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  1. Thanks!! Is it easy to match against a friend if you want to instead of randomly trying to find an opponent? My only aim at this point is to play against my bros.
  2. Hiya Ordo Effin Fanaticus! So, I've only played one or two games of Bloodbowl (the latest release of the board game, that is) but I saw that the XBox version of BB2 is on sale this month for $5, or $12 for "Deluxe" (??). Anyone have any comments or suggestions? Is it the same game as the board game or something totally different? Is the deluxe version the one to get (guessing more races or something)? Thanks guys!
  3. When we started the OFCC (used to be NWCC) back in '03 or whatever, it was 4 teams of 6. The next year, we (foolishly, trustingly) let people bring however many because we were doing the matching system using an app that could manage arbitrary team sizes. However the Evil Canadians rigged the system by putting their best players on one team, and hanging their newer players out to dry on a second team. So in response, we (orkdork and I) changed the team to size 4, so that we (orkdork, bunto [our other brother], and myself) could make a team and beat the Evil Canadians. We would have made it size 3 but that would have been too obvious, so we made it size 4 and rolled in Raindog to round out our team. We crushed the Evil Canadians soundly, sending them crying back North to lick their wounds and complain about hidden ranking forums, matching systems they couldn't understand (because of the AI-based approach we used), and defeats they couldn't tolerate. After seeing that a team size of 4 clearly led to the Best Results, we carried that forward until - and this is where my memory is a little hazy - I got a kid, or got divorced, or drunk, or all three, and quit playing Warhammer, and the Evil Canadians slowly emerged from under their Weeping Stones and started infiltrating the planning process. They began of course by placing a mind control device in Raindog, and forcing him to rig the system so they could again win the tournament... Anyway that's the history, and everything after the second sentence is complete b.s.. With Love, Nathan
  4. Most models are around 25-30% off new price for NIB or new on sprue models. All models are pictured below. Additional savings if you buy entire lots to save me time on shipping. Anything purchased by EOD Monday will be shipped out Tuesday USPS Priority and should arrive in time for Christmas. Shipping is flat-rate USPS Priority: 1 - 4 models: $8 4 - 10 models: $14 10+ models: $20 OUTCASTS ----------------- 1 Big Jake NIB - $8 1 Vanessa NIB - $8 1 Killjoy NIB - $12 1 Malifaux Child NIB - $8 1 Hodgepodge Emissary NIB - $35 1 Von Schill on sprue - $10 1 Steam Trunk on sprue - $5 1 Freikorps Specialist on sprue - $5 2 Freikorpsmann on sprue - $5 1 Taelor on sprue - $8 3 Ronin on sprue - $10 1 Student of Conflict on sprue - $5 1 Outcasts Arsenal Box Wave 1 - $12 1 Outcasts Aresnal Box Wave 2 - $8 Entire Outcast Lot - 20% additional off GREMLINS ---------------- 1 The Bayou Boss - Som'er crew box NIB - $30 1 The Kin - Ophelia crew box NIB - $35 1 Sammy LaCroix NIB - $7 1 Slop Haulers NIB - $10 Entire Gremlins lot - 20% additional off GUILD ---------- 1 Alt Perdita on sprue - $30 1 Alt Francisco Ortega on sprue - $40 1 Abuela Ortega NIB - $10 1 Perdita Ortega on sprue - $10 1 Governor's Proxy assembled unprimed - $5 1 C. Hoffman crew - $25 (C. Hoffman, Joss, 6 Steam Arachnids, Howard Langston, Ryle, Metal Gamin, Hunter, Mechanical Attendant, proxy Rail Golem, proxy Guardian) Entire Guild lot - 20% additional off MISC -------- 1 Miss Anne Thrope on sprue - $30 1 Aionus NIB - $10 1 Wrath partially assembled (rest on sprue) - $5 1 Alt Performer on sprue - $15 Entire Misc lot - 20% additional off ENTIRE LOT OF ALL FACTIONS - 10% additional off, for a total of 30% discount off listed prices Linking to Facebook group post for the most recent "SOLD" status: https://www.facebook.com/groups/877366588968261/permalink/1268044633233786/?sale_post_id=1268044633233786 Hope that's legit? If not I'll gladly remove (or mod can)! Prefer PM on Facebook if you wanna buy something but here is good too :)
  5. Maaan, I'm sad to say I have to bow out of this tourney... just wasn't able to line up childcare, despite working at it quite a bit. Everyone I can look to for multi-day care is either out of town or busy with other family obligations. This also might hinder Orkdork's attendance because I was his ride AND couch-surfing hookup via my buddy, but I'll let him speak to that. So I've got my ticket already; can it be refunded, and if not, can I xfer it to someone else? Sorry to miss it... it sounds SUPER fun. Dang. Nathan
  6. It was fun! I played two really nice dudes, and even though the terrain on our 2nd table was whack we had a good game anyway. I thought it was funny that I lost literally on boxing my Take Prisoner seconds before the "last round" was announced! Next time I'll bring a countdown clock or something... but it was still a really fun game. Oh and there were some spectacular Black Joker moments that kept me from getting too much of a combat lead early in both games, but they didn't end up mattering because Sonnia and co. pretty much wiped the opponent's crews out... she and Frank and Emissary are super killy especially if you aren't ready for her SS suppression. I wish Guild had better minions... not just "more powerful", but more interesting. Something schemey and fighty like Rooster Riders. As it is, my crew is plenty tough but it's all about the Masters and Henchmen which makes the game less fun IMO. Even the (awesome) Austringers are mainly there to drain my opponent's cheat hand and ensure my big plays land. I think the Gremlins by contrast scale out super well from Master to Henchmen to Enforcers to Minions... really well designed. I would love to re-write the Guild cards cuz I love the models! I'm still trying to find childcare so I can attend the Seattle tourney... fingers crossed!
  7. Hey folks, just spreading the word cuz I saw it on the Malifaux PDX facebook page! Here's a repost: "Hello all, I want to give an official announcement for the Gaining Grounds tournament that will be held at Guardian Games on Saturday, September 24th in the Critical Sip. This will be in place of September's Beerlifaux, and will be a complete Gaining Grounds event with two exceptions: I will allow non- wyrd "Counts As" models (Models that are not made by Wyrd but do convey they model they are meant to represent. Must be approved my me. Can be day of or in advance) and Painted is not required, though the model must be built and on the appropriate base. The tournament will be 50ss, single faction. The Strategies can be found in the GG document, while Schemes will be announced day of. We will be using the rotation September falls into. The awards will be: Best Strategist (Most TP's) Best Sportsmanship (Determined by the players) Best Painted Model(Determined by the players if I cannot get a non-partipant to volunteer. Players may enter one model.) The Entry Fee is $15 if paid by September 23rd, $18 day off. Money goes to prize support and the cost of the space, so the more people who show up the better the Prizes. Here is the schedule: 10:00- Check in 10:30- Round 1 Pairings and setup 10:40- Round 1 12:25- Round 1 End 12:30- Lunch 1:25- Round 2 Pairings and setup 1:35- Round 2 3:20- Round 2 End 3:25- Round 3 Pairings and Setup 3:35- Round 3 5:20- Round 3 End Note: A fourth round will be added if enough players sign up. Hope to see everyone there! :)" - Josh Cal Check out the FB page for payment details etc.
  8. Did anyone end up with an un-needed Guild "Nellie" box set from the pre-order? I'd love to get one but I missed the window, and I've got $$ or lots of other NIB models (Gremlins, Outcasts, mostly) to trade 2:1. Thanks! NtK
  9. You must play the Viks ;) But to be clear I'm not talking about imbalance, I'm talking about the nature of the game: one or both players trying to solve a very complex number slide puzzle = mind crushing and tedious as f***. I can hang in just fine with my crews, too, but it's not a game I enjoy playing compared to the other Strats.
  10. I'm very excited to start learning 9th Age. The #1 selling point to me is that the rules writers are committed gamers, and that GW no longer has its clumsy, unsupportive, condescending, awful-rules-writing hands in the books. I'm also really really hopeful that next year's OFCC puts Malifaux back on Friday for a single day 3-game tourney, and then 9th age for the Sat/Sun event. Yay for crowd-sourcing!! :) NtK
  11. In violent agreement with Orkdork and hoping you are willing/able to make this change. Quarters games are a good way to create balance against "kill killy kill" crews, but man-oh-man are they my least favorite games of Malifaux, generally speaking! Either way, thanks for considering the request ;) NtK
  12. Hey folks, Just wanted to give a heads up that I'm bringing the following to OFCC Friday in case anyone wants to buy it. It's all painted (you can see how in person... pretty solid paint work though). Ready for tourney play. Usable as WFB, 9th Age, AoS (huge army!) etc: Copy/paste of original model order so you see exactly what's included. On top of this (~$1400 USD of models) it was all pro-painted and looks pretty damn good (see the Bloodthirster centerpiece, wow!) 1 Bloodthirster £70.00 £70.00 1 Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut £30.00 £30.00 1 Khorne Exalted Hero with Axe and Shield £11.00 £11.00 1 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount £23.50 £23.50 1 Chaos Lord on foot £15.00 £15.00 3 Chosen Command £25.50 £76.50 5 Chosen £25.50 £127.50 1 Chaos Chariot £25.00 £25.00 1 Gorebeast Chariot £25.00 £25.00 2 Chaos Knights £20.00 £40.00 2 Skullcrushers of Khorne £58.00 £116.00 2 Chaos Warhounds £15.50 £31.00 2 Chaos Furies £18.50 £37.00 1 Hellcannon £36.00 £36.00 2 Banners of Rage £12.00 £24.00 model total £687.50 It's all bubble-wrapped (never opened after I bought it because 8th ed. died while it was being built for me) but I unwrapped the Bloodthirster to photo him. I can deliver at OFCC. Taking offers! $1400 in models and at least that much more spent on painting... but I need to make room so any offer will be considered! Thanks, Nathan
  13. McNathanson

    For Sale

    everything in here is for sale at around 50% off retail shoot me a PM or reply to my thread in Rogue Trader if you're interested!
  14. Hey folks, I posted this same question a while back but I'm having trouble finding it. Anyway I'm bringing my "pro-painted" (not by me but it's pretty good) 8th ed WFB Khorne army to OFCC Friday to see if anyone wants to buy it, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to make it appealing to AoS players. It's got (copy pasted from the unpainted model order list): 1 Bloodthirster £70.00 £70.00 1 Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut £30.00 £30.00 1 Khorne Exalted Hero with Axe and Shield £11.00 £11.00 1 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount £23.50 £23.50 1 Chaos Lord on foot £15.00 £15.00 3 Chosen Command £25.50 £76.50 5 Chosen £25.50 £127.50 1 Chaos Chariot £25.00 £25.00 1 Gorebeast Chariot £25.00 £25.00 2 Chaos Knights £20.00 £40.00 2 Skullcrushers of Khorne £58.00 £116.00 2 Chaos Warhounds £15.50 £31.00 2 Chaos Furies £18.50 £37.00 1 Hellcannon £36.00 £36.00 2 Banners of Rage £12.00 £24.00 model total £687.50 Should I split the WFB army into 2 or 3 AoS armies? Should I sell the units a-la-carte (or would I end up with mostly unsold models and a few key things cherry-picked)? Thanks for any advice, Nathan
  15. I already have travel plans for this weekend but I'll see you guys Friday hopefully!! Next year, I'm playing Malifaux and 9th Age :)
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