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Thursdays gameplay at Gaurdian Games 2017

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OK. New gamer showed up. Experience and enthusiasm.

At least 2, possibly 3 for Team Yankee. I will bring both US and SOV. have 83 pts of Reds My ENFILADE army - LW Ger Panzer - still on painting bench. Prob start bringing that after mid-May.

THUR, 1 JUNE: Either Team Yankee: Russians=93 pts USA=93 pts or V4, Mid-War, North Africa: British Grant Squadron, 55 pts German Pz IV Kompanie, 55 pts

I will be @ GG on THU, FEB 23

arriving between 6:00 and 6:30 PM.

I have 2 German lists for the Bulge campaign, with some proxies. I have no Ami's


We have about three weeks of The Bulge Campaign left before the start of the Team Yankee Escalation League & mini campaign.

Planned start of TY mini campaign is THU, 16 MAR

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I will be there with LW germans for Bulge.

If lazarus brings EW German Czech panzer, could try out that EW list for the Dogs-of-War tournament.

I have the list made up:

Pz 38t x 8

Rommel in 38t

Pz IIC x3

Schutzen Platoon (p.75)    Command Rifle/MG, 6x Rifle/MG, Light mortar, Kfz 15 field car, 4x Kfz 70 truck

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I THINK we -ZEKE, lazarus and myself - are wrapping up the Ardennes campaign on the map board, ...

...and then discussing the upcoming Team Yankee escalation league and campaign.


I wanted to respond to Brother Glacius' suggestion on v4 battles, but I have not had time to assembled my recent purchases of El Alamein box set models.

Perhaps this is something you could help with. I can loan a rulebook.

I bring and loan what I have assembled, but not painted: 2 Crusaders, 1 Grant, 6 Pz IV (short and long) 1x Pz III (long), 7 Honey Stuarts


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THURSDAY, APR 13, @ GG, 6:30-10:00 PM

For v4 MW, I can bring a 49-point German DAK list, both v4 handbooks and the v4 rule books (Hardcover and PB).

I have a desert battle mat, and GG has some desert terrain.


If someone wants a LW battle, I can bring Germans or Brits, but speak up, plz.

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