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The Dreaded Relocation



So after OFCC this year it was time to pack up the armies for the duration of relocation to Portland. I left a few things out to paint or finish painting but the time has been squandered looking for houses, selling houses, packing, entertaining the young bucks and generally being impatiant.


Move date has been set for middle of January but with the delays so far I am trying not to be too optimistic.


Plenty of gaming room and a hobby room in the new place and a bar to service the gaming space...I just need to do a tad remodeling to make it awesome.




So many plans...


I am a little bit pleased about the delay in the OFCC until later in the year so that I might make a stab at the WoC army this year but with the move I am not sure.


Did I mention that I hate waiting...

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