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    Ordo BB2 OPEN Ladder

    Love your avatar, Daniel😂
  2. So far we have @Burk, @Frostitute, @Maxwell Christian, @scotthartman, @peter.cosgrove and me in the friendlies league. Please reach out to me or @Burk to help add your team.
  3. Yes, the two leagues do not mix. There is a friendlies tournament for each league.
  4. Wow...good thing we only experience Badly Hurts in the Friendlies Circuit, as Pete may have retired my team if not! 🥵
  5. Click on this link and please accept your invite: https://fumbbl.com/p/group?op=view&group=12570&p=teams
  6. The Friendlies Circuit is available to all OBBL Persistent League teams, except the first season of The Human League. As such, yes, all three teams can play in the Circuit. And there is little risk; the worst injury is a badly hurt!
  7. It took me a bit to compile everything, but the 2020 league manual has been posted to a pinned thread
  8. OBBL coaches, I am incredibly excited to introduce to you the 2020 OBBL Friendlies Circuit. Friendlies are not new to the OBBL, but this season will be different. In addition to playing friendlies in person, we have the ability to play our OBBL Persistent League teams using FUMBBL.com! Coaches will be allowed to play unlimited friendlies during the 2020 OBBL Persistent League. These matches do not count towards league points, but otherwise all results will be recorded (including injuries, star player points, winnings, spiraling expenses, etc…). The Human League teams are not eligible for the Friendlies Circuit, and are not allowed to play. Friendlies Circuit games do not count towards league points, but there is reason to play friendlies. Friendlies are great ways during the season to remove MNGs, and a great way to develop teams all season long. Coaches schedule their own friendly games through the season, using OrdoBowl.com. If the game is played in person, the coaches will record all game information as normal. If a game is played using FUMBBL, the coaches will use the FUMBBL web site to manage new advancements and to roll for fan factor and winnings. All coaches wanting to use FUMBBL to play friendlies will be made administrators/managers, and will be responsible for maintaining their own team. This maintenance includes both OrdoBowl.com and FUMBBL. The Friendlies Circuit has a few specific house-rules: MVP awards are available for 2020 friendlies, and operate per the Blood Bowl 2016 rules Special play cards are no longer mandatory for friendlies All Casualties inflicted in the Friendlies Circuit are considered Badly Hurt; do not roll on the casualty table In order to play using FUMBBL, your OBBL team must be made in the FUMBBL web site. Please click this link, and create a new team using the link on the upper-right, under the banner. You will need to name the team the same as your OBBL team, purchase all players and team goods, then let @Weav or @Burk know you're done. The admins will add your SPPs, skills, injuries and adjust your treasury. Once completed and audited, you will be sent an invite to finalize your entry in the Group. To accept, you must access the Group's Teams tab, and click the accept link. When playing a friendly online, you will record all results in OordoBowl.com as normal. If you play an in-person friendly, please notify @Weav or @Burk so that your FUMBBL team can be adjusted. The 2020 Friendlies Circuit winner is the coach and team that played the most friendly games between 3/1/2020 and the end of the 2020 Premiership. Glittering Prizes Friendlies Circuit winner: Three-horn Enterprises sponsorship The winner of the Friendlies Circuit may hire one player to their team totaling 100,000 gold crowns; all normal player build rules exist, and statistic increases may be purchased; the player is set to the lowest number of SPPs needed to achieve the number of advancements purchased
  9. 2020 OBBL Persistent League rules manual
  10. Yuck, sorry man. Thanks for everything you're doing out there.
  11. This league operates on respect, and I know these four people personally. Please be cool.
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