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  1. Woohoo! Eighth and final week of regular season BB Human League. 😎
  2. Week 6 of Human League games! I'm playing @peter.cosgrove sometime after 5.
  3. Planning on playing Savion47 in our Week 4 HL game around 4pm.
  4. Think I will stop by to hang out with you guys a bit. Though I hope it isn't too depressing there, with me sans opponent. 😥
  5. I like it! 😃Always good to see Kharn roaming around a battlefield, dishing out damage and mayhem where ever he goes.
  6. I'm planning on playing my week 3 BB Human League game at 3 with @Weav and hopefully playing a practice BB game with @Dave’sNotHereMan around 6:30ish.
  7. Every year that happens to at least one person on Ordo. Sorry to hear that it is your turn this year, Yarbicus. 😑
  8. I'll be there at 5. I'm looking forward to another entertaining game in The Human League. 😎
  9. How many people are playing Human League Bloodbowl tomorrow?
  10. I and sbr are planning to play our Round 1 game around 4pm. If I finish by 6 or 6:30, I could play a practice half or game of BB with @Dave’sNotHereMan or anyone else for that matter.
  11. There are some people in Moscow Idaho that just might have a different idea about that....
  12. I plan on being there tonight.
  13. Good to see a full house of Infinity and 40k crews on a temperate Sunday afternoon GN. It's really nice to have those windows now in the one room to open up and allow a cool breeze in! Captain Seitz, it was nice to meet you. I hope you had a good learning game with paxmiles and John. Everyone else, I'll try to pop in more often on Sundays if I can. I enjoyed seeing the mixed crowd of happy gamers! 😃
  14. Just FYI, if it's the army I'm thinking of, it was probably one of the two top armies for painting scores. A beautiful Space Wolf force is always a joy to behold on the battlefield. 😎
  15. There are about 13 years worth of 40k models in that cannon, just FYI. Lots of reminders of good friends and good games in there.
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