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  1. I saw the Discord link in your sig, tried to join, but the invite has expired. Anyone care to send me a current link? I spend more time on disc than browsers.
  2. I've used them before, but honestly, it was several years ago, and the models weren't my best work. A buddy of mine is really good with them, so I'll probably have him over to give me a bit of a tutorial. General idea is to use it after primer for a base coat, or perhaps as the zenithil highlight. Prime black, base coat with Wall, so it will be a little darker due to the primer. Then zenithil with Marble. I'm not sold on this method, but it's one I will test out, for sure. If I can eliminate doing brush base coating or full model contrast painting, I will be very happy. I'd love to hop in at t
  3. I am going to do a couple test models, for sure. One of my ideas is a gray base coat, with space wolves grey contrast. It has some blue in it, and might add a tiny hint. I am not against a little blueish gray, but no robin egg blue. I don't want to play the new born baby boy marines. lol
  4. Those look really good. I am hoping for a little lighter tone, but the same take pretty much. It's nice to see that this scheme looks really good in the end. I've decided that I'm going to do some test models with a few methods. I think your layering makes a lot of sense for a non-airbrush technique. I am still on the fence about buying one.
  5. I'll do a little research on air brushes, and then hit you up. Depending on cost, I may take the plunge. The part of me that wants to do it, is the same part that wants to save time. It seems so much faster to get everything done with a brush, then do highlights and accessories. I could, perhaps replicate some of that with rattle cans, since this is not an off the wall scheme. Not sure.
  6. Those models look awesome. Are those yours? I dig the snowy/scrub bases too. I have always been apprehensive about doing an airbrush due to cost, mess, learning curve, etc. Maybe it's time to make the jump, before embarking on this project. Hmmm.... I am sure there are lots of airbrush threads out there. I will research. Question; Why the gloss coat before the panel liner pinwash? Does it make it flow into the creases better, or something like that? Since you later matte coat it, I assume it's not for looks.
  7. Most custom chapters I've seen use a core chapter's rules wholesale. Convert up your own version of the Khan, and just use the rules. Who cares if your scars are a little different. As long as you're armed correctly, all it well. As to the general question, I think you should choose the models you think are coolest. Rules change, toys are forever.
  8. Howdy Ordos, I'm going to be revisiting some power armor in the near future. I'm not done with my Eldar, but it's just down to a couple vehicles and basing. All infantry is painted, so I can start mentally planning the next project. Normally I'd just buy more models, but I am going to wait for a 9th ed codex before I do that. I have a feeling things are going to get a shake up... So, I want to do Space Wolves, but in Gray. I can't stand the baby blue, and I like the heresy style paint a lot better. I'm not sure how to justify it in fluff, but I'll sort it out. I've been assured that gra
  9. For sure, the boxes need to have different contents, because they can be used with any army. I was watching a youtube video about the value of the contents. Both the SW and DW boxes are 48% off retail. If you ignore the presence of the chapter upgrade sprues, they are 28% off retail. That's pretty strong. I am looking for Dark Angels bits, so I'm hoping to get that sweet 48% value, but I can settle for less if the contents of a box is 100% must-have.
  10. With the new Combat Patrol boxes replacing the Start Collecting, I am wondering if they will be coming out with one for all of the marine supplement dexes. SW and DW got one. Seems logical for DA and BA to get them as well when their books come out. Has anyone heard anything about that?
  11. I think they should make the Doctrines into 1CP strats. You want to be in Assault this turn? Spend a CP and you are. Done deal.
  12. Like many others... I am interested in more marines. Particular Outriders, but I'd buy a whole set if anyone wants to off load it. Have cash, will pay fast. 🙂
  13. Respect. I love those models. Do a hobby thread so we can live vicariously.
  14. I almost spit out my coffee... lol. I love looking at the whacky conversions in Ork armies, but damn... I hate playing against orks. So much RNG, turns take so long because there are a thousand models, and the RNG. Did I mention I hate random stuff? Losing because someone had crazy luck on their "shoots random shots, does random AP, and does random damage" thing feels bad. I like a good tactical game, and those things just kill it for me. I agree with your assessment of sisters though. I love em, and applaud the players. Honestly, any mediocre army that has a lot of love poured into it h
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