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  1. Yams sounds like a @Bosco name. Is that right? What is your schedule like? I am pretty flexible
  2. I would definitely be up for playing more necromunda. Probably be able to play some enforcers in a month or so. Meanwhile still have the Goliaths and some Orlocks built
  3. Can we play our rounds happening in the same period in any order?
  4. Why I torture myself with this game, I will never know. I am in though note now that I have some vacation in October that I'll have to play around.
  5. Has anyone spoken with @kb10r recently? Wondering if he is still playing or just busy. ?
  6. What is the dilly yo?
  7. Thanks, I did because the car broke down about a mile from my house. Yay car problems!
  8. Hey, I'll have to cancel for Tuesday. My car died on the way home and am not sure what is wrong. Am pretty sure I won't make it Tuesday though. Sorry.
  9. Sounds good. See you then. Cheers
  10. @Frostitute you able to play on Sunday or wait until next Tuesday?
  11. If you have the board game Goa and could let me borrow it for a few days, I would be appreciate it a lot. And I could likely arrange for you receive a new revised edition that I will be helping to create.
  12. I have a new Chaos team built and started to paint. Will play them for both games.
  13. You ready to rumble?
  14. Same for me. Tonight or tomorrow evening would be easy for me.
  15. Do you mean two General skills or two regular skills?
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