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  1. Well looking at the model, there's a whole lot more flesh on that thing than a marine has...so it looks pretty deamonic to me. 🙂
  2. Can anyone explain why the Hellbrute does not have the deamonic engine tag on it?
  3. Oh and one last thing. To Rhino or not to Rhino?
  4. Okay, so been a while since my last update. I really need to do a blog post on this. Anyways, I worked on painting more of the force (pics soon on blog) and I've ended up collecting a bit more and a little bit of it went off the plan. So thanks to the Devil...I mean Pretre... I now own a Keeper of Secrets, some Fiends, Seekers, and Deamonettes. This gives me all sorts of options for summoning. I have also been able to snag my warp talons, a lord discordant, and the new havocs (yay!). Through a handy trade, I got the chaos lord with hammer, a few more chaos marines, and some cultists. About the only thing I was missing from my original list are more chaos marines (and I'm being really picky to only get the latest models) and some terminators. I easily have my 100 PowerLevel points for the army. I'm not quite how many points for matched play it would be. Question, now that I have an entire patrol worth of deamons, can I simply add a deamon patrol detatchment and it doesn't screw up the additional rules for the CSM detatchments?
  5. chrome 😞 Oh I got it...whatever webhosting site you are using, my company is blocking. Pic-blocked!
  6. Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire - 5/10 - A buddy of mine basically said that as a gamer, it was my duty to watch this. So I did. Eh...it didn't take that long to watch I suppose. It was a BBC/American show back in 2009. It was supposed to be a D&D like comedy. It actually has Kevin Hart in it as one of the main party characters (clearly before he got big though). It was campy and silly and I'm not sure what else to say about it. The bad guy was actually the most amusing character in the whole thing. For the main character Krod, his big story arc was basically about how he loved the hot girl in his party, but she was a sexually open being who didn't mind screwing everybody and anybody. Surprised the show didn't use the "wha-wha-wha" horn throughout. Wasn't the worst thing I ever saw..but if you want to laugh out loud, don't watch this. Watch Big Mouth.
  7. Can you do the scaling height on something like that, or is that for a flat table only?
  8. I'm currently in the mood to bust out my vampire counts army. I tried reading through the army pdf the other day, but got quickly overwhelmed by all of the new terminology. So some small learning games would be great. Maybe come October I'll be in a place to schedule some games. I gotta see if I can clear out some stuff at the swap meet and then it will provide me room in my office to start working on an army again. 🙂
  9. check out Amazon. I actually got mine from there and for around $80, got a good compressor and brush combo. https://smile.amazon.com/PointZero-Airbrush-Dual-Action-Guns/dp/B010TQCOEE/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=airbrush&qid=1568176261&s=gateway&sr=8-3
  10. That campaign path thing with choosing a quest and then some thing about points of convergence? "too... much...terminology...." Not a fan of the side panels being pure fluff too. I'm used to other books containing actual rules clarifications and the like within them..so to look at the pages, then focus on the side panel that has nothing to do with the rules I'm reading...again...getting too old to learn new stuff I guess. God help us though to expect a little consistency. On the bright side, I'm really stoked about painting up my undead models and am actually looking forward to fielding a Nagash warband.
  11. I must be getting old. I've been trying to read through the Warcry book and it just does not make a whole lot of sense to me. I'm not sure if its the layout or what. The specific rules and such I guess are fine (movement and the like) but the various forms of play and such just leave me scratching my head. Hopefully I can make it to one of the Tuesday game nights and see it in action.
  12. Ugh, so this just became a whole lot harder to attend. My wife has decided to go back to our church's choir, which has their practice on Thursday nights. That gives me caregiver duty for our daughter. So not impossible, but lots of pieces have to fall into place in order for me to make it now. Definitely has moved me into the "unlikely" category.
  13. I'm about to do the very same thing with one my chaos marines. He's the tech guy and covered in cables...I'm just painting the cables various metallic colors, and then will use the grey over it for the highlight or a watered down black.
  14. Nice. What other types of units do they have? I'd assume archers, spearmen, dryads, and cavalry, probably giant eagles too...treeman monster..maybe chariots?
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