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  1. Like many others... I am interested in more marines. Particular Outriders, but I'd buy a whole set if anyone wants to off load it. Have cash, will pay fast. 🙂
  2. Respect. I love those models. Do a hobby thread so we can live vicariously.
  3. I almost spit out my coffee... lol. I love looking at the whacky conversions in Ork armies, but damn... I hate playing against orks. So much RNG, turns take so long because there are a thousand models, and the RNG. Did I mention I hate random stuff? Losing because someone had crazy luck on their "shoots random shots, does random AP, and does random damage" thing feels bad. I like a good tactical game, and those things just kill it for me. I agree with your assessment of sisters though. I love em, and applaud the players. Honestly, any mediocre army that has a lot of love poured into it has my support.
  4. Next summer, in carbonized gray, wildtrack trim. Already got the nod from the wife.
  5. I've been working on vehicles. I am not really speeding along, but that's ok. Turns out, with the point increases, I almost already have 2k painted. Well, the vehicles will need some highlights, and the Wraithseers need work. Ok, I don't have 2k, but I have a lot. 🙂 Anyway, seeing pictures of boring base coated vehicles isn't awesome, but I've done 2 Wave Serpents, a Hemlock, and I'm midway through the Falcon and Spinner. I took the advice of Ed, who enlightened me about the use of paint pens for panel lining. I ordered some that Japanese modelers use on their Gundam models. The black one works great. We'll see how the others work down the road. No highlights yet... Just getting them all to this spot. "Battle Ready" I guess they call it. Then I'll assembly line the highlights.
  6. Battle Scribe will be updated within a couple weeks, I'd bet. I am getting the BRB, but I'll skip the Chapter Approved.
  7. @hodor I'll take a marine half. 🙂
  8. It looks like I stumbled onto the Australia store, in my googling... Sorry. 🙂 Still, it's sold out online. That makes me wonder about getting it from a store, and how likely that will be.
  9. Price update, the preorder was 290. The book was available on it's own for $110. Lol. That seems ludicrous. Are they trying to make us pay for their app?
  10. For sure. I wonder what the secondary market for the individual unit will be. You know there will be ebayers buying up the boxes as fast as they can.
  11. I base coated the Wave Serpent. I'm going with a carbon grey and purple hull scheme. I' have white weapons and misc bits. I haven't glued them on yet. Next up is highlighting, which will mostly consist of panel lining.
  12. It's an AoS mini. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/mistweaver-saih I almost bought that Artel model, but opted to go with the GW model. (My logic was around tournaments and sticklers, but I shouldn't have bothered since I am not a competitive player anyway.)
  13. Hell yeah. If I bring Bobby G to the table, you better believe he's in charge.
  14. /cry I couldn't figure a good way to get a faceplate on this mono-pose model. Don't worry, she won't be at OFCC. Can't ruin the style. 😛
  15. I watched the stream this morning. It seemed like they weren't happy with the leak, but since it was out and legit, they wanted us to have the material in the manner than they wanted to present. That makes sense. I'm glad they did that. Now we can start tinkering with ideas.
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