1 unit of 15 for 13 pts. not sure if that makes any sense.


With just 2 unit of 15 executioners i used up half of my points for a Apocalypse game.



think Ill stick with SCGT comp seems bettered scaled.

Thats not how it works,,,if you take one unit of 15 then you pay the same price,you just put them all in one unit.The number in parenthesis is for if you have an extra point left over to spend,then you can boost a unit up a bit.

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