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  1. In Weav - weav_luvs_rnf - Tzeentchezee Titans - Chaos Chosen
  2. In relation to the Ordo membership drive. Is there a digital payment system in place? I’d love to renew my membership but probably can’t make it by the club any time soon.


    1. Weav


      Yes there is. In the Ordo store you can purchase the 2021 Championship dues. Here is a link:


      Thank you for your support!

  3. We blitz’ed our butts off yesterday at New Year’s Blitz! Despite being limited to only six participants, we have a great time rolling dice, earning challenges, and scoring touchdowns while masked-up, sanitized, distanced, and compliant with state and county mandates. Here are the results: (Team; tournament points, total score): 1. Dutch Weaver - Chaos Chosen; 56tp, 76ts *Champion 2. Lizardmen; 54tp, 61ts 3. Scott Hartman - Dark Elves; 42tp, 82ts *Highest Total Score 4. Dwarfs; 39tp, 57ts 5. Goblins; 24tp, 59ts 6. Orc/Undead; 4tp, 47ts For more overage of the eve
  4. Hey all. I want to make you all aware that Ordo Fanaticus has a Discord server, and I have created a channel specifically for Ordo BB2 league chat. The server invite is below, and there is a Blood Bowl category, and a Ordo BB2 channel. Please use as you see fit! https://discord.gg/7YX4xWq7 Apparently these invites expire, so please lmk if you need an updated link.
  5. This event has been reduced to six participants per Multnomah county lockdown guidance
  6. This may cancel due to Gov Brown’s mandate starting next week
  7. Registered coaches: @scotthartman @Maxwell Christian @Patriarch of Sigmar @Ziggens Lance Swanson @Nick Vice Alternate: @Weav
  8. Update: registration link updated, $15, or $10 for Ordo Fanatics Champions. Entry cost goes to a custom tournament trophy for the winner, and custom challenge cards for every participant.
  9. Support your FLGS! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/11/08/sunday-preview-blood-on-the-pitch/?fbclid=IwAR1eL1N9Qg-Z3xzqBabhwfbrIyychjPIFM_uW7dW8w1tjjYal2A0MEIvm80
  10. **THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CAPPED AT SIX PARTICIPANTS PER MULTNOMAH COUNTY LOCKDOWN GUIDANCE** It's a new year, and a great time to Blitz! New Year's Blitz! Season Two is a four-round, Blitz Bowl tournament held at the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse in SE Portland, Oregon. New Year's Blitz! Season Two will feature all the new rules and player rules, stats and skills from the Blitz Bowl Season Two boxed set. All official Games Workshop released teams are available for play. If you use any of the new teams from Blitz Bowl Season Two, you must provide your own cards. COVID precautions will be in place,
  11. Let me go elbow deep Saturday morning
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