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  1. Will priming and painting on sprue be the best use? or do you need it assembled for the dry factor?
  2. That terrain looks sweet, and the fact that they are starting with other factions besides chaos warbands is really nice. Kudos to GW for that. I was originally thinking it was only going to be new warbands designed for the game. But now that I can use other models I already own, that is sweet. I'll be interested in playing once I learn more.
  3. As it is supposed to be a primer, how well does other paint sit on top? I want to use it for the undercoat as so much of the Ad Mech is mechanical underneath. This way I'm not risking messing up other areas trying to drybrush it. The plan is this: spray prime the model metal, then airbush the non-metal bits as much as possible, paint and dip as required. I'm just concerned that the high gloss finish you are talking about is going to stop the other paints from having a good coat on top of the metal.
  4. The new models have really been calling to me. However, unlike the normal crazy ass collecting I do, this time I want to stay focused and really get just what I need to play. Mostly I play Power Level games and try to stick to typical Match Play organization. However, never used Command Points before. But I'm willing to try and should be able to do I think even using power level point structure. My army is going to be based on the new Daemonkin stuff. Shadowspear ran me through when it came out as it was perfect for what I was drawn to for chaos. My good friend/crack dealer Pretre has set me up with the following: Master of Possession Warpsmith 10 CSM 2 Greater Possessed 2 Obliterators 2 Venom Crawlers All in all, a really good start to what I want to go forward with. The models are all top notch as well. From there, my selection is based on personal model preference, army theme, and hitting the 100pt power level goal to keep me from going overboard. Lord Discordant 10 more CSM 5 havocs 5 terminators 5 warp talons 10 deamonettes *1 chaos lord OR Noctilith Crown OR 5 Possessed OR 10 Daemonettes The final chaos lord was originally chosen because I love the new model. That being said, he's also a 4th HQ which throws things off a bit. A new Noctilith Crown will also give me the 5pts in power level, and still fit with my army theme/design. So that might be a better option? For Battleforged, that gives me 3(4) HQ, 3-5 Core, 2(3) Elites, 1 Fast Attack, and 3 Heavy Support. (1 possible Fortification). Play wise, I have several daemon units and vehicles to make use of the abilities for both the warp smith and the master of possession.
  5. So Pretre hooked me up with the ShadowSpear models. I am now looking to wrap up a very specific project for these guys and have limited myself to a single 100pt power level list (this fits my current 40K play style). I'm going to do my best to stick to this plan. That being said, I now have a list of models that I need to complete this army. The catch is, I really need to trade for the rest. So I will be posting up models in my trade inventory into this thread in the coming days/weeks/however long it takes. I'll be open to all trade offers, so really, it doesn't hurt to ask. For now though, I can at least post up my Want list. WANT/NEED LIST: 1 new Chaos Lord model - dude with hammer 10 deamonettes 5 plastic terminators 1 Lord Discordant 10 new CSM 5 new Havocs 5 Warp Talons I'll be updating the TRADE list as I find them. Some things I know that will pop up... Large Cryx army - some used, some NIB small Menoth army - Most NIB small AoS orcs Gates of Antares Rules and Concord starter force Various GW units that will come from the following armies (Space Wolves, Necrons, Tau, Genestealer Cult, Ad Mech, Orks, Eldar, Harlequins, Empire, Orcs & Goblins, Dwarfs, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, High Elves, Vampire Counts, Beastmen, Kharadron Overlords).
  6. So I think I am ready to get priming on my Ad Mech force and I really think going with a metallic primer is the way to go. There seem to be two out there that are readily available for me through typical game shops, GW's Lead Belcher and then Army Painter's Plate Mail. I've never used either one so was wondering if anyone had experience using them and if they are difficult to paint over at all.
  7. I can't imagine why not. You just have a month to paint up the force though. And as long as you build the army in guidance to the spirit of the OFCC, I wouldn't think there would be any issues.
  8. Looking to get back into chaos marines with a deamonkin army. Would be great to start out with the shadowspear models.
  9. to be honest, they don't seem all that different from the metal ones.
  10. Isn't there already an OFCC forum? I suppose I would have thought that all OFCC discussions would have gone there. Perhaps next year, make game subforums within the main OFCC forum for all of those type discussions. Then you can just add a single link to the main game page over to the OFCC subforum. Also, would have been great had someone simply pm'd me with what happened to my thread. Or just simply replied "please see THIS thread, locking" and that would have solved everything too. Thanks for letting me know.
  11. Not sure why a fairly simple and reasonable question has been put to the death. Or did something just break?
  12. I noticed there really is no forum to discuss Ordo. I was looking for the Senate notes from the last meeting because the swap meet was supposed to come up. I didn't find anything and then of course notice there really wasn't any place to ask either. Can we have a General Discussion for all things Ordo related that people can participate in?
  13. I've got those games as well, and would be happy to try to meet up for a game. I have several warmaster armies and got a good sized epic ork army. BFG I only have space marines.
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