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FoW Tournament - Northwest Invasion 2016 (Official Thread)


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1) Parameters:
DATE: Saturday, October 29
TIME: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM in PDT
LOCATION: Gabi's Olympic Cards & Comics
4230 Pacific Ave SE, Lacey, Washington 98503

2) Army List particulars:
Pts: 1500
Fee: $10
Period: EW
Theaters/books: all theaters, all EW books:
Rising Sun, Blitzkrieg, Barbarossa, Hellfire & Back, Burning Empires, and any OFFICIAL EW briefings from BF web site.

The Netherlands at War 1940 - http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=3451
Norwegians 1940 - http://www.flamesofwar.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=4114

Rounds: 3
Opening at 1000; first match at 1100;
Duration each rd: 2 hours + 15 minutes
Breaks: 45 minute lunch and two 15 minute-breaks.

Schedule (EDIT - Updated from Facebook):
1000-1100 setup and registration
1100-1315 first round
1315-1400 lunch
1400-1615 second round
1615-1630 break
1630-1845 third round
1845-1915 awards, close out, and packing.

4) Prizes: Prize support is strictly gift cards on behalf of the store based solely on the gate fee of $10.

5) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/101841723621332/

6) SETUP: 10:00 AM. If bringing terrain, please arrive before 11 AM setup a table with your terrain

7) LUNCH TIME SOCIAL: Koibito - Sushi & Teriyaki
Market Square, 730 Sleater Kinney Rd SE, Lacey, WA 98503

8) Missions: Will be announced before each round. One from each group:

  • Defensive Battle (TBD)
  • Mobile Battle (TBD)
  • Fair Fight (Free-For-All)

9) LIST VERIFICATION: lists are to be made from official Battlefront early-war lists. Lists should be sent / e-mailed to:
for verification by OCT 27, Thursday NLT 2100 hrs (9 PM).

10) FoW FAQ: We will be using the updated late-war books/lists that come out and the latest LFTF:
Lessons From the Front, Last Updated on 3 September 2015.

11) Bring 5 printed copies of your list to the tournament.

12) Signup:
Five tables means only 10 players, so get your lists in ASAP

Name, Avatar, Alignment, List, Book, Verified
WASHINGTON TEAM (<team name?>):
Team Captain:

  1. Bpoli7, Ben P., Allied, LEGKIY TANKOVY BATALON, Barbarossa (Digital Exclusive), verified
  2. Bill N., Noland, Axis, Jääkärikomppania, Rising Sun, verified
  3. Ed A/Centurious, Axis, German Infanterie Kompanie, Barbarossa, verified
  4. Josef M/Lord Hanaur, Axis, Japanese, 7th Army Kihei Chutai, Rising Sun, ?
  5. ZeroMoon17, Axis, Italian Bersaglieri, Hellfire and Back, verified

OREGON TEAM (<team name?>):
Team Captain:

  1. Steve Z, ZEKE, Allies, French Escadron de Combat, Blitzkrieg, verified
  2. Ryan M., lazarus, Allies or Axis, Companie de Tirailleurs: Foreign Legion/Colonial, Burning Empires, no
  3. James B, barca, Allies, Soviet Tankovy (Red Army), Barbarossa, verified
  4. Anthony B/?, Axis, German, Luftlandesturmkompanie, Burning Empires, verified
  5. Zach B/Zach, Axis, Italians,  Battaglione Fucilieri, Barbarossa (Digital Exclusive), verified

If needed, barca can loan an EW Soviet army to newbie, or someone who does not have EW army.

Open to other locales (ID, CA, BC, etc.) Players from elsewhere might be assigned to either team to balance the teams.

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Posted by Noland on a diff thread:

Here is the latest.

1. We have five tables to our disposal. The store opens at 1000 and I will plan to set up the night before @2300. Right now Ed and I can cover four tables nicely. If anyone wants to step up to cover one more, the support would be appreciated. the Portland crew has volunteered to cover one, but I want to avoid using them if at all possible as they are guests and it could delay a kick off time of 1100. If the Portland people support, we will roll with it.


2. Prize support is strictly gift cards on behalf of the store based solely on the gate fee of $10.


3. Five tables means only 10 players, so get your lists in ASAP.


4. Opening at 1000; first match at 1100; 2hour 15 minute matches with a 45 minute lunch and two 15 minutes breaks.


1100-1215 match A

1215-1300 lunch

1300-1515 match B

1515-1530 break

1530-1745 match C

1745-1815 awards, close out and packing.


-Der Noland

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What is the role of Captains? Does the loser get tar and feathered b the opposing team?

My vote is that the Captains decide the matchups in some manner.


I.e. 1st round 4v4

North Picks first matchup

South picks next two matchups

final matchup determined by remaining players


2nd round 4v4 

whichever team is losing gets to choose if they want first matchup or 2nd and 3rd matchups.


Just a thought.  The first round matchup could be determined by a coin toss (who gets to make the first matchup vs the second two matchups)

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(EDIT) My mistake. Needed both types of competition rules - Team and Individual.

For the team aspect, I will quote Dylan:

"For determining who got to keep the trophy until the next Invasion, we went with straight points, as the matchups were picked to keep them likely to be close, and only announced the team totals and the single member of each team that had the highest score at the end (which we kicked in a prize for)."


For the individual rankings:

  1. Count the number of games that each player has won
  2. Ties are broken in favor of the player with the most Victory Points
  3. If still a tie for that position in the rankings, then dice off (1D6)
  4. If the first round of die rolling does not resolve, each player tied for the same position rolls 2 dice (2D6).

Tom: 3 wins; 6-1, 6-1, 4-3; pts = 16
Dick: 3 wins; 6-1, 5-2, 5-2; pts = 16
Harry: 3 wins; 6-1, 5-2, 4-3; pts = 15
Dan: 3 wins; 5-2, 5-2, 5-2; pts = 15

In the case above, the top 4 generals each have 3 wins.
On the first criteria (total wins), that is a four-way tie.
When Comparing points (second criteria), Tom and Dick are tied for 1st and 2nd places.
They dice off. Tom=5, Dick=6. Tom gets 2nd, Dick gets 1st place.
When Comparing points (second criteria), Harry and Dan are tied for 3rd and 4th places.
They dice off. Harry=4, Dan=3. Harry gets 3rd place, and Dan gets 4th.

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Whoever is using the name Northwest Invasion for this go-around is free to run it how they like.  If I wanted to restrict the name/format, I wouldn't have recommended we use it for Flames a few years back.


The design document for the original Northwest Invasion was based on a few basic principles.  Have fun games.  Play different opponents.  Encourage a feeling of community.  If part of the structure didn't work towards those things, it wasn't included.  One core that remained unchanged for all iterations was the job of the Captain, which worked into all three principles.  For execution, I have always used index cards with various codes on them.


Different opponents:  the easiest of the three.  Teams were determined *mostly* by geographical area, with some shifting to accommodate folks that didn't play where they lived. This was the first code to go on the cards, a pair of color stripes indicating typical play area.  There was a primary and secondary code for each team, so if there was an uneven number of players on each team, players on the same team would still be playing new opponents.  Folks from


Fun games meant two things:  matchups would not be unbalanced, and casual lists (historical or interesting as opposed to optimized for competitive play) could do fine.  The Captains' job was to arrange the matchups so as to avoid blowouts due to force composition, scenario, or player experience.  One corner of the index card had A/M/I to represent type of unit, a number to represent player skill, and an asterisk if the list needed careful pairings (such as having no anti-armor capability for historical reasons, or being massively anti-infantry).  We first divided the cards by team, then looked at the scenario, then looked at the force composition, and shuffled the cards around until the pairings looked good.  As long as both captains were prioritizing fun, it works great.


Encouraging the feeling of community was the hardest to quantify.  Some things were easy, such as having a group lunch.  One year, we did a trivia contest during chow with semi-random teams.  Another year we listed a specific set of forces, and asked each team to have one of each of them, and ran it as an event-within-an-event; this also encouraged communication within each team, as folks needed to borrow units or re-arrange their TOE to cover vacancies.  Heck, just being arbitrary about the teams (geographically) helped cement the group.


For determining who got to keep the trophy until the next Invasion, we went with straight points, as the matchups were picked to keep them likely to be close, and only announced the team totals and the single member of each team that had the highest score at the end (which we kicked in a prize for).  Most years, the two team champs arranged for a final game at a later time for the bragging rights.


Anyhoo, that's the background for previous Invasions, Northwest and elsewhere.  I don't really Flames much nowadays, but I would be glad to chat with the organizers if they have questions.

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