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  1. My wife bought a bottle of Crown Royal and of course, I have called dibs on the bag, so that I too may finally have a CR dice bag. This is actually my first. It is very cliche though and I just wondered how many more out there had their own.
  2. I bought the Italian box set, and then just a few other blisters and vehicles, took about a weeks worth of time, but I got the whole army painted. Can't beat bolt action for fast army painting.
  3. The apox box was sort of overkill for what I wanted. I want new CSM and terms mostly, and that is exactly what the holiday box provides, as well as havocs and a rhino which I could use. I'd rather just sell the apox box and use those funds for the holiday box. I'm pretty solid on knights as is too. 🙂
  4. I'd just grab one of those plastic sets with 30 dudes or a nice 20something metal box. Those typically give you plenty to start out with for a force. I actually prefer the metals since they are less of a hassle to put together (though some of the older gun sets are silly). The newer plastics are easier. I really liked the US infantry box, but not the airborne so much. I haven't messed with the new Afrika plastics yet though I do own some. I'll look into putting some together this weekend and let you know how it went.
  5. Brand new, unopened box. Comes with six bikers, 30 new chaos marines, and a terminator lord. Asking $120. Got it to round out my chaos marines, but saw that the new holiday box is a better fit for what I want. Help a brother out 🙂 Price reduced.
  6. Got in a game this week of Bolt Action! with Gordianus. He was running Brit regular infantry vs my Bersagilieri. Just did a straight meeting engagement battle in a town setting. Brits had more units and men on the table being Regular vs Vet. Game was pretty back and forth for a while until the Brit free arty hit. Tossed pin markers on three units and destroyed the MMG outright. The Italians' light mortar wreaked havoc on a platoon until the Brit mortar landed a direct hit. The pin markers started to pile up on the Italians and the Brit numbers took their toll. A Brit squad tried to cross the road and got sighted in by the Italian medium artillery. A solid hit, but there was nothing that could follow up to finish off the unit. Eventually the Brits were able to charge ahead and start taking out the depleted Bersagilieri squads. Solid victory to the Brits.
  7. Tuesdays don't typically work for me, but hopefully I can make games on other days.
  8. Seemed like fairly low traffic. Did it pick up later on in the afternoon?
  9. K98 - barrel and stock match, but others do not. Enfield - There seem to be two matching sets of numbers, I don't know enough about the Enfield to say if this is correct or not or if all numbers should be the same. Stocks are in decent condition considering they are 75 years old. 🙂 Follow the link for pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XFsijfLwM4SqK5BB7
  10. The link you tossed up includes the new book as well, not just the box set. FYI.
  11. Recently got an opportunity to get a rifle I've been wanting for a while, but I need to make some room for it. Selling a 1944 German K98 and a British Lee Enfield. Both are fully functional rifles, non-sporterized (still in historical form). As per Oregon law, we would need to go to a FFL to do a transfer. I'll be posting these up soon on Northwest Firearms forum. PM if interested.
  12. 20+ years experience as a data base application engineer. If you know of a good company that is hiring, please send a note. Thanks.
  13. what is the cost of the box set?
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