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  1. Hey @Weav, put my ogres in. Though they will probably have a name change, the team is ready.
  2. I'm putting together some orks for a bloodbowl team and am in need on one Troll model. I am pretty flexible on which troll and condition, ideally would be a rock troll though.
  3. Posted a couple photos on Ordo facebook group. I always have a hard time posting photos on the forums.
  4. I picked up a few after trying them at the GW store. I think for specific things they will be great, namely skin and organics with lots of ridges/area for the contrast to do its thing. I highly recommend the medium because I think you get far more mileage from the paint by thinning it even a little. The really dark purple and dark blue are almost too dark straight out of the pot, but add a little medium (1:1) and they both give great results.
  5. Will be coming with Underworlds and Kill Team. Whoop whoop!
  6. I should be available for this. What teams are there rules for in Blitz Bowl?
  7. I'll be there for some kill team with some mahreens.
  8. tonight will be great. I'll log on a little before 9
  9. Yup 8 or 9 works great for me. Let's try for Wednesday or Thursday next week?
  10. Yes @Burk, yes... I can feel your hate... Give in to your anger and strike me down! Who is DBX scumdogs? I'll be available Wednesday, AFTER Human League victory!
  11. I'm good after winning Human League
  12. I was not able to commit for Steve's league request but I could do an Ordo league after Human league is over.
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