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  1. @peter.cosgrove I'm available most evenings. Actually available all day today if you want. Feel free to text me at 347-834-6864 to schedule.
  2. K, I made a team, The Peppermint Paddies. @Burk
  3. I'm still in but will likely switch teams. Deciding today and will shoot you a message with choice
  4. @Burk do you have a start date in mind?
  5. If available I'd like to get the skaven minis.
  6. New team made. Coach name: pajamared Team name: Pretzelvania Wees Wurst
  7. I can was hoping bb3 would be out by now but I will play another season. Start a new team, I hear halflings are fun.
  8. As part of learning new rules and to see how this change really works I have been only been using random skills on my Black Orc team. So far it's a mixed bag. Black orcs are not great at earning SPPs so the lower amount needed has helped me get skills faster. The skills I got aren't the best but all but 1 were useful. Oddly the goblins were worse off than the orcs. I have one lucky gobbo that has two skills that pair well and several gobbos with less than desirable skills. I enjoy the random rolls and, as Burk mentioned, trying to make best use of what I got. I do wish that t
  9. Let's do Thursday evening, about 6?
  10. Most evenings are ok. Tomorrow I have some time during the day.
  11. Hi all, If you have any Ogre Blood Bowl team transfer sheets that you don't want then please let me know. I'll buy them as I want to get 4 or 5 of them. Cheers
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