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  1. 9th Age Tournament at Dice Age Games - April 22nd

    Andrew, Sent you a PM. Will be attending my two "maybes" unfortunately won't be. Thanks!
  2. 9th Age Tournament at Dice Age Games - April 22nd

    Put me down for it. 80% likelihood of attending - will be able to update for sure as we get closer. May also have 2 more players, who I will confirm with and let you know. Regards, Axiem
  3. Unfortunately not going to be able to attend this year because of travel. Really sorry to be missing it. Any plans for additional events up that way in the coming months? Axiem
  4. How about the first/second weekend in August?
  5. Alright, let's try to get this ball rolling. Kremmet do you want to check to see if July 9th or July 16th would work? I wouldn't mind putting together a simple PDF with 3 rulebook scenarios and throwing it out for review. Then we could do a signup and see how many people are interested.
  6. I'm in as well (for both the campaign and the round-robin). Weekends are obviously the best for anything more than a single game though!
  7. Great game Zeev! So I can expect to see triple gargantula next time? haha. Looking forward to the rematch. Axiem
  8. For some reason, neither do I. Are you seeing this one? I wanted to ask if you would be up for a game tonight instead of Mospaeda. I'm bringing 2500 points of HBE if you're up for a game.
  9. Zeev, If you'd like to get a game in, I was still planning on heading to Mox at 6:00pm with 2500 points of HBE. Feel up for that?
  10. Hi Zeev, I'm also up in North Seattle so we should have a game sometime. Cafe Mox / Card Kingdom is a good place for a game and it isn't too far away. I'm also meeting up with Mospaeda tomorrow (Wednesday) at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue. If you're around, pop in to say hi; we'll be there from 6:00pm onward. Axiem
  11. @Mospaeda, I can probably do Tuesday night around 6:00 if that works for you. Next weekend I'll be traveling, but could do future weekends for sure.
  12. @Mospaeda, does Cafe Mox / Card Kingdom work for you, or do you know of a place that's closer? @ClassicFlava, during the day is hard, except during weekends. Perhaps you, Mospaeda, and I could meet on the weekend for a few games
  13. I'm also looking for active 9A players. There are some down by Tacoma area, but if anyone wants a game in Seattle, I'll be available starting June 11th. I've 5 armies, so happy to play a variety. Card Kingdom is a good place to meet.