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Random Photo Thread

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1 hour ago, Ish said:

I was trying to post it as a .GIF, but it didn't seem to work.


This is the gif url: "https://y.yarn.co/28b71f0a-2f06-404d-a766-814b8fd131dd_text_hi.gif

I went to this page, and right clicked on the image and copied image address, which is the address above.  Ordo automatically converted it from the URL to the view-able gif.  


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That is clearly an Imperial Guard Earthshaker Artillery emplacement.  Can someone from the Ordo Hereticus please do something about the unsanctioned psyker who stole it.

(I also see what appears to be Tyranid capillary towers in the background. This psyker might be involved in late-stage Genestealer Cult activity. We may need to deploy the Deathwatch.)

The Emperor Protects.


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