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  1. Well, that was as always a lot of fun. Glad we had the strong turnout.
  2. I got the terrain you need. 🙂
  3. Crap, lists are due tomorrow! Im wotking it now
  4. it literally had to do with time. Not money.
  5. Please add me to the Axis. Purchased my ticket. I'm super far behind on the game due to COVID, have to figure out which books I have. Hehehe. Name, avatar, nationality, first formation, list submitted (yes/no), list approved (yes/no), bringing terrain? Josef McCoy/Lord Hanaur/German/?/No list/No approval/Terrain: if you need
  6. Time. When you simply have no job to be at, the time it takes to not just remove and replace but also redo all that basing MAY not be as irksome. I don't think it was a complicated sentiment. Time is a commodity like all others.
  7. Just found out I can get the time off to attend all of Enfilade.
  8. They've said the base it comes with. I don't understand this FEVERED need for conformity on base sizes, since the base sizes are as disadvantaged as anything when you don't change them. Hell the penitent engine base GOT smaller! LATERAL movement is increased with a larger base, and the radius of abilities is too. So if you keep a smaller base, you're somewhat nerfing yourself. the models are LOS... so even if I put one on a larger base, the literal only time the base matters for LOS is dense cover! No other time is LOS affected by the base. In close combat, you can only fight in two ranks basically so... At the end of the day the hoopla over this is just irksome to those who have large collections and dont live off Public assistance and actually have lives to get to. Ugh. This weekend I asked the TO permission ahead of time to use my models and he said yes, but then he wanted to take issue with it AT the event and denied allowing it. Lol. I am really quite done with the base thing. I threw 32mm washes under my bases and called it a day to preserve the basing work I had done before and that took a lot of time I really didn't want to spend either; but at least the slotta base metal didnt get all torn up and ruined.
  9. My last game was against a T'au Empire list that had torn through its opponents. It used tons of AP and a whole lot of shots, many of which needed no line of sight so I decided to blast forward and get in close as fast as my legs would pedal. Terrain made it possible for both of us to take and score some really nice objectives rather safely. A rarity but it just happened to be the case. I knew that also meant I had to get aggressive in order to stop him rapidly scoring them. I split myself into essentially two forces and had to attack both sides to take maximum advabtage and this meant that when his Crisis teams showed up, i would be exposed behind me. A chance worth taking. Started the game off right by launching Celestine into him, and having her get overwathed to death and then failing her roll to ressurrect. One Broadside did that to her. Oofta. Nonetheless I went hard and fast and gave up shooting where I had to in order to gulp.up those points or set myself up the next turn to do more. I got my entire right side pretty well annihilated by crisis teams w missile launchers. The awesome new toys T'au got in Psychic Awakening make them frighteningly effective with those missiles. But by the time he had killed most of that side I was into his lines; and trying madly to kill the Crisis Teams with Exorcists who just flat couldnt get past his drones. Problem was they were trailing me and not able to get to the other half of my forces, who then crushed his deployment zone. Sisters Victory 96-53 thanks to a heavy footed early lead and him kinda being trapped in his zone an dunable to get to objectives here again until it was too late.
  10. My second game was against a player who has a big problem with me. Most people know it and we ended up with a lot of people hovering near our table to watch. So the intensity was very high. I taught him 40K for a long time but you know how those stories go sometimes. He wins most of his games and he plays high powered lists. This was no exception. He brought his A game.and had his bad guys streaking across the board in record time. I managed to strand Drazhar and his other Incubi and managed to inflict damage on his bikers turn one but even on foot those fienxs are as fast as lightning gets. He could literally reach everything he wanted but my invuls allowed me to survive it long enough to counterpunch before he would again engulf me in close combat. I dominated the objectives even despite going first which opened up a big marginfor me but he steadily clawed at it. Moment of Grace was an incredibly key stratagem for me in this game and I'll miss it dearly in the new codex. Nonetheless I was able to more than hold the line and in the end he simply didnt have enough left to recover. Sisters victory 76-51
  11. Well another tournament in the books. The last I will ever play with this Codex so I thought I'd report on it. First list was Forgeworld tastic. Fun fact: Relic redemptors are CORE. WTF. So when I saw his build and looked at my list of 75 sisters plus two tanks...then looked at his list again... I was concerned. With various craziness it could "fire base" me, chucking 48 shots (reroling hits and failed to wound since it wounds me on 2's) and that my friends is before you count the mortal wounds it does on 6's. I used Strategic Reserves and hid a seraphim squad and two Sisters Squads to try and se if I could gank some of them before they could do damage and was shocked when he decided to split his robots up because terrain allowed him to hide them all more or less turn one but not if he clumped them. This stroke of luck allowed me to use the center terrain to maximum advantage, attacking only the robots I could kill and revealing myself to just one side or the other of the battlefield. I uh... completely forgot my reserves. They all died in reserve. Yup. 460 points of them. I am literally known for doing this. Ive reported it here many times in an effort to shame myself out of doing it. Yet again I did it. This badly limited my points in the late going but despite my enormous gaffe, I was able to basically kill his list. He had just his Marneus w 4 wounds left on the board when it was all said and done and I feel like he simply was never able to get to anything in order to score. 90-14.
  12. Well the end of an era is upon me once more as the new codex becomes available very soon. Played a game against some Forge World Decimators. They used 2 of the awesome Drop pods that can eat you, and the crazy mortal wound pumping robots of Chaos, Decimators. He essentially took three of them and buffed them. they could delete entire squads if they got within 24". Round 1, i managed to hit nothing but got to objectives and spread out to ready for his ineitable deep strike. Deep Strike he did in the middle of the board and in my backfield, disgorging Berzerkers. Both Berzerker squads missed their charges even on re-roll's and the pods did also. In my round 2, I deleted the interlopers and crippled one of his super Chaos=Robots but didnt finish it. He responded and I got my first taste of what those things can do. They dont even roll to wound. they just vomit mortal wounds at you in droves. Insane. His Bloodletters dropped in from reserve and charged successfully, devouring some Dominion and my main objectives Sisters Squad, leaving him in charge of it and scoring him some points (It was mission 33). Having forgotten my reserves in round 2, I brought them in round 3 and managed with combined arms and charges to kill both Blood Letter units. He was out of points to interrupt the combat so I was free to swing away. His last Bloodletter rolled and failed morale. At this stage it was clean up time. he took a shot at my Exorcist with his mortal wound stuff and his Damon Prince came out to play, but it failed its charge and I cleaned the board including his Dark Mechanicus Lord Discordant, leaving him just one crippled Robot and his Slaaneshi character that had been psyker buffing them. Nothing else survived the field of battle. 92-62 Sisters of Battle victory. His feeling and i kind of agree, was that when he didn't land his charges in round one, it was game over for him. I had made the mistake of leaving my flank and main objective open to him. One question that came up was whether he could actually GO 16". He had a 3d6 charge from a Stratagem or something at the beginning of the game and used it. But I was under the impression that even if he rolled over 12", he couldn't actually go more than 12". I thought this was the case because they even say in the Craftworlds Phoenix Rising book that the Banshees can get +3" on a charge and actually go 15". But looking at it, it appears that you can go as far as the dice tell you to.
  13. Okay have another battle report with captions. Twas against two bird daemons (Tzeentch be damned...literally), a daemon prince and their minions. Burn the heretics. https://www.facebook.com/groups/185402052000929/permalink/952400891967704/
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