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  1. For new players and old players that need a refresher, like me, I recommend Wahoo Warrior's YouTube channel. He has a basic how to play playlist and tons of Bolt Action content. Also the On Tabletop guys have done some BA videos that are decent, though they do get some rules wrong on occasion.
  2. @savion47 tonight? I'm traveling next week so tonight and tomorrow are ok for me. After that will have to be next weekend.
  3. I'll be playing ze Germans. Still figuring out which platoon selection but I'm leaning towards 1944-45 Holding the West Wall because it includes all of the unit types that I am interested in. the Battle of France has better options for the models that I actually have already. 🙂 Dreams and reality, have to go with reality for now. Cheers
  4. @Burk My orcs are in the playoff competition now
  5. I have a decent amount of the original Deadlands Doomtown ccg if you are interested.
  6. Didn't see any requests so I have requested to join.
  7. @Frostitute Tuesday good for you to play our round 3 game?
  8. @Maxwell Christian Longshot question but would you be able to play our round 4 game today around 3pm at WoW?
  9. @Frostitute Not sure if you are back in town yet. Are you able to meet on Tuesday? maybe a bit early like 3pm (assuming someone may be able to open WoW by then)?
  10. If you are going to be there a little early, I may meet you there between 2 and 3. Have to drop my wife off at work a bit before that and no point in driving home just to turn around when I get there.
  11. What a silly game. Thanks
  12. I'll have to check my farmer's almanac.
  13. Yes. I'm terrible. I know. 7 pm Pacific, today, Saturday October 5th, 2019.
  14. Let's try for tomorrow
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