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  1. One game left, scheduled for play tomorrow. Once the result is entered we can calculate the tiebreakers and determine the final bracket. Playoff games can begin the day the bracket is released, and DO NOT have to be one game per week.
  2. Weav


    Bob Bifford is BANNED from OBBL!😂
  3. Great job, all. Only two games left, and only one with playoff implications...thank you!
  4. This would need to be a non-OBBL team, so Skaven are fine, but not The Dirty Rat Bastards
  5. As we approach the two final games, here are a few reminders about the playoffs and timing: Playoff teams will be seeded 1-8, with the four division winner ranked 1-4 based on points, then the next four best teams regardless of division will be ranked 5-8; like most sporting competitions, the quarter-final games are organized 1v8, 2v7, 3v6 and 4v5; the teams will be placed in a bracket for everyone to see, so that the semi-final and final game progression are understood The goal for all the playoffs, including the final game, is to have them completed before Christmas; if you do make the playoffs, please try very hard to get games played as quickly as possible, you do not have to wait for Tuesdays at WOW to play All injuries and MNG's from round eight carry over to the quarter-finals, and semi-finals; before the final, all MNG's are erased by league apothecaries so that the final two teams are at full strength Overtime is mandatory for all playoff games; repeat the overtime process until one team scores, do not dice off at the end of first overtime
  6. @kb10r I appreciate your time and patience tonight. I wish the results were reversed, but good job none-the-less.
  7. We’re closing the season strong!
  8. Yes, but you also have to enter Scott’s score, but I did that for you.
  9. It looks like you entered your game stats like casualties and MVP, but you didn’t enter score, winnings and so on...the header stuff.
  10. Weav

    Upcoming tournaments

    Next up is Stunly’s Slippery Slope in Lake Stevens, WA on 12/14...who’s going? I’m not, but I think @Burk and @Maxwell Christian might be.
  11. Check it out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/219720111727104/posts/1015086068857167?d=n&sfns=mo
  12. Currently looking at five participants, would really love to get to six at a minimum, prefer eight
  13. Okay everyone, Ryan at Portland Game Store and I have been in conversation, and I am finalizing details with him now. I expect for us to start the first full week of January. More to come!
  14. @peter.cosgrove will you please enter your side ASAP?? I added the score, but you need to enter the rest ASAP.
  15. Exciting times! We are progressing quickly towards the end of the season, and the play off picture is getting clearer. However, with several games still left the picture will get more and more clear. As of this moment, here are the playoff seedings, but this will move a ton by the end of the season: Skuttleblight Sting @jollyork Bucolic Frolic @sbr Iron-Jaw'z @Maxwell Christian Hochland Howlers @Burk The Dirty Rat Bastards @sfoster Karaz-a City Chiefs @Weav Low Elf Esteem @Bosco Such Cringe @Frostitute Again, lots of movement WILL happen when the outstanding games are played. Here are the outstanding games, which need to be finished by midnight this Sunday morning: Mt. Ararat Finks @Ziggens vs Ho'Pin Changers @ninefinger The Dirty Rat Bastards @sfoster vs Bucolic Frolic @sbr Blarg Blarg Honk @peter.cosgrove vs Abaddon's Abandons @scotthartman Lost Renegades @kb10r vs Karaz-a City Chiefs @Weav Abaddon's Abandons @scotthartman vs Show Me The Mummy @savion47 Such Cringe @Frostitute vs Bucolic Frolic @sbr Blarg Blarg Honk @peter.cosgrove vs Vancouver Anti-Vaxxers @MOONEY Now, we need to discuss tie-breakers. There will likely be several ties, and here is how the OBBL Premiership decides these ties: Head-to-head points, then win percentage Points vs divisional opponents, then win percentage Points vs common opponents, then win percentage Points vs inter-divisional opponents, then win percentage TD differential
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