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  1. @peter.cosgrove please read your text messages and reply to me
  2. A humiliating 1-2 loss to Bryan’s Halflings...he’s the best coach in the States for a reason, and his dice support was incredible. 1/3/0 W/L/D, very poor showing with a tier one team of 10 Blodgers, and one Wrodger.
  3. Oh boy; facing the best coach in the US, Bryan Tew 😮 Luckily for me, he’s playing Halflings
  4. 2-1 win vs the Ogre team. I didn’t enjoy the game much, my opponent and I didn’t really click. That happens sometimes, no big deal.
  5. Game three vs Ogres on bottom table
  6. 1-2 loss to @Nick Vice, but a super game
  7. Down 0-1 to @Nick Vice at the half, maybe my shrine to Nikk Three-horn will help me
  8. Game two is vs @Nick Vice’s Undead on the bottom table 🙁
  9. I lost game one 0-2; my dugout was atrocious at game end:
  10. Game one of Rocky Mountain Rampage is starting! My Amazons vs Khemri.
  11. @Nick Vice won the entire Lightning Death Bowl event with 137 points. Bryan Tew was second, and after an abysmal performance at the top table, I finished outside the top three. The placements were based on total overall points in all three games. I was looking good going into game three, I had 72 overall points, but I would have needed a miracle vs Bryan and Nick to get top honors, as both finished with over 130 points total.
  12. Final round; I’m on table one with Elven Union vs @Nick Vice’s Elven Union, vs Justin’s Chaos, and vs Bryan’s Slann.
  13. Game two; my Elven Union vs @Maxwell Christian’s Elven Union, vs JJ’s Nurgle, vs Bryan’s Slann
  14. Game one; my Elven Union vs @Nick Vice’s Elven Union, vs Rory’s Necromantic, vs Justin’s Chaos
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