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This is my 10 year old daughter assembling a High Elf Dragon. Her first mini.   Now what is more randomly awesome than that!

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Been hard at work at the other Mad Max: Fury Road vehicles. Here we have ''Da Dakka Farmer'', (a.k.a The Bullet Farmer) in his Peacemaker tank. (Peacemaka), Rictus Erectus monster truck 'Big Foot. (Da Foot of Gork), and Immortan Jork's Gigahorse!
'It is by my hand, you will rise from the ashes of this world!''
''I am da scales of justice, konducta of da choir of deff! Sing brother Slugga, sing brother Dakka! Sing brothers, sing, SING!!!'
Updated his weapons
The Ogyrn Rictus Erectus Big Foot
The WAAAGH party so far.
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The Imperial Fist Fellblade: Iron Breaker

The Fellblade is one of the most ancient war machines available to the forces of the Imperium.  Much like its other heavily armed brethren the Fellblade bristles with potent weapons capable of laying low the most powerful of foes.  However, what makes the Fellblade most dangerous is not its formidable guns or massive treads, it is that this hammer of mankind lies within the hands of the Adeptus Astartes, the Space Marines.  

Once a common site along side the elite of the Emperor during the Great Crusades there are but a scant handful remaining amongst the original Legions.  However, in the midst of these few are the Fellblades of Renown, artifacts of war that rise up like gods above the titans.  One such as this is the Fellblade of the Imperial Fists known in antiquity as the Iron Breaker.

During the time of the Great Crusade is was common amongst the Astartes to modify and sometimes completely rebuild their Fellblades in the never ending quest to forge the perfect war machine.  The Imperial Fists were no exception and it was the Master Techmarine Olivander Stormhammer that created perhaps the most well known of these reinventions.  

Constructed during the siege of the fortress world of Stratovaust the Iron Breaker proved invaluable against the untold thousands of bunkers and the kilometer of trenches and barricades that surrounded them.  The massive siege cannons turned the ferrocrete defenses into powder while its bolters shredded all those foolish enough to stand before it’s might.  

At the conclusion of the Ullanor Crusade the Iron Breaker accompanied the Imperial Fists and the Emperor back to Terra where it was placed in the arsenal assigned with the task of protecting the Imperial Palace.  Here it served faithfully during the Horus Heresy being one of the few recorded vehicle to have participated in the Defense of Terra and survived to this day.  Soon afterwards the Iron Breaker served again as a mobile stronghold against their traitorous brethren, the Iron Warriors, during the assault on the Eternal Fortress on the world of Sebastus IV, known as The Iron Cage.

Tales are told of whole worlds surrendering at the sight of this enormous war machine as it represents the might the Emperor can unleash against his foes through the Imperial Fists. A veteran of over seven thousand battles the Iron Breaker has the distinction of being the only Fellblade to have remained in active service since the awakening of its machine spirit many millennia ago. So successful was the Iron Breaker that centuries later the Adeptus Mechanicus adopted the design for the Imperial Guard naming it posthumously after its creator, the Stormhammer.



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