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  1. I like historical games. FOW is cheap as hell comparatively, played a fair amount like 5E, and is absolutely conducive to competition. I have been a competitive player for FOW for a fair while and it's pretty great. Scale makes way more sense also, not that I myself care overly about that, but it is true. Games Workshop is a money makin' machine. They've been doing an extraordinary job in comparison to their past behavior and while I can find no fault in people griping about prices, I dont really see trying to justify hobbie and. Lol. They are over priced almost by definition.
  2. GW has balls the size of Mount St. Helens though. Just look at how they laughably tell you that: The rules presented here are designed to be definitive, and will only be updated when we change the core mechanics of the game. This means that Legends units are not designed for matched play (as they won’t, for example, have regular points updates)....we’ll update this page to make sure that from here on out, all the models in your collection can always be used with the current ruleset. I mean the guy who had to write that probably found the nearest bridge afterwards and used it for swan dive practice. His shame is greatest on that day. THE WORST will be when a bunch of GW apologists start defending the decision instead of lambasting them for not just putting a damn option or two in the codex. I mean...would the ink cost have really killed them? Ugh.
  3. Cool they give you a card for "Prepared Positions" stratagem in the pack of cards.
  4. Oh and check this out. You can make an entire Angel army because Zephyrim are Elites! That is boss. 60 Angels just bee-bopping around the field cause they do what they want. Aesthetically killer. Throw Celestine and like I don't know... other stuff with wings. Junith Eruita maybe just for the sheer awesome look of it... They'd be Order of the Martyr'd Lady. Havent looked to see how optimal it is...But I have looked up how AWESOME it would look! And guess what? It's REALLY AWESOME on the Awesom-o-meter.
  5. Mortifiers... Doing 75 STR 6, -2 AP attacks oooor 25 STR 8, -3 2D. PLus they can make their Heavy Bolters Assault 3 Or Heavy Flamers Pistols (must decide in the shooting phase). I mean... That is just sweet. Only 5 wounds each, so they are noooooo Dreadnoughts. But my God... 280 points seems worth it to me for 5 dudes, Thoughts? Its insane. They can advance. They can then charge using the Holy Rage Stratagem. So... That's...real good. They could probably make the vaunted turn one charge if they MIRACULOUSLY get a 6 on their Advance. 9+6+7 (average charge roll without command Point re-roll) = 23" charge on average... That will do some serious damage to enemy hope levels. Man...I love that. That puts the fear of the Emperor in you. And wouldn't it be a miracle if they made that charge...
  6. I am thumbing thoough this codex and it is so cool. I cannto beleive I am holdign a REAL LIVE CODEX FOR ACTUAL SISTERS OF BATTLE!!!
  7. Another fun battle report with pics. Read along. https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/584798665394597/
  8. yeah time will totes be an issue if we do that many points. We tried it last year and came to that conclusion in test games if I recall?
  9. same timeframe for me but I think the scale has been debatable throughout the time I have played (15 years)
  10. Yes. The Banner was suggested by several people. You lose two assassins doing it though, or you lose the Dreadnought. Probably cool, but not that cool. 😃 Those represent everything that has range in my list!
  11. People spend way too much time worrying about that garbage. But sure. Lol. You're not wrong.
  12. TO's can allow them however.
  13. Yeah all I did was pull a Purgation squad out for the Assassins. My range just sucks. Needed something to force the action towards me. They don't do a lot of damage to most units but they are good at what they ARE designed to do.
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