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Woah now, Paint Wizard, that's way over my head.     

Thanks!   Finished him up this morning, now to figure out the next project.  

Pulled myself out of bed to finish up on Uncle V., the heart and soul of the commies.     

Posted Images

Here's the aftermath of the dropped minis:


By now i have everything reassembled, but there is much chipping that will have to be re-painted and patched.  The antenna on Bro K snapped, so he will have an awkward nub on his head, and the sniper rifles will never bent perfectly back into shape.  They will be a little wonky from now on.

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And the third!

Morats and Military Orders



I want to thank Chris, Joe, and George for three awesome games on Saturday.  Everyone was super cool, and even though the games got intense everyone was chill and relaxed.  I'd happily play all three again, and hope to soon.

Nate, it was a great event.  Hope you run another sometime!

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I finally have access to rocket launchers!    Order sergeants gain 2 more linkable profiles, one with heavy rocket launcher and assault pistol, and one paramedic.  Woooooooooo!!

Magister knights got cheaper/better, lost exp cc weapon option.

Santiagos got nanopulsers, MA, paramedic, slightly cheaper.


Montesas got a ton of buffs.   Assualt (great for a mech-deployment unit), chain colt, light rocket launcher, slightly cheaper.

Black friars are MSV2 MI with two profiles: 1.5 swc multi sniper+nanopulser, and 0 swc mutli rifle+nanopulsar+drop bears+Albedo (supposidly personal white noise) + biometric visor L1.

Hospitaller doctor is cheaper

Also peacemakers and bulleteers are 2 points cheaper, because screw the rules.

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