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Announcing PDX Human Sphere N3 escalation league!

Don't Panic

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2016 PDX Human Sphere N3 ITS Escalation League!


            Greetings everyone!  With the excitement of Human Sphere N3 approaching I have decided to establish a super slowwwww grow ITS escalation league!  This is a great time for new players to jump in and start getting comfortable with the game and also for veterans to learn the new rules together.  Paint a new faction/sectional or play one you already own that really intrigues you with new rules and you want to learn how to utilize them!  There will be a kit involved and it will be a standard tournament fee of 10$ with every penny going to prize support!  You will have to use the same faction/sectional the entire way through and it is an 8 round event starting at 120 points and ending with the last few weeks at 300 points!  When I say super low, I do mean super slow as I will be making each round 2 weeks long to give everyone a chance to get his or her games in.  It is VERY necessary to be able to get your game in as I will not be able to do the next round without completion of all games!  I will be starting the league Tuesday May 3rd and will be announcing each pairings on biweekly Tuesdays.  After I announce your pairings, you can generate a total of 2 lists.  Both must be with you WHEN you go to your game.  You cannot just make up a list after you see what your opponent has brought(not cool bro!)…. That's about my only stipulation there.  Have either me at Guardian for beerfinity or Eric Weber at Western Oregon Wargamers(Ordo Sunday Game nights) check to make sure your lists are legal.  If neither of you can make that work and are going somewhere else just email me the lists you want to use at nrobber87@gmail.com and I will check with your opponent afterwards if they recall most of the things in the list.  If you CANNOT find a date to work for you do not fret!  I can manage that quickly just make sure to email/contact me ASAP and I will make a switch for either of you or give both of you a BYE week if worst case scenario.  In order to join this awesome adventure I will need a few things:

·      Your name, faction/sectional and ITS Pin

·      10$

·      Contact info for you and your opponent to get together with(phone/email)

            I would like to reiterate the main purpose of this league is to have fun and learn about the game.  Sure everyone’s objective is to win and that’s great and should be goal of your game but make sure you come into the game with the mindset to learn and have fun as well!  There will be prizes based on participation amounts.  I will probably do one for sportsmanship votes and best painted miniature during the league growth along with overall winner of the league!  Contact me by May 2nd in order to join and may the dice be with you!

Oh and please check out pg 53-57 of the ITS guide http://download.infinitythegame.com/itsrules/2016/en/v1.0/itsrules.pdf

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I'm in! Thanks for putting this on Nate!


I'd like to go sectorial, but I'm having difficulty deciding. 


Nomads - Corregidor Jurisdictional Command - My beloved Gecko's get Duo Fireteam! (thanks for showing me that Nate...so exciting!)

PanO - NeoTerra Capitaline Army - the bolts link team looks like fun!

PanO - Military Orders - Total availability for Spec Order Sergeants with TO and Infiltrate


Recommendations from anybody?

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I think out of those factions Corregidor gives the most options (they have a little bit of everything).  Neoterra can be awesome, and with the addition of Orcs and Locusts will have some fun new combos.  MO is what I play currently, and they can be absolutely face-wrecking when used right.  Their camo game in particular can be a real headache for your opponent.  

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will this be at WoW?  sorry I may have missed that…  but the league matches would be at wow on tuesdays possibly?

-I'm interested…as sundays has just not worked out for me… tuesdays I can stay in town after work seems more realistic



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hey D,

yes im quite lenient on when/where you play as long as you both can make it.   i do think a thing to keep in mind is that most people will have very strict availability so when i make pairings i would like also to know your available days and im hoping you can make it to either one of those nights just for the sake of people's schedules.  for example, i know raindog works mondays so he cannot attend beerfinity so if you have the opposite issue i wouldnt pair you with each other... we also will be playing at guardian at 7pm on mondays for beerfinity which when league starts im making every week a possibility too!  so right now eric/I will be coordinating a bit for sundays/mondays when players come to those game nights.  but yea thats why im making it more flexible with 2 weeks rather than 1 cause life and stuff.  

as for tuesdays, i do think that is a day where most people that are playing infinity right now unfortunately dont have availability :(  at least i know i dont and 2-3 others do not as well... but would love to have you on board brotha as your beautiful models need some game time!  

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I like this format. With the blood bowl league wrapping up, I may be able slide right into this.


Nate: I will be going on extended vacation in a couple months... 3 weeks or so. Would this make it impossible for me to join? (Since I would guaranteed miss one match)




there is one bye allowed within the rules!  so yes you would be fine then.  reason i made it longer was because it is going into summer and scheduling is hard cause we are adults and have lives or something!  so as long as you dont take a full month vacation you should be fine to play!  

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so far i have 5 people that have sent me info and i have written down.  although im pretty sure some people *cough* rudra *cough* are participating, i do need the info to put you on the list!  i hypothesize we will have ~10 people which is AMAZING!  once again, please get me that info asap as i need it by a week from next monday!  so far:

Mike Zocchi corigidor

Kevin Jaimes QK

adam bienvenue onyx force

nathaniel hart morats

nate roberts steel phalanx(yup im a dick)

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Definitely looking forward to playing!


Re the prints, yeah one floor takes about 12 hours to print! Although for the price of the filament it ends up being about 3-4 bucks a floor so it's not too bad on that front. It sounded like there might not be enough Scatter terrain at GG so I'm drawing some stuff up and I'll start printing it for escalation and beerfinity. I've also got some catwalks that I've started printing from a guy on thingiverse, so hopefully I can add to the terrain a bit!

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  • 3 months later...

Necro this just to announce the final fun!  

1. Evan 14 TP

2. Adam 13 TP

3. Than 12 TP


It was prrrrettty darn close.  Adam and Than tied the last game against each other and Evan went hulk mode to charge into the lead!  Honestly this league everyone was pretty close on points with noone having lower than 8 TP!  Also happy it was settled by TP cause averaging OP due to the byes is something I didnt want to math haha.  


Everyone that showed up tonight got some goodies so that made me happy!  Nate Kapke is pondering trying to see if people want to keep playing on Mondays and take over for me.  Hoping he does as Guardian finally has some infinity terrain now haha.  


My takeaway is this: ITS structure for escalation league is great.  Think people worry a bit too much about the dabble in smaller points but really you play half your games at 300 and you hit 200 by week 3 so I think its pretty decent.  Really like the new scenerios HS brings.  Engineering deck might be my actual favorite just because it makes you think a bit about what points you go after.  Tic Tac Toe is kinda fun too.  Didnt get to play firefight but the panplies I heard were apparently crazy.  Rescue is one we didnt actually play but I do think its intriguing.  As for time, think 2 weeks seems about right but even then it seems people struggled with their schedules a bit.  That will always be the challenge with the ITS league as you really cant get it to work online with more than 1 bye person per week.  

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