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  1. Its ok, I actually am going to be opening the shop that day and running Team Yankee demos. Ill be at the garage tomorrow night tho.
  2. I will also have time for a game if they are there by 2pm. I would have until 430 if anyone wanted to get a quick round in. lookin at you, @peter.cosgrove i bet you could open the clubhouse by 2 🙂 🙂
  3. Tuesday I am off all day but have to pick up the old lady at 5. I can be there by 6:30 though
  4. Hey a couple people were asking me if you @Dark Trainer submitted the scores yet. There should be a button on the TO app that lets you submit the event afterwards. Sometimes it crashes though so let me know if you need help lol
  5. Cool deal, im available to TO any Sunday if you need help also.
  6. great event guys! please have more of those. Sunday RTT's are beginning to be a thing so maybe that can work in the future
  7. Woooooo!! See you jerks in the morning! I have to rewrite my list about 1000 times before then 😵😵
  8. registered! more of these should happen, I can help 🙂
  9. woooo! I'll be there for some 30k but I will have my 40k stuff as well if anyone wants a game. I'm not in the league but I'll play anyone lol
  10. Just not in the cards for me with this game lol spending too much time playing 40k and Team Yankee at the moment.
  11. Where is dark tower? I would love to get some more itc practice games in
  12. I like this format a lot. I may set up our escalation league that way
  13. it seems really fun to play. i didn't play a whole lot of WHFB but it was my first GW game ever lol I played 9th age a lot but then 30k and 40k hooked me good. I still play a lot of 40k but Im looking for a change in scenery for now
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