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  1. Take care guy, we had some good games
  2. ok @Ish I can be at the clubhouse at 4 on thursday but will have to leave at 6. that should be plenty of time I think to get in some MCP
  3. alternatively, I can bring my table and stuff to you if you have space
  4. ok cool, if you are free this weekend you can come over here. i can set up a table out back lol
  5. what time? I won't be free until around 730.
  6. @Ish looks like it's just you and I for MCP so lets start planning some games! are you free this evening? weekend? let me know here or in the messenger
  7. looks pretty good to me! I have yet to do any of camo stuff for 15mm. That's a good guide as well, I like the amount of painting support that's available from that company
  8. these look great! I've got two boxes of T-72's I need to put together for the same opfor reasons lol
  9. NGL I definitely thought the terrain for this game was prepainted MDF board lol it's quite a bit of work to get everything suitable for the table. but it's really nice quality stuff, this is a fun project for sure and the game play is nice and smooth imo
  10. Now time to paint my super heroes and villains!
  11. I based up a bunch of 15mm Germans and Americans on individual bases and have been running FUBAR one page rules with them. it's pretty fun and definitely better than collecting 2 scales. the vehicles and battlefront terrain is excellent for setting the table as well
  12. I have a large American TY force and most of it can be used as Iranians from the oil wars book. In 6mm I have west germans, a sizable warpac collection and more NATO stuff. Also a smattering of french recce vehicles. For flames I have a literal TON of Germans and a respectable American force used for smaller games
  13. I can host one player at a time for team yankee or flames at my house here in Portland if anyone is interested. Cigarette smoke free and my wife and I are vaccinated*. I can set my table up out in the back yard or in my war room. I am regularly available as well and would love to have regular games again. 15mm or 6mm miniatures welcome. I have terrain for both
  14. @Ish I know you aren't mobile but I live in Portland as well so I can come to you some time if available
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