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  1. I have a samsung galaxy S9? I think. I actually liked my LG's camera better...I'll have to look for a better app I suppose. But I'd still prefer an actual camera.
  2. So I'm a bit tired of using my phone for all of my mini pics. I miss having a solid camera in my hands. On the flip side of that, I don't want to go crazy throwing money at something I have to become an expert in just to get the most out of it. I need something simple but has options if I wish to explore those down the line. Anyone have recommendations?
  3. Since there are no templates, there is no big issue for bunching up models anymore. Instead what they are trying to limit are the nonsense formations that people use to screw someone over. I find this very encouraging. Too often people mistake "abuse" for "clever". Or even more common, since it doesn't say you can't... if winning is that important to you, please find another opponent. I'm too old to deal with that nonsense anymore.
  4. Wayland Games now owns the license for FA and DW...they have plans on re-releasing both games eventually. The rules for DW are in a beta state now and they do look more streamlined. Time to play was always the killer of those games. Planetfall was my favorite system and played very well.
  5. There is also Firestorm Armada...a bit easier to find cheap fleets, might be able to use those models....
  6. Back in the long ago, we used to have near endless discussions about WFB. Ordo was pretty much founded on the back of that game. Makes me sad that there is so little said about AoS. I myself have given it mostly a passing glance at best. I just attributed it to the fact that I'm old and set in my ways...if you are going to play fantasy, you'll play it on square bases! That hasn't stopped me from picking up some of the newer models of course. I have even played a game or two. I see they keep turning out some fantastic new models, but there's no chatter here even about them (heck, last topic on a new set was started by me). What do AoS players talk about?
  7. I know its a long shot, but figured I'd check. PM if you have it available and we'll work something out, either cash or trade.
  8. A bit premature to render such a verdict without knowing the rest.
  9. Based on how high the GW pricing is getting, I don't think they are losing money at all.
  10. I will be really happy if they shrink the number of units down for a standard game. Nearly all of my armies have grown to unmanageable sizes and it would be great to cut them down.
  11. I probably won't keep the marines now as they are so Ultra. I play SW and the characters are going to be hard to convert.
  12. Just figured I'd go ahead and start it. I know I'll be getting one. And it looks like my dumb ass is going to keep the whole thing. 😞
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