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  1. Fellow Fanatics: After an unprecedented 2020, and as we approach the new year, we once again have an opportunity for people to become Champions of Ordo Fanaticus. A Champion is defined in the the Ordo Fanaticus Charter as a member in good standing; i.e., a member who has contributed to the financial support of the club. It is with this support that Ordo Fanaticus is able to provide the following services: The Ordo Fanaticus web site - the online forums, galleries, blogs, and most importantly, the bandwidth needed to keep the site operating The Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse (aka WO
  2. Have all games been played??
  3. No, but @peter.cosgrove isn’t always the most responsive opponent
  4. Weav

    Sad News

    That's horribly sad, Tobin was a constant in the Seattle 40K scene when I was playing a lot. I even gave him ride home from TSHFT one year. Godspeed, brother.
  5. @Russell Castronovo when are we doing this?
  6. Yes, should be out later this year or early next year. Big changes to some teams, some new teams, removed some teams, additional skills, new passing rules, and a few new options during movement (jumping over prone players). I can forward you a link to the leaked rulebook if you want.
  7. I sent you a text earlier @peter.cosgrove, will you please reply?
  8. @Russell Castronovo what date and time works best for you?
  9. @CountElmdor still good for tonight? Can we do 9:30p please?
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