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  1. In portland, if someone wants to split the box, toss me a PM.
  2. I think GW just dropped a turd with this one. If the model had been at least 10-15% bigger than the old one, I might have considered it...but wow..a LoW choice and that price tag....no thank you. I have a monolith, so I don't need another one, literally. They could have kept that in heavy support. Oh well, saved me some money. 🙂
  3. thanks! that helps so much. GW's freaking crazy with the price on this one. Hell, its more expensive than the tesseract. That is just insane. I'll stick with my classic one.
  4. I'm a long time necron player, and until recently, I owned most of the necron collection. As I am not independently wealthy, I'm having to pick and choose where to update my army. I currently own a monolith...and its painted even (full disclosure, not by me). I was interested in getting the new one, but that price tag has shut that down. I have not seen a side by side comparison between the old and new models yet...still looking. But I was wondering what other existing necron players were doing. While the new model is nice, it doesn't seem to be a huge difference from the old one (again, haven
  5. Keep on rollin' with the monthly updates.
  6. Just figured I'd see if anyone had one that didn't want anymore. Need it for Star Wars Squadrons. 🙂
  7. I was looking forward to getting back into 40K...you guys are doing a great job of dissuading me.
  8. Never mind. I just decided to buy another terrain set instead. 🙂
  9. https://www.minitaurgaming.com/ they need to add visuals and sound effects and it would be super cool!
  10. New post up on my blog, review of Command Terrain expansion.
  11. So I decided to splurge today and bought the Command Expansion terrain set by GW. The terrain looked cool and it looked like a decent buy. What I didn't realize is that it is meant for someone that has already bought one of their three new starter sets....which I haven't. So now I have a decent two-sided mat...but it really needs one more to be useful. So here is hoping that someone has one that they are willing to part with.
  12. Did they really need to release a book on terrain? I think any other army book would have been more welcomed by the community. Plus, adding that now when the game is still so new? Why not a year from now in order to add that extra dimension to the rules...why right out of the gate when most people are still coming to grips with the existing meta.
  13. 40K already has so many things to remember. Not only does nearly every unit seem to have something unique about it, but then you have auras and CPs to worry about. Now you gotta try to remember what the hell terrain does too. Give it a rest. 🙂
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