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Destiny of Kings!


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I got this in the mail today!  It has rules for map and branching campaigns, a sample narrative campaign, a half dozen heroes (mostly for good guys, although there is a beefy archfiend, and a necromancer that might just find a home in my Kingdom of Dust army).


there are 6 new scenarios designed for unequal attacker vs defender points.  


I'll bring it to the next Dice Age KoW day.

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There is a preview PDF with enough material to use. I gather that it is lacking many of the options of the print book.


You can find it here:




The link for the PDF is in the box on the lower left of the page, under "Campaign Pack".

Those are actually completely different from the campaigns in the book.  


If anyone has the 1st edition book, the mapped campaign rules are very similar to those.


The scenarios for unequal armies look very neat- usable in a campaign, or just a game night.

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