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  1. So I decided to splurge today and bought the Command Expansion terrain set by GW. The terrain looked cool and it looked like a decent buy. What I didn't realize is that it is meant for someone that has already bought one of their three new starter sets....which I haven't. So now I have a decent two-sided mat...but it really needs one more to be useful. So here is hoping that someone has one that they are willing to part with.
  2. Did they really need to release a book on terrain? I think any other army book would have been more welcomed by the community. Plus, adding that now when the game is still so new? Why not a year from now in order to add that extra dimension to the rules...why right out of the gate when most people are still coming to grips with the existing meta.
  3. 40K already has so many things to remember. Not only does nearly every unit seem to have something unique about it, but then you have auras and CPs to worry about. Now you gotta try to remember what the hell terrain does too. Give it a rest. 🙂
  4. My cynical side must be up because this just screams money grab to me. If you need more [big bad swear word] to deal with, then I guess it is okay...but seems 40K is pretty heavy on the rules thing already.
  5. was watching a video comparing bolt action 2nd ed vs 9th 40K. one of the things that kept popping up that I hadn't considered before was the sheer amount of rerolls that 40K allows for. The reviewer brought up the point in that it takes away some of the drama from the game. hadn't really thought of it like that before, but I could see his point. most of the time that I played 8th, I didn't use command points at all and I'll admit, I liked that. Just helped to remove that one extra layer of more stuff that 40K deals with.
  6. Sweet mother of mercy, that took a while. My goal was finish a sprue a night, and it did take me a couple of weeks to finally finish. The models are pretty stunning. I did use glue a couple of times, but otherwise just did the push to fit. It also wasn't too bad switching some parts around in order to avoid duplicates. With the necrons it was easy because the second batch of warriors went with the double barrel gun. The primaris though, there was enough left over parts from some of the other guys that I was able to make sure none of the dudes were a complete match. I need to assemble the
  7. Or have the voices just started again in my head?
  8. I did not find a chaos one, but I do have an old plastic imperial one.
  9. My current army is Chaos Marines with a smattering of deamonettes, then would be orks, necrons, GSC, Tau, Space Wolves, Primaris, Ad mech, Knights, and Eldar.
  10. okay, I'm a bit confused, I thought Crusades started at a specific PL, and then you grew that PL by expending points earned. You have the PL growing automatically based on what week it is. And you typically play games under the total PL level so that you can swap units in and out. Doesn't seem like we are following that format. So what parts of Crusade are you using then? or is this really just an escalation league that uses PL instead of points?
  11. You are killing me with that Corsair army. I always wanted to do one, but never pulled the trigger on it. I've been staring at your listing for a few hours, but the wife unit has strongly suggested otherwise. 😞 #heartbroken
  12. ummm how do you find your stuff? I can't seem to search for seller.
  13. no one local seems to have it. I found it online somewhere and bought it
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