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Looks like with GW`s coverage of the SCGT along with releasing 3 bundles based around armies that were present in the event-https://www.games-workshop.com/en-CA/Warhammer?N=102267+4294965182Ν=product.repositoryId&qty=12&sorting=rec&view=table&categoryId=cat440002a-flat


Can we assume that SCGT comp pool is to be the most official comp system out there now?


Ive also read that it will be maintianed and is actually undergoing some adjustments right now.



Now of course GW does use other systems like their school league system but those are for more casual fluff events.And actually I like Azyr for casual/campaign games still:)

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I think it's a huge step towards GW getting back into the community. I know they are making an Indy Retailer Kit for running AOS events. I really like the SCGT system and I like the Holy Hammer's comp as well. I'd love to see stuff like that closer to us then Chicago!




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