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  1. Um, I am super interested in Conan! I have the book in hard copy and a few supplements in pdf - I would VERY much love to run or play Conan. That system seems great, especially the doom/momentum mechanic, and I love sword and sorcery. Maybe we try to drum up a game when the world gets more normal again, yeah?
  2. You won't find this pack of a-holes in BECMI!
  3. I'm sure part of my Moldvay preference is nostalgia - it's the edition I started with when I got it for Christmas one year, and it's always been my fave. It also feels like the last kinda "gonzo" D&D to me - the following Mentzer edition and then Rules Cyclopedia felt more codified, sanitized, and hewing more toward a firmer European medieval vibe. I like the looser, weirder Moldvay. I really like Moldvay art better, too - gimme Otus and Willingham any day over Easley and Elmore any day!
  4. If folks are interested at all in Moldvay-era Basic D&D (and they certainly SHOULD be), Necrotic Gnome has launched a new KS bundling their excellent reorganizing of those rules with some Basicified versions of AD&D material. Ch-ch-check it out!
  5. Every party needs a doughty dwarf!
  6. I'm getting the nostalgia itch and thinking of running some old-school B/X D&D once the world gets closer to normal. Would anyone be interested in this? It would realistically probably not be until early 2021, but just kinda putting feelers out...
  7. That's fair and appreciated! I'm just here hoping the world gets safer sooner rather than later so I can push my toy soldiers around again in person sometime in the foreseeable future. 🙂
  8. Well, since there are vaccines for most viruses, including the flu, I'm optimistic. My wife and I are both immune compromised, so I'm playing it more cautious until SOMETHING changes substantially, at any rate. 🤷‍♂️
  9. I'm probably not in for this one, but if another league happens post-vaccine, I'm all in with some luscious Slaanesh-flavored Chaos.
  10. They are getting DRAGGED for it on FB, too. And apparently they screwed stores on the amount of box sets they could get. I'm running over to Guardian at noon to order the core book and Chapter Approved - I'm assuming those will be easier to get, at least. 🤞
  11. Prices confirmed for the 40k launch: https://spikeybits.com/2020/07/indomitus-box-set-9th-edition-40k-pricing-confirmed.html
  12. Ooh - Indomitus preorder on 7/11, in stores on 7/25! Still no official word on price, though. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/07/01/indomitus-pre-order-date-revealed/
  13. I remember those! But they weren't a thing that GW produced - they were converted toys that someone did for a big genestealer cult article/army list in WD waaay back in the day.
  14. A 40K renegade with (before it broke off and I lost it) a missile launcher. I would've bought him at Comic Book World in Florence, KY - I guess it would've been around 1988 or so? He's been waiting for me to finish painting him for 30+ years - sorry, pal!
  15. It looks like the new edition of Frostgrave is due in July, assuming we aren't all dead by then. Anyone looking to start in on it with the new edition, perhaps even a campaign starting up?
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