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  1. I'm home now, should be able to play about 7ish though
  2. @WestRider hiya, we are up this week. I'm free most evenings and occasionally early in the day. Let me know what works for you.
  3. thanks for the game. sorry for the murders
  4. Evenings should be ok with me. I think thursday would be best if you can swing that. Cheers
  5. Thanks again for organizing @Burk, keep up the good work!
  6. Yay! Fanatic got a skill, and it was a double. whoop whoop!
  7. @Burk thank you for organizing again. Team name: What the devil!?
  8. Decided to dash all hopes and play gobbos. New team is named, What the devil!?
  9. Thanks, I'm going to keep at it with what I have for now. I may take you up on that offer later though.
  10. I'll play, new team not sure what yet.
  11. Unfortunately I can't do that because they rise too high. On the plus side I found a large demo hammer at a garage sale and it seems to be working. It may take a while but thats ok with me. Cheers
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