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  1. So for the last week I've been playing Valheim with a couple of friends. Overall, it is a very good game. There are some irritating quirks from time to time, but overall it is very solid. It is currently available on Steam and it is pre-release. So more stuff to come. It plays very similar to minecraft. There is a tech tree that you start to build and expand on as you find materials and create equipment. So at first you start to collect branches in order to make a club. Then pick up rocks in order to make a crude axe or a hoe. Once you make a hammer, you can start to build things. As you
  2. Very sad to hear of his passing today. A fine actor who starred in many films I hold dear. Rest in Peace sir.
  3. I've got two older TVs, like 25" or so, and then an old projection TV which is just a beast. Is there anywhere to donate those or do you just trash/recycle them? They all still work and have remotes. I just don't need them.
  4. well it turns out it was the power supply. yay! That was a cheap fix and got it running again with about an hours work and testing.
  5. Hey Ordo, Hopefully some of you more knowledgeable peeps out there can help me out. Suddenly, starting yesterday evening, my PC started to reboot. Here is what I know: It happens when playing a game. Can occur while playing, or sometimes just starting it up. There seems to be no error reported of any kind and the reboot happens immediately. My screens go dark, and then the reboot takes place. I don't hear any disruption in power. My PC has been running most of the day today. I started up overwatch to see if putting it in a lower res would let me play. The system rebooted and ne
  6. damnit...I'd really like to get this. But the fact is I just don't know if I'd use it enough to warrant the cost and effort. Thought I'd share though as it seems like a great deal for the results and size.
  7. Just what it says on the tin. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Stay safe and healthy.
  8. One last post to finish out the year! Screw you 2020!
  9. can get the big one for the same money as the elegoo
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