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  1. I should be available for this. What teams are there rules for in Blitz Bowl?
  2. I'll be there for some kill team with some mahreens.
  3. tonight will be great. I'll log on a little before 9
  4. Yup 8 or 9 works great for me. Let's try for Wednesday or Thursday next week?
  5. Yes @Burk, yes... I can feel your hate... Give in to your anger and strike me down! Who is DBX scumdogs? I'll be available Wednesday, AFTER Human League victory!
  6. I'm good after winning Human League
  7. I was not able to commit for Steve's league request but I could do an Ordo league after Human league is over.
  8. I'll be there with Underworlds, Killteam, and some hobby project probably.
  9. https://www.pcgamer.com/amp/blood-bowl-3-is-coming-next-year/ Apparently BB3 is in the works for release next year. Strangely the article references that an a rerelease of the boardgame with updated rules is also in the works. Not sure if PC Gamer source may just be confusing a supplement like deathzone or if they intend to make a new box set. ?
  10. I'm planning to be there with some Warhammer Underworlds and miscellaneous other game stuff
  11. I have these as well and they are great. Happy to try some Gaslands as I got excited about in the past and never got around to playing it.
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