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  1. Now with halberds should I bother giving them shields?
  2. I am starting up a Warriors of Khorne army and am looking for a few pointers as to what direction I should go.
  3. Following a very fun 40k OFCC, I plan on taking a slower pace when it comes to armies and I really want to have a record of my work. Plus, I just got a new Android so I can take lots of pics! I wanted to revisit Fantasy since it seems to be lagging in popularity in my neck of the woods (Salem). The main aspect of Fantasy that doesn't grab me is magic. I have never really liked it ever since 6th Ed and want an army that doesn't have to rely on it. I already have Empire with lots of warrior priests and Beastmen. Me being a reformed follower of Chaos, I decided Warriors were the perfect fit for me. Tzeentch looked fun but I wanted a brutal, straight forward army and I heard Blood God's battle cry. The model that initially grabbed my attention was the Lord on Manticore. Seeing as the Manticore is very Khorne-esque, I found it to be a great center piece to build my army around. I then grabbed a battalion and scrounged up some models that were lying around. Here is what I have to far: Lord on Manticore Random Characters including Scyla Anfingrimm
  4. Nice work. Are you sure this is your first attempt?
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing some more tangible prizes given out next year instead of gift certificates since most people will be unable to use them unless they go out of their way.
  6. Will this be another instant where you leave and come back again? I would applaud your efforts to create your own community, although I find people (including myself) are unable to be both competitive and sporting.
  7. Team pairings were quite even. I liked the fact that I could make fairly close match ups. The Achievements were a fun idea. I would just say that it definitely hurt my team (all Demons) since 3 out of 4 of us couldn't get the vehicle achievements and none of us could achieve the strategist one nor the psyker one since our books clearly don't mesh with those objectives. The missions seemed bland when just using the ones from the rulebook. The fourth mission had my team worried but in the end didn't matter too much. Overall, I had a fun time, as did my team. Thank you!
  8. I would say by the rules he doesn't role since it auto-hits and the plasma cannon has it's own rules. But for fun I would say that he does.
  9. Nobody likes you Ian! :stick: People like me....Grandfather says so!
  10. Just finished everything. Feels good to be done!
  11. Or the better in some people's eyes!
  12. I've seen people lose an Avatar and a Trigon to tank shock. Just don't do it man!
  13. Team Borderlands is coming to win it all this year!
  14. This should be a good move.
  15. The zombie dragon alone makes me want to start a VC army!