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  1. @savion47 we are up. I'll be out of town next Tuesday onward, so if we can play this weekend that would be best. I can accommodate whatever time works.
  2. That's awesome! Glad you got something useful out of that game. It was actually a fun game, especially that scrum in the second half. Cheers
  3. Tomorrow about 10 would be good for me. If not that then we could do Monday morning.
  4. @SigurdBC i'm pretty open schedule, would be easy to play this weekend.
  5. I'm interested in the marines and rules. Can split a box with someone or just get in touch to work out if you have extras.
  6. I work in the game industry and I can say that 90% of decisions related to size and materials are based on: 1. What did we do before? 2. Is there a standard size for production? 3. Premium shelf space (box size) 4.. If we do something different then how much more will it cost. Ish is right that these table numbers are based on multiples of the killteam cardboard board, which is also a standard size paper for UK. I also think that players will keep playing in whatever they already have because players often use the same logic as above.
  7. There are some notification settings that you can adjust. For the game I can play this evening after 7. Shoot me a text when you are ready and I'll hop online then. 347-834-6864.
  8. @Spielmannsfluch we are up first. My orcs get another chance to keep your Dinos extinct. 😆 Let me know when you want to play.
  9. I'll pack em up. Shoot me a message and we can meet up.
  10. I have a small bag of these as well as the various chapter icon shoulder pads that go with them if you want.
  11. I'll play again with my orcs. Will be the first time I've played a team for three seasons.
  12. Unfortunately we have not enough people to play this. I'll try again at a later date. Thanks for all who wanted to participate. @michaels @Burk @Bosco @Weav @Frostitute @Maxwell Christian
  13. I'll be in. Still deciding on team
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