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  1. Welcome coaches to the fall 2021 table top Ordo Blood Bowl League (OBBL)! League Manager: https://tourplay.net/en/blood-bowl/obbl-fall-2021 Blood Bowl PDX Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BloodBowlPDX Ordo Fanaticus Discord Server, Blood Bowl Channel Invite: https://discord.gg/46fU9hjj3Q Blood Bowl Web Site: https://www.bloodbowl.com The NAF 2021 Tournament Rules (includes the Daemons of Khorne team): https://www.thenaf.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/NAF-Rules-for-Tournaments-2021.pdf Coaches (First/Preferred Name | Ordo Name | Team Name | Team Race): Burk | @Burk | The Sovereign of the Shadows | Chaos Chosen Dan | @jollyork | Da Yello Bitz | Snotling Dave | @kb10r | Der Big Boyz | Orc Max | @Maxwell Christian | Skull Train | Daemons of Khorne Mooney | @MOONEY | Booster Shots | Skaven Rory | @Rory | Punkin Heads | Necromantic Horror Scott | @scotthartman | Three Sheets to the Win | Dwarf Steven | @Swensos83 | Offishal Citadel Destroyas | Orc Travis | @Frostitute | Feather Heads | Imperial Nobility Weav | @Weav | Cursed City Terrors | Shambling Undead Schedule (all games must be played in order; please contact Commissioner@Weav if you and your opponent are having difficulty scheduling): Rounds one and two: 9/21/21 - 10/11/21 Rounds three and four: 10/12/21 - 11/1/21 Rounds five and six: 11/2/21 - 11/22/21 Thanksgiving Break Rounds seven and eight: 11/30/21 - 12/20/21 Christmas Break Round nine: 12/28/21 - 1/10/21 Playoffs: 1/11/21 - 1/24/2021 The top four teams based on points and tie-breakers will compete in the play-offs. The first-placed team will face the fourth-placed team, and the second-placed team will face the third-placed team. The winners of these games will face each other in the Final. If a game is tied in regular time, the game will go to sudden death overtime. When playing overtime, you continue to play until one team scores, or eight-full turns are played. You then start overtime over again, and repeat, until a team scores a touchdown. Remember, re-rolls do not reset in overtime. Communication: it is expected that coaches are checking their Ordo inbox, and this thread, regularly. Some of us social media, some of us don't; some of us use Discord, some of us don't. The Ordo forum is the primary communication method for the league, so please set up to receive notifications when you receive a message, or you are tagged in a post. Good communication is key in a successful league, and it is not an option to be uncommunicative in the Ordo Blood Bowl League.
  2. @Burkno, let’s do when we return
  3. We still need teams from: @MOONEY @Burk @scotthartman@kb10r
  4. I don’t know, I used Facebook and didn’t investigate any other options.
  5. The pics posted above do not do @Frostitute's work justice. He's really a fantastic green stuff modeler. The middle is the original Blood Bowl Black Orc, and he’s flanked by the two Frosty modeled for me.
  6. Second post updated with the teams that have created their teams in Tourplay.net
  7. It is my desire that all players are named creative names, but it is not mandatory…yes, I’m looking at you @Frostitute
  8. It was surprisingly easy to make a team! Once you register your team, use the gear symbol to buy your players.
  9. Here is our league on Tourplay.net: https://tourplay.net/en/blood-bowl/obbl-fall-2021/news
  10. All active coaches, please review this Tourplay.net review for a different league in the UK; it will give you a general idea of what we will be doing: http://waterbowl.org.uk/tourplay/?fbclid=IwAR2egOqh1JyTy_gmwonEjGk4kqazY_MUJzIKzczKzcf5Hc9LeFLyx7Y7Oxc
  11. League kick off on Tuesday 9/21 5pm @ WOW. What is WOW, and what is game night? Here is a link for those new to playing at Ordo:
  12. Weav

    OBBL Fall 2021 Kick-Off

    Hello, OBBL coaches! Let's meet for a coaches meeting where we will discuss the league, and maybe even play a round one game. The primary goal is to navigate Tourplay.Net so others have comfort in the solution. We will also introduce the schedule to group. Please RSVP if you will be in attendance. @Burk@Maxwell Christian@MOONEY@kb10r@Swensos83@Rory@jollyork@Weav@Frostitute@scotthartman
  13. Alright, we're at ten coaches! I will begin setting up Tourplay.Net for our league this week. Who is in for week one and coach's meeting on 9/21 at WOW?
  14. At seven players, which is low for an Ordo league. I’d like to get to eight, ten is preferred.
  15. No, but you will want to chat with your first opponent about the differences between BB2 and BBSSE. Please message me your GMail account, I’ll see what I can get you.
  16. Still looking for replies from @Swensos83, @Rory, @MOONEY, @Maxwell Christian, @ninefinger, @savion47
  17. Signed-up Coaches: @Weav (Team created in Tourplay.net) @scotthartman (Team created in Tourplay.net) @kb10r (Team created in Tourplay.net) @jollyork (Team created in Tourplay.net) @Burk (Team created in Tourplay.net) @Swensos83 (Team created in Tourplay.net) @Rory (Team created in Tourplay.net) @Frostitute (Team created in Tourplay.net) @Maxwell Christian (Team created in Tourplay.net) @MOONEY (Team created in Tourplay.net)
  18. Hello, all. Please use the link below to access the Google form, and lock in your desire to play in the fall 2021 OBBL season! The league will kick off on 9/21/2021at Tuesday Game Night at Western Oregon Wargamers (W.O.W.). Games do not have to be played at W.O.W. on Tuesdays, but it is preferred. We will play two games every three weeks, and all game must be played on order. We will play eight games, so depending on the number of players, you may everyone once, play someone twice, or potentially not play someone at all. We are using the site Tourplay.net, which is a paid site, but Weav is covering the cost. Weav will accept donations offset the cost if coaches want to donate. Tourplay.net costs $0.39 per month per coach, with a minimum charge of $3.99 per month.The official communication platform for the league will be the Ordo Fananticus Blood Bowl forum, but coaches are encouraged to share their experiences on social media or the Ordo Discord server. Teams will have 1,000,000 gold to spend using the rules from the Blood Bowl Second Season Edition rulebook. https://forms.gle/gSmEYFF8FTYN56S18 I'm tagging those people who answered Yes or Maybe to the poll from early August. @scotthartman@Swensos83@Frostitute@Rory@MOONEY@kb10r@Burk@jollyork@Maxwell Christian@sbr@ninefinger@Dark Trainer@savion47
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