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  1. I need to start trimming the fat on my hobby collection. I have a fairly large cryx army and very small menoth force that need to find new homes. I'll try to update with more details later, or send me a PM if interested. Cryx has at least the new plastic starter set, the plastic army, and then a whole bunch of metals from before those releases. Menoth is mostly models from the old two player starter, an extra caster, and I think the colossal dude. older books, cards and tokens for some of that too (maybe current cards for cryx).
  2. The best answer I can give is to have them get on Ordo and send me a PM. My schedule does not allow for weekly games, so I play when the stars align. 🙂 But I'd be happy to make some time to help out new players.
  3. I really need to play some 4th ed. Just bummed at the loss of units that I used to use. Also, Bolt Action has become pretty hot right now so that has really been filling up my Historical bucket. But I do love me some Flames.
  4. So I've recently been hooked by Realm War. It is an AoS licensed game that looks amazing. You basically have a warlord (some kick ass dude from warhammer lore) and then build a suite of seven units or spells. The mechanics are really simple. You have an energy bar that fills up over time, each unit/spell costs X and you can summon/cast them as needed when you have enough energy. You fight against other players in a 3 minute match. I really like it. First off, the game looks great. Very cool animations and effects...especially for a phone game. The strategy aspect is really good. There are two lanes of attack, and each warlord has a tower that defends them. There are lots of tactical options during play and it really has an impact. Also, while I have spent a few bucks in the game, I really didn't need to. It has a nice reward mechanic just for playing. Sure, if you want to drop cash in it, you can do so, but it uses a ranking system, so you'll only face people around your rank so people paying to win will quickly move on. Very fun game. You also get to have three armies. So as you gain units and warlords, you can try out different strats and keep a favorite one as well. Also, you get to improve units and warlords with in game resources that you earn. There is also a guild system, which offers another way to earn rewards I think. It is worth checking out.
  5. It is sad to see infantry going away in the box sets. I know tanks are fun, but the old sets always had a decent amount.
  6. In my basement, or a friend's house mostly. Though I do go down to Guardian and play there from time to time for specific events. The back room is not noisy at all, but you do have to be 21. So not great if you want to bring your kids to play. WoW is good, but Tuesdays are such an odd time to go play a game.
  7. Prime white or light grey, coat with high contrast, see how it works I guess. That stuff could really help me get my eldar done.
  8. Sea of Thieves Anniversary Edition Update So I started playing SoT again mostly because it is one of the few games I can play with an old east coast friend. They have added some content since a year ago. The big impact changes are as follows: New volcanic region - very dangerous. Lost a ship to an erupting volcano while trying to complete a quest on said island. Not sure what the reward vs risk is there just yet. But it keeps you on your toes. Roaming ghost pirate ship crewed by skeletons. Not very aggressive that I can see so far, but if you shoot it, they will come after you and they are faster. Fight was interesting, kept getting hit my "dancing" cannonball, which means you are stuck dancing after it hits your ship for a minute or so. Makes fighting back and repairing very difficult. Not sure if we could have won as a kraken showed up and between the two, we sunk fairly quickly. Roaming mega shark - this pops up quite frequently. Now I did do the event to hunt this beast back when it first came out. Now it just attacks ships at random all the time. Not hard to avoid, but I don't know if there's an reward to fighting it and killing it now. New pirate ship cloud in the sky, but not sure what it signifies. New activity in fishing and cooking. You can now fish and catch various levels of rare fish throughout the waters. Types of bait can help attract certain ones. There are new outposts in the water where you can sell the fish. Selling cooked fish brings more money. You can also now kill pigs and chickens and snakes and collect meat from them to cook as well. Cooked meat restores more health when eaten. Also, there is a new Arena mode, where you just get put on a ship and go fight other ships and try to find treasure in a timed event. Meh...tried it a couple of times. I suppose if you are really bored, or if you have a full four man group that works together it could be a good money maker. A little too random though for solo play as to who you get stuck with on your team. All in all, spent a few hours playing over the last week and there is some fun stuff there. There's also other minor changes in quests and the like. I've actually enjoyed the fishing aspect. Makes it a little easier to get money now without as much risk as typical missions.
  9. Don't worry, there are no spoilers in this thread (yet). But anyone else feel they just really dropped the ball the last two episodes? I'm not sure who's writing this stuff, but they are doing an awful job. In my opinion of course. Just seems like a huge shame after having such a great run.
  10. I was in GG yesterday and the whole vibe of the place was.....exactly the same. 🙂
  11. I wasn't really clear on what is so special about them. So after a single coat, there is significant contrast on the model between high areas and low areas? So they are eliminating the need for a wash. I might try one out to see what its about eventually. But I already use the army painter techniques. I can't imagine they have a paint that can do that shading in one coat.
  12. I've got some old metal batsmen if you are interested.
  13. Posted up some pics in my blog for my Bolt Action Bersaglieri army. I have more pics to take, so watch that space. Let me know what you think.
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