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  1. I have no need for the chaos half and would like a straight trade for someone’s unwanted marine half.
  2. Having attended last year, I can vouch that this is a fantastic event, and worth your time and travel. As soon as Aaron announced it, I bought my tickets.
  3. Joseph I'm sorry you are upset. First, I can accommodate you. Guardian has agreed to go to 16 tables, so there will be a spot for you. I do want to point out however, that I have been repeatedly clear about the need to buy a ticket. I have posted that here, in facebook groups, etc. There were only four people who RSVP'ed via the system. I sent an email from splashthat to all four people on February 19th That email said only one thing, and I quote: Reminder: No spot is held until a ticket is purchased via Best Coast Pairings at: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/44yvq7bf I just checked Splashthat, and you are the only person who has not opened that email. Nevertheless, as I indicated earlier, there will be a spot for you. So no need to panic.
  4. I RSVP'd.  Am I not able to be in teh tournament?

    1. Lord Hanaur

      Lord Hanaur

      so then, how do i pay now?

  5. What's a hobbyist event without some great prizes?! Well, Annihilation: The Weekender has that covered! We have these lovely awards for Best Battle Points, Best Paint, Best Sportsmanship, and the Oscar gold statue goes to...Best Overall! Four great prizes, a casual friendly mission pack that values painting and sportsmanship, fun achievement bingo games, a pizza lunch provided, what's not to like?! If you've ever been hesitant about a 40k "tournament", this is the one for you. So come roll dice. We only have seven spots remaining, so reserve now at Best Coast Pairings: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/44yvq7bf Player packet can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d-98stU01OqGEiPu_NJa7GbHAd9-LetL-6dn2wYbvc0/edit?usp=sharing
  6. March 10-11 in Portland, OR, come play Warhammer 40k and raise money for charity! Annihilation: The Weekender is 2/3 full, but there is still time to grab your spot! This is a hobbyist tournament – that means we emphasize tabletop wins, appearance, and sportsmanship all equally. And what’s more, we’re playing at Guardian Games, where you can have a drink (yes, they serve beer and wine), while enjoying two days and five games of 40k in a fun atmosphere. Finally, the ticket price even includes a pizza lunch on Saturday. What more can you ask?! Well, how about some wacky fun bingo achievements! Every player will get one bingo card containing 9 (of a very long list of possible) achievements. Get a bingo, and you get a free command point to use at any point in the tournament. Once you get a bingo, you can try for a blackout and earn another command point! Sign up in the Best Coast Pairing app. https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/44yvq7bf
  7. I want to remind everyone to buy your ticket in advance through Best Coast Pairings. There are limited spots, and I do not have the space to expand. So please don't make a big trip without having first bought your ticket. Here's the link: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/44yvq7bf
  8. Initial draft of player packet. More to come AnnihilationWeekenderPacket.pdf
  9. Initial draft of event packet. More to come AnnihilationWeekenderPacket.pdf
  10. Points costs with basic gear Basic Dude 52 bike 90 terminators 84
  11. I just want to post this in the 40k forum, just in case people missed it in the tournament section. Coming up in March is Annihilation: The Weekender. This is a two day tournament at Guardian Games. Now, while it does give ITC points for those interested in that type of thing, it's also heavily geared towards more causal players. First, we're using random draws from an open war deck to determine map/mission/twist. That randomness alone makes it pretty casual. In addition, I will be adding 40k Achievement Bingo! Everyone will get a card, and when they get a bingo, they earn a command point. The major prizes go to best overall (battle points and best painted) and best painted, with best general bringing up the pack. So, in short, if you've been hesitant to jump into a "tournament" this is exactly the type of event to ease you into it. If you're familiar with the tournament scene, this is exactly the event to break up the monotony of the endless ITC mission repetition. And finally, the proceeds of this event (minus event costs) go to the Oregon Food Bank. So, you get to geek out and help those in need. Plus, your entry fee includes a pizza lunch on Saturday. Anyway, hope to see folks there. https://annihilationtheweekender.splashthat.com
  12. You need a spirit seer, or more, for guided wraith sight. A wave serpent transport would be useful. And finally, a hemlock.
  13. Registration is now open for Annihilation: The Weekender a two-day five round grand tournament of 40k March 10th and 11th at Guardian Games, in Portand, Oregon. This event emphasizes fun, and will run randomly drawn Open War card missions. Soft scores for painting will factor into the grand prize for best overall. A pizza lunch on Saturday is included in the ticket cost. A significant portion of the ticket proceeds go to charity. Space is limited to 30 players, and will fill up quickly. Details can found at: https://annihilationtheweekender.splashthat.com
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