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57 minutes ago, andozane said:

Did you see their KS for their follow up game?  World's Without Number

Just saw that this morning and I am intrigued. I don't really have much need for another fantasy roleplaying game (D&D5e fulfills my needs for a basic entry level game, Modiphus' Conan handles my needs for something that satisfies my classic sword and sorcery genre needs, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a pseudo-historical dark fantasy masterpiece). But having said all that, I'm damned impressed by Stars Without Number and although I don't think I'll be able to back this Kickstarter, I'll probably pick it up when it hits retail.

I've always loved sci-fi roleplaying games, but apart from Traveller, there's precious few that aren't based on licenses of film/television franchises (Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.) and set in a hard(ish) sci-fi space opera setting... and getting new players to "buy in" on a Traveller game has always been a daunting task. SwoN seems to be really well suited to telling Traveller-style tales without all the baggage of the Traveller `verse and confusion over the seven different editions that rules system has had.


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8 hours ago, Brick Bungalow said:

Anyone check out heroforge recently? I don't plan on ordering a lot of miniatures any time soon but I love the app. 

Hero screenshot (4).png

I spent a lot of time making minis on the app for fun. The one I ordered for my gnome Druid is great. My wife has two models from Hero Forge. @Bkieft has five for he and his family's characters. 


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