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  1. Weav

    Upcoming tournaments

    Like Burk, I’m attending both Spike and Pow Town, and as a result, really can’t fit Amorical Cup in between them.
  2. For comparison, here is some of Gary's source art
  3. Hey all...for the upcoming Three-horn Cup 2020: The return of D.B. Swooper Blood Bowl tournament, Ordo Bowl commissioned the creation of a Nikk Three-horn bust. Nikk Three-horn is a famous Blood Bowl character, known for robbing the NAF (the fictional Blood Bowl version of the NFL) of its funds and causing its collapse. Games Workshop hasn’t done much with the character, so Ordo Bowl has partnered with Nikk to reintroduce him to the Blood Bowl world, after his many years of hiding. This bust was sculpted and fulfilled by Michael Holt, also known as GWRulz on Twitter. Nikk was designed by Gary Radziak, a well known Blood Bowl artist. I had a lot of fun painting this bust, as opposed to the normal Blood Bowl models I paint. I hope you like it!
  4. I enjoyed looking at the entries at LVO 2017 and 2018. I like the idea, and if someone doesn't want to enter an elaborate model that isn't part of their army, they don't have to enter.
  5. Both Nikk and D.B. have released their inducement lists:
  6. The next meeting of the Ordo Fanaticus Senate is scheduled for 11am, Saturday, February 29th 2019. Yes, this is Leap Day. The primary topics will be the beginning planning of the 2020 Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge, and upcoming leagues and events. We will also discuss existing and new business for the club. Afterwards, the club will be open for gaming! Come play! Anyone interested in the club and its workings are welcome and encouraged to attend!
  7. ATTN: all interested OBBL players! The 2020 OBBL league meeting and Human league draft will be at WOW on 3/14/2020, beginning at 11am. The first order of business is the discussion of Ordo Blood Bowl for the remainder of 2020, including The Human League and Premiership. Have an idea? Want to see some changes? Bring those ideas with you to the meeting. All ideas will be discussed by the coaches, and decided on by the commission that day. Secondly, if you are participating in The Human League, the draft will happen at 1pm on the same day. @Burk @Weav @kb10r @ninefinger @jollyork @Bosco @Ziggens @Zorcon @sbr @Frostitute @savion47 @scotthartman @sfoster @Maxwell Christian @MOONEY @peter.cosgrove @Blustorm @Brick Bungalow @Damien @Dark Trainer @drod @MexicanNinja @Norrad @Ogre Seth @ROGRE @Vraeden Anyone interested in the OBBL is welcome and encouraged to join the meeting.
  8. Weav

    Upcoming tournaments

    Sevens at the Seaside is a week from this Saturday in Everett, WA. I still am not 100% sure if I am going or not; anyone planning on it?
  9. Congratulations to @Burk and the Hochland Howlers, they are the 2019 OBBL Premiership champions. Burk is the first ever treble winner in the history of the OBBL, having won The Human League, Fanaticus Founders Cup, and OBBL Premiership championships in one year!
  10. I can play Sunday before 10:30, and between 1:30ish and 3:30ish. I can play anytime on Sat before 9:30 and after the senate meeting
  11. @scotthartman when you wanna play? I'm away from PC Tues-Thurs.
  12. The game has been pushed back due to schedules...grrr...
  13. Nine spots remain, I’d love to see more Canadians and Portland locals up there
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