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  1. I've been re-reading the Wheel of Time series again. I just love Jordan. Not so thrilled about the ending books by Sanderson or whatever his name is. Not that he's a bad writer, but after so many years of Jordan, it is very hard to see someone else write his characters.
  2. I'm still struggling with the fact that I didn't post any of this. AoS has some amazing models. I've even bought a few armes just because I liked the models. But I feel absolutely no connection to the game at all. There is a major piece missing with AoS and that is "why does any of this matter?" The Old World made sense. The struggle the various races had made sense. It gave you one more reason to field an army. And maybe it is silly, but it is important. I painted up a dwarf army because I wanted to help take back the holds, or drive away the gobbos. I own a Kharadron army. Sizeable too.
  3. well if I get the fighting first from you, I might be looking for a starting army for US midwar
  4. I actually don't own US forces in FoW. I used to for a short while, but never really played them. I still might be interested in picking those up though. Let me know what you want for them.
  5. I've already got the DAK, Avanti, and Desert Rats books, and I have the command cards for DAK and Avanti. I might just make an order from the BF web site since they still have all of those things available. Just figured I'd check locally first.
  6. Hey ppl, looking to get back into FoW again. I'm looking for the Armored Fist book, and potentially the unit cards for DAK, Desert Rats, and Armored Fist. Also, the command cards for Armored Fist too. Got lots to trade or cash is always fine too.
  7. No, I meant that the late war rules don't allow for challenger tanks. Screw the firefly. Can't keep up with my cromwells. 🙂
  8. That refinery set is awfully close to GW's current terrain set.
  9. Next step is to determine the period you want to play. DAK is mid war, but soviets could be mid or late. That will determine the army book you need to get and expected opponents too. I'd then suggest getting one of the box armies that BF makes. Not because they are great or anything, but the latest ones have units that are going to be supported. I have lots of models and even armies that are no longer supported by FoW due to being from an earlier edition. So safe bet is to buy latest. I've just finished reading the rules for 4th and was considering getting back into playing. For the most
  10. so can't find my book, but just saw that the whole Fucilieri have been dropped from the game. WTF? no wonder I quit playing. Can't even use them in the desert...nor Folgore. Screw that. Three years and still not added to the game?? and Battlefront just dropped all interest I had in 4th edition once again.
  11. I have the typical desert italians, bersag mostly, carri company, and I do have a fucilieri eastern front, but I don't have a sicily force. I tried to get one of the fucilieri sets and the semovante 90s...but didn't work out. I don't even know if 4th Ed supports those armies actually. FoW unfortunately has fallen to last place in my hobby rotation. I'd like to get it up higher, but I gotta push through 4th and find something I like in it.
  12. I tried for a few of the italians, but they all got too rich for my blood. Great for you though. 🙂
  13. Binged Invincible this weekend. I thought it was great. I did have a few problems with the main hero though. Besides the fact that he is clearly not invincible, it did seem that he got his ass kicked a lot...I mean a lot. So maybe that is due to him being half human? Who knows, but it really would be nice to see that addressed. Otherwise, love the plot, love the twists...can't wait for season 2.
  14. I've been playing since 2nd edition basically (just started when 1st ended) and so I got really spoiled by the choices of 3rd. I loved the big compilation books, so many options. 4th just slapped me across the face with its limited units. I really do need to get over it though as I love Flames. Is there anywhere in Portland to play?
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