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  1. so wife sent me to dmv after work and I'm completely drained...sorry...maybe next time
  2. Battlefront sells a nice two sided mat, grasslands/desert.
  3. So I went and saw it a second time, and honestly, it didn't help. There are just some really stupid moments in the movie and other things that feel off. Overall, it isn't a horrible movie or a dud. It is probably the best out of the last three films...but that isn't saying much compared to the rest. For whatever reason, the bad stuff seems to stand out compared to the good stuff...so when I think of the movie, I think of what's wrong with it..not what was good. That's probably the best indicator I can give for the flick as a whole. 😞
  4. Tuesday is my D&D night, so I have to play at other times. Keep bugging gordi to get his butt over there.
  5. Come on folks...just take a look. You don't have to go for the full weekend...even going just a day is well worth it.
  6. I guess I need to start putting together my DAK guys... 🙂
  7. Update, I'm going to play DAK Germans. Sorry for the flip flop 🙂
  8. My wife actually liked it! She may even bring it to the Scrap and Sew retreat in March.
  9. Merry Christmas Ordo! And to everyone who celebrate something else, I wish you a wonderful holiday as well.
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