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  1. I'm a maybe. Not a huge fan of the old sevens rules and haven't read the new official version yet. Count me in for something casual, willing to hear more about it.
  2. @michaels Hey can play tomorrow at 3 or 4 pacific. Or anytime Tuesday. After that would be in afternoon/early evenings the rest of the week.
  3. Remind me next time that Elves are not my team. Any elf, don't care, not me. I can try but they ultimately crumble, every single time. Here have an injury, here roll a 1 on the first roll of your turn, just need to do that one thing here have an injury.
  4. Saturday about 3 would be just fine for me. Cheers
  5. @SigurdBC hiya, we are up this round. My midday and early evening are best. I need to be finished by 8pm though. Want to try for Saturday or Sunday?
  6. Wondering how some old teams are playing in Second Season rules? Were they updated somewhere?
  7. I already have another game around that time today. I can do tomorrow at noon.
  8. @Rhuell hey bud, we are up this time. I'm free most day from 12-6pm, latest I can start a game is 6pm. Mondays and Tuesdays I am off work and can play at different times. Let me know what works for you. Cheers
  9. Either day works so long as we are finished by 8.
  10. @Burk I'm able to play Monday or Tuesday all day. Otherwise afternoon and early evenings the rest of the week
  11. I'll be able to play if start time will noon or later. If not then I'll have to pass. Cheers
  12. Any block that player is involved in
  13. @Maxwell Christian we are up. I should have time Sunday and Monday. If not then shoot me when you can and we'll work it out later in the week. Cheers
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