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Ambuscade! One Day Historical Wargaming Event (12/3/2016)

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Ambuscade!, a one-day historical miniature wargaming event will be held on December 3, 2016 at Guardian Games in the "Level Up" room (21+ only) and will consist of two four-hour sessions of hosted historical wargames.  Session A is 12:00-4:00 and Session B is 5:00-9:00. 


If you would like to host game please respond either here or at ambuscade.portland@gmail.com.  Your game should accommodate at least four players but be playable by as few as two. A few slots have already been filled. You can see an up-to-date schedule at http://ambuscadeportland.blogspot.com.




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Want to keep it on people's radar that this one-day historical gaming event will be happening in just 15 days on December 3 at Guardian Games.  This event is FREE.  There are current six hosted games scheduled (three in the first session, three in the second - see link).  We would love to get at least one more game in each session so we can accommodate more players if necessary. 


If you are planning on attending, I would also recommend you plan what/where you are going to eat. Guardian Games has beer but not a menu - make sure to pack a lunch and/or dinner or know where you're going to get your dinner during the 4pm-5pm break.



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Just a few days to go...

Another event added, bringing us to 7 total games. This event in the upstairs area of Guardian Games (21+ only) and is free.

SESSION A (12pm-4pm)

1) Check Your 6. (WWII air combat) [VC]

2) A Feast for Crows. (Dark Ages, Saga) [GM]

3) Flames of War. (WWII) [JO]


SESSION B (5pm-9pm)

1) Sudan 1898. (The Men Who Would Be Kings) [sF]

2) In Her Majesty's Name. (skirmish, Victorian) [HS]

3) Battle of Magnesia 190 BC. (Sword & Spear) [JL]

4) Check Your 6 - Jet Age. (1982 Falklands air combat) [AD]




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