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  1. I'm sure it's just a simple mistake. Mindtaker is a great business and always looks out for me.
  2. mindtaker might have just gotten that exact sprue. check out the new arrivals.
  3. So the new combat patrol box for Sisters is the exact same models that came in the "limited edition army" except they added a rhino and switched out the canoness model. Wow...so glad I bought that now. Sooooo worth it.. 😬
  4. is that the normal Red Castle discord chan? or is it for AoS only?
  5. good luck, apparently they are made out of gold according to ebay prices 🙂
  6. So I've gone through my own archives and I've found wfbv6, v7 and v8....but no v5 files. Anyone think they might have them backed up somewhere? This is for Army Builder of course. And yes, I have the older version of the program saved as well.
  7. Don't go spilling your oathmark in my WFB thread. You got your own thread for that nonsense, which I've posted in. I do want to play it...but if I had the chance to play 5th ed WFB or Oathmark? WFB all day every day.
  8. So yeah, 5th ed rules, using mostly 4th ed books. Actually, I wouldn't mind not using the 5th ed books as that is when some of the creep came in. That is when Vamps came out (whooo!) but they were a bit broke.
  9. I've been able to find most of the 4th ed books online. I can't find the 5th Ed High Elf book except for scribd and they want me to upload 9 docs before I can grab it...grrr..stupid scribd.
  10. You know, I thought the 4th ed box set was Brets and lizards...but was that actually the 5th edition set? It seems to be according to the Lexicon. So basically go up and replace all 4th ed references to 5th...because it seems like 3rd/4th/5th editions all shared the same group of books. Looks like only High Elves and maybe Chaos got 5th ed treatment compared to the other races. So confusing...
  11. Whoops...going back through the battle book, while it has stats for every race, it does not have point values. Gotta see if there are any old army builder files out there with those.
  12. Not too long ago, during a re-org of my office, I packed away all of my older editions of WFB and 40K. Well for whatever reason, I still have a full set of 5th edition stuff in my office. So I pulled it out yesterday to walk through memory lane. 4th was my gateway drug. I had bought my first army book during 3rd edition. It was the brand new Wood Elf book. The dragon model sealed the deal. I had actually wanted to play Undead, but I didn't understand the rules of fantasy when I looked through the undead book and was scared off by their poor stats (I was a 40K rogue trader player at that point). Anyways, it wasn't until 5th edition and the Lizardmen vs Bretonnia box set that I started actually playing. So long story long, 5th is where WFB really became my go-to game. I had just a small wood elf army, those single plastic archers, some war dancers, some dryads and a treeman and that was basically my army. You could actually play with that little. That is when I got most of my D&D friends into it as well. Well I pulled out those core books, the rules, battle book, and the magic book, and just read through them again. That is really a good game. I liked everything they did. The battle book had scenarios, campaign rules, and stats and points for all the armies. That edition I don't think they released any new army books either except for Brets and Lizardmen. I'm really tempted to see if I can scrounge up some players for 5th ed. I'm not saying the rules were perfect...but they were well done and they were not afraid to list out some different ways to play. The actually tournament lists had rules to limit them. In this age of power creep and so many rules...I think I'd like to step back and bit and find something a little simpler and I think 5th might just do it. It will let me play with the majority of my models. And I can probably find some units that will work as "counts as". So if anyone would like to try some 5th ed WFB, give me a shout.
  13. You certain have more time to nerd out on your warhammer research than I do. 🙂 So then the map is accurate...there is no empire, just the various territories.
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