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  1. This is happening June 29. Date is confirmed with the Game Matrix. Deets to follow
  2. The Game Matrix, whose owner is also suffering from cancer, agreed to let us use his place. Same place we have the Ambassadorial Grand Tournament.
  3. Update: venue is secured. next step is to check in with other events and make sure we get a date that works. Anyone wanna spit ball some cool names for this event?
  4. I took Sisters of Battle to a tournament in Renton. Had to go about an hour to get there but that's cool. No biggee. I went second in every match. I voluntarily went second in game 3. Celestine stood with her army all of the time it took the enemy to shoot me round 1, and then she was off and running. No castling with her, I stuck her out there to scope me points. In round one it was Adeptus Mechanicus. Quite the striking army. It had a Knight of course and the big unit of strider walker things, and Duncrawlers, all with some form of accuracy coolness. Damn DuneCrawlers are quite tough. He deployed first and went first. I counter deployed very well I thought, and once the hugs were in full effect, and his shooting shut down we moved in ofr the kill. I never killed that Knight but I did wipe out most of the army and had board control. 36-11 victory. IN the second round I played against Astra Militarum with the buffed out Bullgryns, the usual Mortar spam, Vigilus Artillery Detachment, Straken, Priest and so on. It was unusual in that it didn't have a Knight in it, but did have a really mean pair of command tanks, one of which plagued me for a good part of the game with its punishers wailing away on me. His smash Captains were nigh unkillable. I tried but they just tied me up something fierce. However between the Seraphim dropping in and really wreaking havoc in the backfield., and the absolutely frightening Arco-Flagellents who powned everything they touched, I have to say, it was a pretty fun game that felt grindy at first,but we prevailed 36-17 or something close to that. Third game was against Space Wolves. The Wulfen and Thundercavalry were real. Herald Deathwolf and the Wulfen appeared on my right, the other wulfen to my left and the Thundercavalry up the middle with Bloodclaws in hot pursuit. There was no escaping the encirclement forever, but I did a LOT of advancing away from the Wulfen on one side while trying to beat them up on the other and boy do those guys take it like champs. The Blood Claws were equally effective, smashing into me where they could and rending me to pieces with their highly accurate and numerous attacks. Savage if not sturdy, but they held their own quite well. The Faithful 32 rained mortars on my head every round and had some truly fantastic efforts. She hit me with like 24 Mortars in one round once. Yeesh. Tough battle. I took it 24-21. Sisters of Battle took the tournament, 1st place.
  5. Wow, OK... That's pretty heavy. I'll run a fund raising tournament. Starting on that now.
  6. Ynnari were just so unfun to play against. Blech. I'm happy that it's come to earth. I actually kind of want to fight one now and see what it's like.
  7. Sounds like that ride situation might be happening for you on this one.
  8. I think I just said they nerf'd and didnt ban wpamming...
  9. soooo many ingrained abilities became Stratagems in some ways TO make sure they didn't do them all game long across multiple units (or at least it made it less likely) so in some ways the Strats actually accomplished the underlying mission. EDIT: this same mechanism made spamming units a LOT less prevalent. Some units are still broken enough that you spam them. but other than troops choices, spamming has largely not been a thing which I like. Variety is the spice of life and the more units being used, the better.
  10. ITC Mission 4. I deployed first and had choice of going first. Map 1 (pointy Hammer and Anvil) Enemy was two large wulfen units and a biker unit with maxed out stormshields. Faithful 32. Castellan. Wolf Lord with a Jumppack and the Special Edition Marine (first time ever fighting him). 1 He seized. As you can imagine, that wasn't good. He managed to shoot me up but range kept his Castellan from completing his kill on an Exorcist. But ti did allow him a turn one charge with Wulfen. Faithful 32 ran towards objectives. Celestine and the Canoness joined in the fight as heroic interventions but: Storm Shields. On my turn Celestine and the Canoness continued to battle the Wulfen while the rest of my army retreated backwards and fired what few shots they could. Ultimately they killed a unit of IG on an objective but he still held more and my Canoness went down in melee, so a wash on that end. Still, not good for us. 2 The Castellan blew up my central Exorcist and chipped away at Pink and Green Squad, killing numerous, while the Wulfen closed in on my left flank where IG were babysitting an objective. The Wulfen engaged with Celestine bashed at her but couldn’t kill her. The Wolf Warlord jumped up and joined in the fight on her as well. The slow solo marine just kept trudging along upfrield. The bikers unloaded on Red squad on my left, killing several. On my turn Celestine flew the coop and alighted where the Wulfen and IG were on the left flank to slow them down. I hoped to draw the Castellans fire onto her and we even agreed that she was the closest target. His plan would then be to shoot her, kill her, have her resurrect and then charge her dead withWulfen. Celestine leaving the combat allowed a bolter storm to kill all but two of the Wulfen and wound the warlord who had joined them. The Arco-Flagellents then jumped forward and charged. The Pink Squad leaped forward and charged through all of it and into the bikers to stop their shooting. While the damage done here was REALLY disappointing and unlikely (he really rolled like a champ the entire game, and I really didn’t), the entire right flank was pretty well protected against shooting for the round. A Seraphim squad alighted to the left and tried to burninate the IG on the objective but did almost no damage. 3 Somehow he forgot his plan and didn’t shoot Celestine, instead firing the Castellan on the Exorcist (killed it), the Seraphim (killed them) and shooting some at Red Squad leaving only 2 Meltagun ladies left in Red Squad. This left his Wulfen on the left to deal with me and after the IG there shot her, the Wulfen piled on her and devoured her. She rose again! The Bikes and wulfen to my left decided to continue battering Pink Squad and the Warlord wiped two Arco-Flagellents, leaving 2. On my turn we pulled out of combat with the Bikes and the Wulfen and the Warlord. Bolter fire ensured and the remainder of Red Squad avenged themselves, killing the Warlord while the Wulfen were smashed with Bolter fire but still one stood. Arco-flagellents took cover in a nearby ruin. His insane saves continued. You’d have thought that 3+ saves were the new black honestly. Two Seraphim squads alighted near the enemy deployment zone in a ruin and out of sight of the Castellan they were dangerously near. St. Celestine flew over to help with the ongoing combat to my left but ended up with nothing really to do as the targets she could reach had been mostly removed and it was just a charge too far. 4 The last Wulfen made a dash for Purple squad at the rear, my Engineers. The wulfen o nthe right surged forward and killed the two Dialogus in the open. Celestine was left wideopen by the failed charge and obliterated by the Castellan along with the Exorcist on my left taking wounds. It was on its own over there with an Arco Flagellent now. The Bikers opened fire and Red Squad disappeared. Green Squad joined them. Yellow Squad got the rest of the Castellans attention as well, bringing it low but not gone. What was left of my army opened fired on the Wulfen coming at them on the right side (now central) and did considerable damage. Not enough, but it stung him. Both Seraphim leaped over to take shots on the IG on the rightmost objective and when that failed to kill them (again…the dice were just…) they charged and assaulted the IG. Only 4 survived with their Company Commander and they killed a Seraphim each. Of course. 5 The lone wulfen remaining from the tattered squad ran to get ready for a charge on Purple Squad (again my engineers back there) and the other larger squad slammed into Uriah Jacobus and the Mistress of Repentance my Warlord. They held their own but took wounds. The bikers again rained shots on the Teal Squad that had shot up their wulfen buddies. The Castellan finished the remains of the yellow squad, crippled the Exorcist which somehow still lived, and crippled Teal Squad. The Seraphim continued their battle against the IG on the right objective and killed all but one IG, and wounded the Company commander. We lost two Seraphim for our efforts. Lord have mercy…but he didn’t. On my turn, the Seraphim finally waxed the last IG, giving them control of the objective. The Company Commander remained but now it was just a matter of time. The butchered Teal Squad took one more swipe at the last Wulfen but couldn’t kill it. The Exorcist moved and tried to charge the IG on the left most objective in a comical effort to do something cool before the end. Purple squad did nothing and were good little Engineers, scoring me a point. The Arco Flagellent…I just forgot he was there or he could have charged with the Exorcist to glory. 6 The Castellan bellowed in mild annoyance and then deleted everything but the Seraphim, and the Bikers deleted what it didn’t. Remaining were the Arco-Flagellent in hiding, the Serpahim on the right side battling it out with the Company Commander, and a couple members of Teal Squad standing defiantly. The Seraphim broke off to linebreak while the other squad stayed to fight for Last Blood…but the dice again were not in our favor and the Company Commander lived. Final score; 34-18 Forces of the Imperium. The list is 14-2. Still pretty good. I need to think about this Castellan encounter a little. The Seraphim are there with flamer pistols but they aren't producing a lot of results. Admittedly poor rolling contributes to that, but it is still a concern and wounding on 5's makes them iffy. They are primarily in the list for dealing with Gretchen chaff to open up a way to get at Lootaz or to take objectives, or linebreak etc... But I may have to just give them a bigger stinger and let them carry the Meltapistols again. Doing that requires a much more circumspect approach to deep striking them but it may help augment the Exorcists efforts. In this game I didn't really shoot at the Castellan. But degrading it would have helped. Unfortunately the seizing and then turn one charge did tie my hands a bit. using Celestine to slow the advance of his Wulfen was important and it worked, which allowed me more fire to pour into his impossible to kill stuff. But at the end of the day I think I would consdier just focusing down the Castellan to degrade it. Exorcists are very unreliable and 4+ invul is what it had so it was debatable whether I could have one enough in time but I suppose it wouldn't have hurt. Multiwound 3+ invuls on Wulfen in your face ooooor... T8 4+ invul downfield? No great choices.
  11. 13 of 16 filled and lots of time left. Should be fun.
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