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  1. 40k too i guess but would rather FOW or battletech
  2. Anyone up for flames of war or battletech? ?
  3. i will be there closer to 7 but i am definitely coming. I have Americans assembled now and also Germans
  4. Anyone up for Flames of War or battletech?
  5. Can't make it tonight unfortunately. Ill be at geeks and games tomorrow night though with my now mostly painted germans and unpainted Americans
  6. @barca are you still updating the campaign instructions? I cant click on the links on the blog site but I would like to take part in it
  7. I will be there tonight with Germans. see you all tonight!
  8. Ill be there on time today! Gonna leave at 6 to get there. I have Germans, (tank heavy)
  9. Looks like ill be at the clubhouse tomorrow for a tournament after all so ill see you guys next Thursday. Thanks for the game last night. That stuart list looks really fun to use but I had more fun learning how to defend against it next time. I think defense is my preferred play style for FOW
  10. I'm way late on this lol The people interested around here never wanted to actually play so I unfortunately gave up the ghost on that. seems like a collectors hobby nowadays. Same story up north I heard. Just read the books I say
  11. ok cool maybe it's my phone or something. i was able to react to this just fine from my computer
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