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Enfilade 2014 Flames of War Tournament



The Northwest Historical Miniature Gaming Society convention Enfilade 2014 Flames of War Late War 1650pt Tournament is in the books. It was held at the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, WA on May 24th. The convention ran from May 23-25.


When we arrived to open the doors to the State Room the tables were all arranged like last year. The event space could handle up to 30 players comfortably if we needed to so there is plenty of room for growth.


We had twelve players come out and battle it out for ww2 late war supremacy. There were 7 Axis players and 5 Allied players. I could not have asked for a better group of players to be tournament director for. There were no issues to speak of and everyone was a great sport.


Enfilade 2014 FOW Group Image



Prize support

Provided by Battlefront Miniatures:

AC001 Hurricane II

FW901 Tour Of Duty rulebook, Armored, Airborne and Infantry in Vietnam - 1965-71 War Vietnam

WI312 Wargames Illustrated Magazine # 312, October Issue x2

GBX21 Ernst Barkmann, Panther A & Workshop

UBX29 US Rifle Company (Winter)

SBX30 T-34 Company (plastic), with T-34/76 obr 1942 and T-34/85 obr 1944 turrets

see Battlefront Miniatures for all your 15mm ww2, Vietnam, and Arab/Israel war miniatures.



Provided by CGR Painters:

Award plaques for each winner

UBX33 US M24 Chaffee Platoon

UBX38 US Armored Rifle Platoon (Winter)

BBX12 British Cromwell Armoured Platoon

BBX16 British Parachute Company

SBX02 Soviet Udarny Strelkovy Batalon

GBX41 German Jagdpanther Platoon

GBX34 German Fallschirmjager Company

See CGR Painters if you would like a quote on getting some miniatures painted or terrain created.




Many thanks for the terrain for tables that was provided by:

Rose City Dukes and Duchesses (Steve McCuen, David Said)

Josef McCoy

Dylan Gould

Ed Anderson




enfilade 2014 Fow tournament results



Award Winners

Renaissance Man: David Said

Enfilade 2014 FOW Renaissance Man David S.


Best Allied General: Dylan Gould

Enfilade 2014 FOW Best Allied Dylan G.


Best Axis General: Josef McCoy

Enfilade 2014 FOW Best Axis Josef M.


Best Sport: Jesse Lowe

Enfilade 2014 FOW Best Sport Jesse L. 2


Best Paint: Steve Zeeck

resized enfilade 2014 Fow best paint stevez 20140524 183456


Players Choice: Andrew Majors

Enfilade 2014 FOW Players Choice Andrew M.





Images of the Some Armies

There were some really well painted armies this year but Steve Z. produced something that had the extra wow factor. He lost points on the historical part but gained for original idea.

Enfilade 2014 FOW Steve Z. Army 6

Enfilade 2014 FOW Steve Z. Army 5

Enfilade 2014 FOW Steve Z. Army 4

Enfilade 2014 FOW Steve Z. Army 3

Enfilade 2014 FOW Steve Z. Army 2

Enfilade 2014 FOW Steve Z. Army 1

Enfilade 2014 FOW Steve Z. Army 1

Enfilade 2014 FOW David S. Army 4

Enfilade 2014 FOW David S. Army 3

Enfilade 2014 FOW David S. Army 2

Enfilade 2014 FOW David S. Army

Enfilade 2014 FOW Andrew M Army 2

Enfilade 2014 FOW Andrew M Army


Images from the action...

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 164126

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 181738

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 164137

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 164111

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 164028

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 164001

Enfilade 2014 FOW Fow 20140524 163951

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 135353

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 135343

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 135334

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 135325

enfilade 2014 Fow 20140524 135245

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 135225

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 135216

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 111840

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 111815

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 111804

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 111735

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 111706

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 111612

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 111606

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 111558

Enfilade 2014 FOW 20140524 111551



For reference, the player packet from 2014.



We will see what war era the tournament will be for next year.... early war, mid war, or late war....

I look forward to seeing you all again for Enfilade 2015.






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