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Huh so that's why I havent heard from George in a while...

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Definitely can be but he wasn't around the shop much any way. He dropped most of the gaming stuff around the end of 2014 early 2015. He finalized a divorce and found a new girl friend. Then this happened...


This didn't "happen" to him, Corey.  This is a thing he did, and for which he deserves to be in jail.

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Good point poor choice of words. I did read and I assume a decent amount of bias on something like this... Don't know details but the more I think about it knee jerk response is the right one. Jail is deserved.



I take the fifth ammendment very seriously, and while George plead guilty his lack of money and respect for authority would lead to him pleading guilty quickly. I also know enough about electronic devices to know that any file continues to exist after deletion. The article plays up sensationalism so I railed against that originally.


I'm not one to join the bandwagon (even when it is right as now) and this was obvious to be a good riddance to trash response heavy thread.


They started exchanging “messed up” videos of people being tortured or dying. At some point the guy sent him child porn in one large downloadable file.

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Corey, I've read enough court records while running court-mandated treatment groups for perpetrators of domestic violence to know that the Herald's reporting in this matter is not in any way sensationalist. It's a pretty straightforward statement of facts. The informal language you are reading is likely paraphrasing of George's own words. Some of what you've written smacks of minimizing or an attempt to shift responsibility. In this case, those are things for which I personally have zero tolerance.


I'm not wearing my mod hat here, but if we can, let's let the matter drop. I don't see this thread going anywhere productive. If you want to start a new thread on the topic, The Realm of Chaos seems an appropriate board. Otherwise, stuff like this is better discussed in person. IMO.

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