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  1. A place to schedule your games or tag people to reply for scheduling. Admin feel free to pin this if you wish. @MOONEY you and I are up first. Will you be available Tuesday at game night?
  2. I would enjoy some games. Campaign is nice but some one off gang builds are fun too
  3. I'll be there probably about 6.
  4. @Burk I'll drop out, not a problem. That should set up the divisions fine.
  5. Sure I'm down. Like my daddy always told me, "Second runner up is the sweet spot boy, nobody expects nothing from you."
  6. Congratulations to top teams and good luck on final games. Thanks @jollyorkfor your efforts in making this league happen. Appreciate your hard work and organizing. For future editions or alternative formats I definitely have some feedback and happy to chat about it.
  7. Team decision update. Playing Dorfs Coach Name: PajamaRed Team Name: Chunklove
  8. I'll play again. Team tbd, will add it soon
  9. Good thing my guys murder people otherwise I'd be upset at my losing streak.
  10. oh, I see. Yes don't let monkeys see the banana until you are ready to give them the banana. 😛
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