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Tau Scenery......Any one local tried making any?


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So with the OFCC coming up its time for me to start thinking about a display board and i am taking the plunge with making my own tau buildings. I know this is going to be a challenge and i will be buying up small frisbees and circular cutters  to help and some pink foam. 


I was wondering if anyone had tried building them before and had any tips? 






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So it has begun! With some cheap LED light fixtures, some PVC piping and some pdf i have started working on the display board. 



I think it's too uniform in the placement of the hills and round bits. The hills are jagged on the edges, which offsets it. I think you should either make the hills less jagged (get some yard workers out there), or make the placement of the hills seem less uniform. 


Tau seem like they'd be OCD, so I'd go with making the jagged hills go away. Maybe terraced, or put neat bushes around the edges.

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Im probably gonna go for more cutting up of the hills and make them more random if anything. The whole story behind it is a tau insertion and these bunkers are dropped in to re-inforce the stronghold on the new planet. So expect more rubble and more frustration to the Tau OCD to hit. :)

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