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  1. Since this is the weekend of boise cup, I won't be able to go, but still want to be able to participate. Suggest a paypal me link or something similar so people can send more cash.
  2. Lurv them! The white is creepy and top notch!
  3. Mary Poppins Returns - 2/10 No thanks. Went to appease the wife and wanted to die multiple times in viewing. By the end I was trying to keep my spirits up but knew I could only last 1 or 2 more songs. I was hoping the songs would end so I could get to the story parts, kinda opposite of what its intended to be. I have no plans to watch it again, even for the children. They can go to the other room and watch on a laptop with headphones...
  4. @paxmiles If someone is being rude and using the players packet against you, that is a violation in and of itself. The removing models is intended for the person owning the player to remove the models, not their oppoent. If you have say, a guardsmen being shot at by a full unit of whatever, you can take the model off without rolling saves. But if you feel you have a chance, you as the controlling player can ask for it to be rolled out. Sorry you feel that way about the ITC. I personally enjoy the format and find you will find jerks in whatever format you play in. I've played them in friendly settings and in tournament settings.
  5. Also it should be noted that if a player is abusing the code of conduct for their advantage, that is itself a violation. The idea of the code of conduct is to help players know how they should treat each others, like"Norms" for meetings, it is more for the people that are abusers of the game, and not for the everyday joe. But the everyday Joe can learn things from the document like playing faster and speaking their intention about rolls and such.
  6. You got any pics of what that looks like post spray? Interested. Finished pieces would work.
  7. I'd look at putting a thunder hammer/storm shield on the watch captain. Makes him much more surviveable.
  8. This isn't really true. Each ITC event can do whatever they want, just need to have a winner of some sort. TO's don't need to use itc missions and can construct it pretty how they want. Now, many will do what FLG does for BAO, SoCal, and LVO, but that isn't the case in every situation as Nova, Adepticon, Renegade, and many more do their own thing and still classified as an ITC event. There is a min point cap at 1000 and scoring, but that is about it.
  9. Picked up that set and want to make a Kill Team table out of it. Thanks for the link. I'm always looking for good stl files for terrain that are unique. I love www.imperialterrain.com. Yeah, I know its star wars, but it works well for 40k!
  10. Da Fluger! RIsing from the ashes on a wave of green bodies. Da Fluger Charging your faces with waaging boyz. Da Fluger, Da Fluger, Da FLUGER! Good to see you back in the ork saddle.
  11. If I had to suggest to someone I'd say look at the Prusa MK3 (not a clone, but rather from Prusa). They have great reviews and are pushing the envelope in 3d printing. I've also heard great things about the Ender, and building it could be a great way to learn it and fix it if there is issues.
  12. I just loaded it into my program Cura and as is with no scaling it was at 410 grams with a 20% infill. With the filament I use it would cost me about 6.15 in filament. My experience with places like 3dhubs is that you would pay about $60 for it. A couple of those arms barely fit on my printer so it might have to be sliced further for another printer.
  13. All of the tan ones were printed on the Form 2. It is a resin printer. Don't know about the tires.
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