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Name: Fred

Armies: 2000 pts + Ork horde and small contingent of SM.

Availability: Pending, pm to confirm.

Location: Federal Way, WA

Game Location: My place, your place, or whatever accessible public location.

Prefered Contact: x_spec.v.dow@hotmail.com or pm me.


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Thought I'd done this since the last changeover.


Username: BrainFireBob (Jason)
Forces Owned: Codex: SM (20k), Codex: DA (7k), Codex: CSM (Iron Warriors 6k, Night Lords 2k, Black Legion 2k)
Available: Weekends, some week nights
Location: Hillsboro, OR
Game Location: Rainy Day, Guardian, at home (Terrain skewed toward fortifications)
Preferred Contact Method: PM

Forgeworld: Yes, but bring your rules (Printouts fine)

Escalation: Y

Apoc: Y

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Name:  Tyler
Armies: Tau(3000+ points), getting into Necrons
Available: Anytime
Location: Aloha/Beaverton,OR (right next to Rainy Day games)
Game Location: My Garage or The Friendly Local Game Store in Beaverton
Preferred Contact Method: PM, or email: tyler.myers at hotmail dot com. I'll give you my number after that.


I have a board and some hills terrain. I also plan on making some ruins and forest soon, for a full variety of terrain to use at home. 


I also have a friend who lives right down the road who plays nearly every army (he has a ton of Marines and IG though, so he usually plays those), and a little bit of ruins terrain.


Lastly, I unfortunately don't have a reliable method of transporting my army, so unless you live in HIllsboro, Aloha or Beaverton, I probably won't be able to come to you. 

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Name: Jeremy

Location: NE Portland

Armies: Dark Angels (around 3k), Imperial Knight

Preferred Location: Guardian Games, Red Castle Games, Someone's house/garage etc

Preferred Time: Evenings (after 6pm) or Weekends (mostly Sundays)

Contact: PM or Text


I also play a bunch of board games and a few RPG's. I recently moved out to NE, looking for someone to primarily play 40k with, but I am pretty open minded when it comes to playing games. I also have a full 4'X6' worth of fully painted GW terrain, but not sure I have enough room to set everything up at my new place.

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Name: Tim

Armies: Eldar and Tyranids. The only 'man things' I have are in my Space Hulk boxed set!

Location: East Vancouver, WA

Available: Varies. Typically Saturday later afternoon/evenings are bad, and M-F during the day is bad. Most other times are negotiable.

Preferred Game Location: Dice Age Games, My Place, Your place. Also negotiable. Somewhere in the Vancouver/Portland area a must.

Preferred Contact Method: PM here.


Notes: Just returning to gaming in general, including 40K, WHFB and Bloodbowl. Might be willing to play Necromunda/Mordheim, and I absolutely love LotR/WotR.

I am a very 'laid back' gamer, though. I don't play in tournaments generally, and I don't make 'beardy' lists. Fun above all else. For 40k, I really prefer 1850 MAX points size. I don't do 'Apoc'-sized games. I really enjoy 1250-1500 pt games.

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Name: Aaron

Armies: Ad Mech

Location: Issaquah

Available: Wed and Thu night, some weekends

Preferred Game Location: Heroic Knight Games (Issaquah)

Preferred Contact Method: PM here.


Starting up 40K again and haven't played since beginning of 4th.  Looking for mid-power players.  Got my stuff painted!

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Name: Dave

Location: NE Vancouver, about a mile from Mythic Realms

Armies: Tyranids, Khorne Daemons, Necrons

Where to Play: On a 4x6 table preferably, location is open for discussion

When to Play: Any day until I start working again, just retired with lots of free time and availability

Contact Method: PM or email


Note: Strictly a 40k player, laid back and fun, don't play the same list or roster twice win or lose. Point size for Nids I can go up to about 6,000, Daemons up to 2000 same as the Necrons too.

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Name: Shea

Location: Edmonds/North Seattle (Tacoma every other weekend)

Armies: Astra militarum (~2250)

Where to play: My friends and I have yet to find a place to play in the area

When to play: Evenings and weekends

Best method for contact: shea@fgcseattle.com



I quit playing at fifth edition and just recently got back into the game. Still figuring things out, so I'll definitely need to set the expectation that I'm rusty on rules.

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Name: Andy

Armies: Dark Angels (Ravenwing) or Space Wolves

Location: Hillsboro/Aloha area

Available: 4pm or later weekdays, anytime weekends

Preferred Game Location: Rainy Day Games, Guardian Games, anywhere is cool really

Preferred Contact Method: Email or PM - FattimusMcGee@Gmail.com


Hey guys, I just recently got back into the game - It's even *more* addicting than I remember hah. Anyways, I'm still working my way up to getting decent again. I have about 2000-3000pt worth of DA and 2000-4000 worth of SW (give or take 500, I've lost track). I recently got some Imperial Knights as well.


I have my eye on becoming competitive using ITC format rules, BUT, I'm completely down with normal/fun/house rule games as well. If you're ever down for a game just message or e-mail me!

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Name: Joe

Armies: Tau (1000-1500)

Location: Beaverton

Available: After 6 pm on Weekdays, anytime weekends

Preferred Game Location: Most shops in Portland Area (I'm flexible in traveling)

Preferred Contact Method: PM on Ordo


Been an extremely long time since I played. Bought a few models recently just to build and paint for fun, but the urge to play again came with it. Looking to just play for fun and
learn the game again. Feel free to PM!

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Name: Chris
Armies: Chaos Space Marines  1.75k, Necron 2k
Available: Fri evenings or Sat/Sun
Location: Seattle, WA
Game Location: Haven't tried any of the local places but Card Kingdom in Ballard sounds good
Preferred Contact Method: email: chrisbrantley@hotmail.com

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Name: Syd

Age: 32



Location: Auburn, WA



Armies: 40k Orks



Preferred Location: Any game store nearby.



Preferred Time: Sundays



Contact: PM is preferred.



I'm a newbie since I've only been painting Orks off and on. I'm just looking for some people to learn the game and have fun.



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