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  1. @Burk when do you want to play? Sunday mid-day at WOW? Tuesday @ Game Night?
  2. All standard Street Bowl rules and team build are in effect, with the following exceptions: - You may apply two general skills to two separate players - Rerolls may not be purchased - Leader may not be taken
  3. Yes. I actually thought I had posted them but your post made me realize I hadn’t. I’ll add them here shortly.
  4. Pitch reveal video (yes, it’s in Facebook...you can click and try and watch) https://www.facebook.com/1102131023202795/posts/2248086581940561?s=100000834115010&v=e&sfns=mo
  5. BTW, the TV for The Dirty Rat Bastards is 1500. My 880 was a typo.
  6. Oof, the Chorf/Dwarf teams got hard draws... 😞
  7. At this stage, I don't expect anyone to change their team. As such, your first round schedule is posted below. Teams are shown in their brackets, and the winners from each game will face off in the semi-finals. All matches have been added to OrdoBowl.com. Games may begin this Sunday, June 30th 2019. Game can, and should be, played as quickly as possible. There is no need to play one game per week. Thank you for participating. Barak Varr Ironclads @Bosco vs Zharr'Thrak Seahawks @Zorcon Karaz-a City Chiefs @Weav vs Southland Reavers @Burk The Dirty Rat Bastards @sfoster vs Sandwich Popsicles @Frostitute 09-43 @scotthartman vs Re-Born in the Purple @sbr
  8. Schedule: 9:00a Registration 9:15a Blitz Bowl tutorial 9:45a Blitz Bowl game one 10:30a Blitz Bowl game two 11:15a Blitz Bowl game three 12:00p Calculations & Awards 12:45p Street Bowl game one 1:45p Street Bowl game two 2:45p Street Bowl game three 3:45p Calculations and Awards @Bosco @savion47 @Ziggens @Burk @Patriarch of Sigmar @MrCushtie @Amado @ROGRE @scotthartman @Zorcon Hotter than July awards will be given to the winners of each tournament, with acknowledgments for other achievements.
  9. By popular request, the FFC this year will REMOVE the Death Zone rule that prohibits teams from hiring Star Players in the semi-finals and finals.
  10. Please confirm these are the teams you want included @Zorcon @Burk @Weav @Frostitute @sfoster @scotthartman @Bosco @sbr
  11. If you’ve ever been curious about Blood Bowl’s less-frustrating younger cousin Blitz Bowl, you’re in luck! I’ll be at the clubhouse today around 3p to teach anyone how to play.
  12. Weav

    Ordo BB2 League

    Yo, when are Jesse and Dave going to play?
  13. Awesome! Thanks Shane! One spot left...as always, I will play if we’re at an odd number but I think it’s best I admin.
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