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  1. Awesome. paying for shipping is probably the best way to go unless you live in Vancouver or East Portland. I am close to 205, north of the river. For some reason, the forums won't let me send you a pm. I can give you my info, and sort out paypaling you the shipping via email. (blackvigil at gmail)
  2. Crusade should be really cool. I can't wait to read those rules. I'm not sure if you'll need someone to "run" the crusade like a narrative game, or if you just play games and slowly expand things independently. Clearly, I'd be playing it with buddies, or even an ordo crew, but I'm curious.
  3. Funny you mention that... I am building my eldar army, and looking at 2 min squads of DA in falcons or serpents, along with a unit of snipers. I think that will be normal in lots of armies that have decent transports. Honestly though, I like driving cars around the board. lol. I love mechanized forces.
  4. Anyone have a Gravis Captain from the boxed set that they don't want? I want to convert it into something else, but don't want to pay $25 for a mono-pose model on ebay. lol.
  5. I agree with this move... There is still a "tax" if you don't want to field troops, so we'll still see several lists with 3 bare bones troops choices, but that's fine.
  6. I'm trying to build my own rangers... I also have a "faceless" theme to my army, because of my custom fluff. It's kind of an homage to the wraith style. What do you think? Still need to clean it up, but this is the prototype
  7. I don't have a printer myself, but I've ordered a couple things from shapeways. Here is the one I'm looking at. https://www.shapeways.com/product/MEP9SGMEN/d-cannon-2-1?optionId=150668864&li=marketplace
  8. I got a ton of stuff modeled today. I'll post pics soonish. 5 more wraithguard (from the 40% off table at Portland Game Store), Wave serpent, dire avengers including head swaps, and a couple finishing touches on the seers. I find myself needing 2 D Cannons for magnetizing to the Wraithseers, but I can't find any online. I don't want metal, and the bits market seems dry, so I am once again turning to Shapeways. 3d printing is a great thing. It'll just be delayed a bit. I picked up the wraithknight from Dice Age on Friday so I'll be building him soon, with full magnetization. That ought to be fun. My battlefoam order came in, so I have places for these things. I just need to get them built.
  9. Maybe I'll head in there today. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. I finished these 3 this afternoon. Bonesinger, Spiritseer, Farseer Here is the whole gang. I still need to clean them up, and get ready to prime.
  11. I have always liked smaller games, with fewer models. To that end, I normally play vehicle heavy, or highly elite lists. I can't stand fielding a horde. At one OFCC, years ago, I had 40 grey hunters, 15 blood claws, and 4 misc characters. To me, that was ridiculous. I never like to have that many dudes on the table... Anyway, I'm agreeing with you. I don't like dealing with giant tables of toys that just get put right back in the case. I love Kill Team, for that reason. If I see a dope model, I can just buy it, and run a kill team. I'm going to do some Night Lords, but just a few. They said in the announcement that you can play 9th ed with very small points values. Supposedly there are things that change, like the size of the play area, the missions, etc. I like that. My home table with friends has always been 1500. Granted 1500 is a lot more models on the table than it used to be... but I like it.
  12. I was pretty excited to find the kids in my boxes. I've moved a couple times since I saw them. I just got my shapeways order, with the new heads. I will post pics soon. I am no longer waiting for anything. Time to get working...
  13. Just putting it out there, in case someone has a need for money or a bunch of Khador... I want to pick up Eldar (CW, DE, Harley) vehicles. Fireprism/Nightspinner, Falcon, Wave Serpent, Vyper, Crimson hunter/Hemlock, Forgeworld tanks (hornet specifically) Voidweaver, Starweaver, Skyweaver Razorwing, Voidraven, Venom As for DE bits, I am trying to create my own Dark Reapers, and I think the infantry held Dark Lances of Splinter Cannons are probably the best looking stand in gun. I am also looking for some Kabalite Warriors for various kit bashes. Here's the catch, I'm not looking for painted models. I am hoping to do some hobbyism on the majority of this stuff, so hopefully it's bare plastic. I understand this is a long shot, but I might as well toss it out there. Someone might have a vehicle box collecting dust on a shelf, and choose to liquidate it for some of the new model releases. I can do paypal for shipped stuff, or meet in the PDX Metro with cash, for a socially distant swap.
  14. The first Seer is just about done. I need to do some green stuff work, which includes the wrists, so it has no hands. The second one is going to be walking forward, with the glaive in the left hand, and a green crystal in the right. That decision to put the glaive in the left hand had ramifications. The model has it in the right hand, so I had to cut it off. I took a closed fist and drilled it through. This is a bit more pinning than I planned on, but I think it's going to turn out well. It's been a little slow, modeling these guys. I have some external pressures on my time. One of those pressures is an impending move. So I was sorting through some boxes, and I found a bunch of models for old projects. At one point, I was going to do something with these guys. I have 2 brand new boxes. Turns out, these will make awesome conversion fodder. I could do Wyches really easily, but I think I like the idea of using the cloaks for my kitbashed rangers. My original plans were to use the Guardians, but I'm not sure it's better. I'll clip some bits off and use greenstuff to assemble a few in different ways. That way I can take apart the losers. I'll post up the different options. I'm still waiting on my Shapeways order for the rifles and head swaps, so it'll be a minute.
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