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  1. eldar have lived a very long time in the sun. Lol.
  2. smaller boards dont add options. they just make melee good
  3. um... I mean I am sort of ambivalent. There arent many instances you have larger than 30. Orks is the only one I can think of that can get to.40. But MSU was kind of a thing 5th-7th. even somewhat in 8th. so. i dunno if this is THAT big a deal. Could even help certain armies. my orks can really explode if I lose more than 13 orks. if I lose 17, and I will, this might be less punitive!
  4. this coherency rule seems to be necessitated by the smaller board.
  5. Long live the Ecclesiarchy!
  6. So. The Sisters of Battle, which as you all know are the consistently most awesome and inarguably righte and good choice, as far as armies go, have once again been chosen to deliver unto you the Imperial Truth in this article. And you're welcome.
  7. No one is "forgetting" anything. Change comes hard for most players and gamers are some of the worst when it comes to it so they are giving you bite sized chunks to mull over, knowing that if they dumped it all at once it would meet coodinated resistence and so they are splitting up th news into parcels we can slowlt start to assimilate
  8. looks kinda like a german 88 shield
  9. trees may not have this rule. we'll see.
  10. So liekthe old days. You can fire into or out of it but not THORUGH it. Cool.
  11. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh. The Ambassadorial Grand Tournament? See what you did there. Allow me to retort! We only worry about the opinions of people who go. If any of the attendees had complained, it might be a debate? 😃 Kinda like people who live in Paraguay who don't like Americans. I mean: who cares. Lol. We're still having a good time, whether the people in Paraguay are or not. But it's just a plane ticket away to join the fun for a couple days... but America isn't for everyone. Tis true. Tis true. I accept that. So get that ticket next time. Its oh so much fun and the prize support is just so enormous for a GT. My guess, as it has been every year:, is that you own other armies. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't think I am. See you there! Also: #Knightarmiesmatter
  12. Yeah. That was a weird question. hehehe.
  13. I think so. Why would they not be?
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