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  1. Planning on being there with a 200 point list, now that I have more models assembled. 😎
  2. I'm planning on being at the club by 1:30 or so to do a little cleaning and organization. Will have my Infinity minis with me to play a game at 3.
  3. Alright, it seems like this discussion has run its course and the thread is devolving into people taking pot shots. I'm going to just go ahead and lock it.
  4. I've been dealing with major sinus drainage and a sore throat this weekend, so while I had every intention on being there Sunday with my fully assembled Bakunin starter, it's not looking likely. Will try to pick up some more models this week so I can field a full 200 pts next week. Take care, everyone!
  5. Yes, thanks everyone! Good to hang out, shoot up stuff, and learn some new rules. 😃
  6. Blustorm

    Nog is Dead

    Great insight into Nog's character.
  7. Blustorm

    Nog is Dead

    One of the better ST character actors in recent years, IMHO. I was glad that he got to to play himself (without any makeup) in at least one episode of DS9.
  8. I am planning on being at the club around 1 or so, to reorganize parts of the terrain room. I'll probably stay and hang out with everyone for a couple hours
  9. Nice find. The above was the last lunchbox I ever owned in elementary. Below was the first.
  10. I can't commit to anything in Sept. right now, as my schedule is in flux. Therefore, I give up my spot in 2019 OBBl premiereship.
  11. The list of achievements above is now complete. I did this so that the list will be easily accessible on phone or PC and I will also have a copy with me at the event today. Since there is no further info to be added to this thread, it will now be locked. See you all today at the Terraforming Mars event!
  12. As the last update in this thread, I would just like to mention that I have made a slight change to the Awards/Prizes section in the first post. Instead of just one trophy for Best Overall and gift cards/certs for the other 2 spots, I have decided to include trophies for all 3 awards. The trophies will look somewhat similar to the pic in this post. With 4 players and 3 awards, I have also decided to include a special prize for the one player who will not win an award. See you all on Friday!
  13. Two more updates before the event this weekend. In this update, I will discuss three more Achievements out of the 9 remaining. The rest will have to wait until Friday! Level 1 Achievement: Rime of the Martian Mariner- Place an ocean in a location contacting at least 3 other ocean tiles. Score 1 point. Score an extra point if you contact 5+ ocean tiles in that location. Looking at the boards, we can clearly see that there are no proper locations to score this achievement on the base Mars board. On the Hellas board, Hellas Planitia is the only area which will work, while on the Elysium board, Amazonis Planitia and surrounding areas are good choices for scoring this achievement. Level 2 Achievement: Overachiever- Score all 3 Milestones at the end of a round. Score 2 points. Once again by looking at the boards, we see that on the base Mars board, you will need to score 3 of the following to fulfill this achievement: Terraformer, Mayor, Gardner, Builder, or Planner. On the Hellas board, meanwhile, you'll need to get 3 from the following: Diversifier, Tactician, Polar Explorer, Energizer, or Rim Settler. Lastly on Elysium, a player will will have to get 3 options from the list there: Generalist, Specialist, Ecologist, Tycoon, or Legend. Level 3 Achievement: No Competition at All- Score all 3 Awards at the end of a round. Score 3 points. Let's examine the Awards for all 3 boards. On base Mars, you will need to score 3 Awards from the following: Landlord, Banker, Scientist, Thermalist, or Miner. On the Hellas board, you would need 3 out of the following: Cultivator, Magnate, Space Baron, Excentric, or Contractor. Finally on the Elysium board, you will need 3 out of the following: Celebrity, Industrialist, Desert Settler, Estate Dealer, or Benefactor. Play your cards right and you just might be able to get this achievement!
  14. I won't be there either. I'm a little tired and this is going to be a long week for me, so I'll see some of you on Saturday (Senate meeting).
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