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  1. Hi Zach, welcome to Ordo! We're happy to have you. If you use Discord we have a server there, let me know if you want a link. In the mean time, you will find a great A0S community around the area, with lots of activity at Guardian Games and Geeks and Gamers (Oregon City). We would also welcome a bigger AoS presence at the Ordo clubhouse. Please let me know if you need anything, I'm here to help.
  2. A few of us are showing up for aboard game named Cosmic Frog
  3. What a crappy draft! 🤬 Teclis’ulor Cancer selects: A1, Diving Tackle, #6 Wyldfin Chessurgrayce, +20K
  4. I may try and drop in for Blood Bowl Sevens if any league players want to show up
  5. I should be 2 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw and 22 lp
  6. P5 Cannoneer 8 Golagos of the Hunt +20,000
  7. @scotthartman@Maxwell Christian @Burk @savion47 @Amado @ninefinger
  8. Teclis’ulor Cancer loses to Rhaphen Pillagers 0-1 (1 league point) Teclis’ulor Cancer draws Death Bed Friendlies 1-1 (5 league points)
  9. Weav; OrdoBowlWeav; Tzeentchezee Titans; Chaos
  10. I'll be there for the Border Princes Bash league, hoping to get in three games
  11. THE PLACE Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs. Cost to play games is $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! As always, your first Game Night is FREE! THE GAMES If you're looking to game we will be here. Opting to lay low? Stay home and stay safe, we'll catch you next time. THE MISSION Games we play: All, with a focus on Warhammer 40k & AoS, Blood Bowl Sevens - Border Princes Bash league, Necromunda, War Cry, board games and more. While it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to pre-arrange a game before coming down. New players are always welcome, feel free to stop by and check it out. BUT WHAT ABOUT COVID-19? Masks are required for all non-vaccincated individuals; masks are encouraged for vaccinated people, but not required. Players are encouraged to spread out their games and avoid congestion. Do not attend game night if you experience any of the symptoms found here. GAME NIGHT EXPECTATIONS If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s taught us we don’t need more stress in our lives. As a result, Ordo is expecting an even greater level of friendliness and fellowship at Game Night than our normal high expectations. Please be aware that as always, the Czar has the ability to ask a player to leave if the Czar feels it necessary. Games are meant to be fun, so let’s have fun.
  12. If any key holders that are planning on attending tonight get there before me, please open up and turn on the AC units. I won't be able to leave Vancouver until 4/4:15p, and that means arriving right at 5p. It would be great if the AC could be pumping before people start showing up.
  13. I’m looking for multiple games of Blood Bowl Sevens for the Border Princes Bash. Who wants to play? @ROGRE?
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