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  1. A very confident Astra Militarum player let me know I was going to lose today. He got the pointy Hammer and Anvil deployment. Sneaky sneakyness in his list. Relic battle cannon, Emperors wrath artillery and he took assassins to sneak around me, scions to descend and whallop me, troops to shield and to gank objectives. He had the assassin shenanigan that drain your cp. It was pretty good at doing it too. And all we had were pretty faces.
  2. Alan Bajramovic list! 20th overall and just missed the finals because of a 26-27 loss to the guy who took 13th.
  3. Sisters of Bsttle in the top 20 of LVO? Yes they are!!! But why is Kyle Thomsen listed as Sororitas. His list isnt? Oslind Meloche got to 108 with them using an ultra dakka list:
  4. Took my first loss today. Reeeeeeally long game. Cat and mouse for the first 4 turns. Epic chess match but in the end it was a loss for the Sisters of Battle finally. Had to happen eventually. Terrain played really big, and my choice of objectives forced me to be more aggressive than I really should have tried to be. Forgot rules a couple times which hurt also. Overall It was fun, even though a loss. Tough opponent.
  5. I listen to Robotech music in my head when playing Tau. Hehe. For reals. And out loud for that matter.
  6. Also here is the Eldar one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/630165180857945/
  7. There's the link for the pics of this game against mechanicus. Read the pics in order. captions added. https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/630944404113356/
  8. Faced off against Mechanicus. Also more detail. Read the pics in order. https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/630944404113356/
  9. Remembered my Arco Flagellents this time! Lot of armor in this game. Lot of heavy lifting to do but we got it done. EDIT: More complete re-telling with many more pics! Read the pics in order like a story book. https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/630165180857945/
  10. Got a game in against Red Corsairs. Fast damn army. Did NOT help that I forget my Arcos and Missionary at home for the 4th game in a row. Said F it, and played anyways. Still managed to kill everything except 1 Havoc trapped in melee with me, one Terminator who laughed at my exorcist fire for two straight rounds, and just 1 poxwalker. Red Corsair speed allowed him to put up a hell of a fight though.
  11. Three games in today. More detailed reports to come.
  12. Sounds good. I haven't had occasion to use that Stratagem at all, oddly. It's just been a competing priority between wanting to do something else with my Die, and the importance or potential impact of the failed save we were worrying about. I can see how that would really help a mechanized force stay upright though. I do like that idea!
  13. Celestine got my lucky 6 to advance. Average roll is still better than the set 3. She locked up a rhino and Daredeo so that was huge utility. She's kinda a no brainer for it. Actually you could go crazy and add TWO with the Stratagem in turn one if you have Beacon of Hope. In round 1 my Retributors are using it to wound twice. With re-roll on damage, I'm willing to take that chance but I wanna wound. Did 20 wounds that way. Awesome. Enough to kill a plague crawler in one go. Whuuuut. Not easy to do. You cannot use Miracle Dice for number of shots btw. Nat leeeegal. Charging is the only time you really get to use two MD at one time. Rules. But two separate rolls are possible with Simulacrum. Advancing seeems like it will be a really useful thing to use Miracle dice for. I did that also. Love getting into juice range w them multimeltas!!! Early on, but... that's what I'm doing.
  14. Just finished my second game with the Sisters. fought Papa Nurgle. I absorbed his worst in a serious way. It was great! Retributors did 20 wounds to a Plagueburst Crawler. Kaboom, Super sweet. They were GOING to wreck a Daemon Prince as well but he conceded. Dominion powered through some Terminators who dropped in my backfield. did 7 wounds to them, and they only saved 2. So down went 5 Terminators, plus another to the bolter fire and Grenade.Failed Morale. Poof. Celestine died after failing to kill a Rhino (she jumped 18" as in last game and charged it, then locked up his Deredeo Dreadnought), but then butchered his backfield Chaos Marines and took the bonus point the rest of the game. Sisters of Battle pressed forward, ever forward and weathered a storm of fire, taking a pretty fair number of losses but once in position, his aggression turned to horror as the fusilade of Meltaguns and Bolters backed by Mircale dice crumpled his Nurgle Marines. Exorcists just about killed the Daredeo in two volleys, and then they blasted the last Plague Crawler in the following round. One got eaten by the Daemon Prince but two was enough, as with the Stratagem I totaled 16 shots. Arco-Flagellents for once were left with nothing to do until the Obliterators showed up. Then they rushed out into the open in their underwear. The Obliterators were kinda forced to try killing the last two Exorcists, and hope the Arcos couldn't reach them after that but... they could. 54 attacks later, there were no Obliterators. Really, it was Hammer and Anvil Deployment (bad), but with Sisters going first (good). There just was almost nothing left after 3 rounds. Round 4 would have been a tabling.
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